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Optimax Laser Eye Surgery Referral Scheme

How the referral scheme works

You receive:

£500 off

Wavefront Treatment from this referral
Simply email:
I will refer you, given your name, address and contact details and we will link files together.

This is an offer / referal that does not cost you anything. I pass this referal on and I personally receive £50 for refering you.

So if you are looking to have laser surgery done we will both benefit from this!

There are 27 Locations Nationwide in United Kingdom

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Cardiff Croydon Glasgow Guildford
Hull Ipswich Leeds Leicester
Liverpool London - Canary Wharf London - Finchley Road London - Liverpool Street
London - Victoria Manchester Milton Keynes Newcastle
Newton Abbot Nottingham Peterborough Reading
Southampton Southend-on-Sea York
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We need: Title, First Name, Surname, Address, Date Of Birth, Work Phone, Home Phone, Post Code, Mobile Phone,Email Address

Alternately if you enter your information directly. Enter your details on the link below with my Surname and ID Number at the end of the form:

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The discount is £500 for you, which I get £50 for the referral. The details of are their site here:

I was short sighted at -6.5 in each eye. I had the surgery and much better for it. Basically your vision is immediately corrected, which you will see happen when you look at the laser. They cut the surface for this and put a contact lens over night. The tricky bit is you will be adding drops constantly on your eyes , which become less regular. This helps and eventually you don't need anything. I go surfing now and cycle a lot with freedom from condensation on glasses. I had my surgery done when I was 30 years old, now I am 35 and things are great still. I think the miracle feeling lasts a few months which is exciting but after a couple of years you get used to the fact that you can see.

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