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Max Spiers - Private Investigation / Theorists
Historian spontaneous death after a conference in Poland

Master - Slave : History Inversion Master / Slave Cult
A political unit governed by a deity (or by officials thought to be divinely guided)
Belief in government by divine guidance

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Vanessa Bates formally announced of the deceased conspiracy theorist Maxwell Bates-Spiers (in Poland on 16 July 2016). The Polish Police (PP) who respondend failed to properly investigate or take control of the scene. The police conduct led to the situation where Mr Bates' body was left at Monika Duval's house overnight, which impacted on the usefulness of the eventual post-mortem in England (prescription drugs : Oxycodone and Alprazolam [anti-anxiety drug Xanax] for suffering pneumonia). Max Spiers messaged his mother Vanessa just before death 'If anything happens to me, look into it, investigate'. Max also wrote, 'I think I might be murdered' then vomitted black fluid and passed away a week later. Maxwell Bates-Spiers, 39, known widely as Max Spiers, died in Poland after appearing at a interview speaking about "secret military programmes". Max Spiers's computer had been wiped clean of emails and documents. Max Spiers's mother Vanessa explained "Max was incredibly strong, incredibly fit, nothing wrong with him at all".

Max Spiers motivated listeners by describing "the symptoms" of this Rothschild plot of identities built into your head.

Max Spiers, frustrated over war propoganda, where collectively we are suffering, traumatised and tortured, whilst ruling elites pay no attention or seem to care. The quote states :

" I have a huge belief in human beings. Human beings have the potential to change all of this. It is only a breath away from being able to change all of it. That is why the surveillance, everybody is tracked from birth, that is why they are putting the pressure on now, to put in the new system. They know it is only a thought away to change all of this" :

"Thought created this system in the first place, our minds subtly manipulated to create this false reality, so it would only take a thought to change the reality that we are in now... there is no handbook to solve this, piecing subtle information together will help to understand ourself, all the information we need is just contained within our cells. The more you know about your true self, because most of us are really hiding from our true self, most of us carry a lot of shame around, guilt for certain things that have happened in our lives. The shame and guilt are the lowest vibrations which block you from knowing who you really are. This whole system is being held together by making sure that you do not know who they really are"

"Surpression has existed for 13,000 years, they have not been able to fully suppress us because of the human heart. The system has full understanding of "who we were, before we were this person now". Due to people who have inspired in past life times, people are now known and tracked in this life time. Individuals that are targetted by the system are done so because they pose a threat to this system in place now. Keeping their lives in chaos is a way to stop them completing their mission. If an individual starts to gets on the right track, starts to create and do the things that were supposed to do, the system will step in with a number of techniques, injecting people into their lives to disrupt them, also this can be done electonically (Radio, Internet, Television, Main Stream Media, Smart Phones). If the person still continues as beings that thrive, the system will require the individual to sell out, by offering deals, material goods."

It is the individuals who cannot be bought out, because we operate on a level that goes way beyond the material, are the biggest threats to this power structure that is crumbling now. This system of control is going to come apart. They want to implement this new system before we actaully realise that we have been duped our whole lives. So there is a window of opportunity inbetween, where there is the collapsing of the old and the implementation of the new where we do not need to continue this anymore. The power is literally in all of our hands. It is not theirs and that is why they are scared and have mass surveillance. Anybody that needs to control others is in a fear state. The more surveillance they implement is an indication they are going to lose the power they have had for thousands of years. The old system is definately collapsing.

" There was a human experiment. I think we were involved in the human experiment. The human experiment has been hijacked by a number of different streams of consciousness, species what ever you want to call them. We have not been allowed to evolve naturally as an awakening consciousness here. We have been used by another species that has taken control and manipulated us into enslavement. The human line as we know it now, the human form as we know it was created to be a working slave species and on another prison planet. This definately is a prison planet now, there is nobody here experiencing the real version of who they are."

Why citizens are not entitled to own land as a universal human birth right :

Max Spiers instead defines the side/ill effects of being an average person : This is how the control system works, making houses illegitimate to live freely on land, make economic organisation dependant on working, constrain the sense of what is possible, rational, logical, or liberating which then make dependant on that very system what enforced those primary rules. Once each group is under that control, the system goes into wars into foreign jurisdiction. A hierarchical system of hidden systems with overt government control dominates society into perception.

The inversiom is the Left - Right dialectical where both sides of voting options to society is under the same control. Spying on innocent members of society from CCTV to smart phones, treated as guilty citizens; the consequences of living in this society.

Financial System :

Money was created simply as medium of exchange of goods and services. Originally the "tally stick" evolution to money was benign (not dangerous), Within the current system we find ourselves in relentless wars, for example in Iraq to control resources, to implement the US Dollar as the reserve currency of the world since 1971. The Federal Reserve which is privately Jewish ran, exert this control system. We are financially signing free will away.

Magick :

Beliefs, rituals or actions employed to manipulate natural or supernatural beings and life force, separate from both religion and science.

Suppression / Maintaining Subservient Populations / Ensuring society remains uninformed / Timelines of a false reality :

October 24, 1946, German V-2 rockets took the first image of Earth from 65 miles away in space:

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