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Max Spiers died 16th July 2016, Warsaw, Poland revealing hidden aspects in a Video Collection - Truth withheld of a (Jewish) theocracy.

Waking up from narcissistic rulers programming nihilism into society.

Narcissistic rulers have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. Lying for control and admiration, enforcing pessimism into society, creating a train of thought into society by the establishment

Nihilism in society is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. The belief that life is meaningless. It is often associated with extreme pessimism, lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. Nihilism in society believe in nothing having apathy to political authority.

Society is channelled by authority into a passive instrument, co-ordinated into a version of events dictated by the governments, open to manipulation, subservient towards a war machine, utilising all forms of control possible. Generally citizenry seek comfort in an establishment handling various aspects from policing, health care, roads and housing. Masses pay towards a system which is simply expected to function in a honourable manner. Society increased in clairvoyant skills after 9/11 toward governments, predatory leaders, trauma and systems. The language of the politicians was standing between them and reality. Consciousness was awakening conflicting with media programming being the filter and barrier. Our rational mind is not the same as reality. It is a tool and we put far more faith in than we deserve, meaning wide swathes of people are unwilling to mentally explore corruption. This apathy manifestation occurs as the history, geopolitics, cost of living, tax systems have deliberately kept people unwilling or confused to organise censorship for "thinking outside of the box".

Expulsion of Jews from a world total of 109 countries over 1030 times

From the Pre-Roman diaspora Jews were constantly expelled. Israel created by displacing Palestinians by terrorism. Resettlement of the Ashkenazi Jews of Northern and Eastern Europe, and the Sephardic, Mizrahi, Yemenite, Bukharan, Kaifeng, Cochin, Georgian and Karaite Jews of Iberia (Spain and Portugal), North Africa, Middle East, China and India. A series of massacres, persecutions and expulsions, such as the expulsion from England in 1290, the expulsion from Spain in 1492, and the expulsion from Arab countries in 1948-1973.

When Christianity came back to power in Andalusia, Spain, the pogrom on the west extent of the islamic empire, when the Muslims left to Morocco the Jews left with Muslims. The Jews feared the Christinian anti semitism that would be unleased in the wake of the departure of the Islamic civilisation in the West.

Sabbatean Frankists (inversion cult) of Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676), then Jacob Frank (1726-1791) meets Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830) infiltrating Freemasonry with Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812)

During the Renascence period European history at the close of the Middle Ages (14th century) and the rise of the modern world (17th century) started Sabbatean Frankism. A coverup of religious war by Sabbatean Frankists. Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676)(Jewish), then directly followed by Jacob Frank (1726-1791)(Jewish), whose Lurianic Kabbalah doctrine state "perception become behaviour, behaviour becomes society". Sabbatai Zevi (Jewish) claimed himself the Jewish Messiah in 1666, leading the largest Messiah movement in Jewish history, which :

Sabbateanism impacted more than half the population of European Jews, about 1 million people

stating the Jews will take the land of Palestine. Sabbatai Zevi practised inversion rejecting the rules of Jewish holy books, every standard of decency, no guilt, fasting, sin, right or wrong, no sexual taboos, orgies, sodomy on children, incest, paedophilia, or the 10 commandments. The Grand Vizier representing the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed IV ordered Sabbatai Zevi to death, or convert to Islam. Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed Paşa gave three choices :
  1. Demonstrate Sabbatai Zevi's divinity by proving himself immune to the arrows fired by Janissary archers
    (if the archers missed or the arrows did not pierce Sabbatai Zevi, then he must be the Messiah)
  2. Be impaled on a spike
  3. Convert to Islam
Sabbatai Zevi obviously possessing no divine ability chose to not want to die. The Dönme or Dönmeh inversion cult was outwardly Islamic wearing a turban but refused to be of their religion, for example a fasting day was converted to a feasting day. If Judaism stated something as wrong, this was inverted to right. The coming of the Messiah would come from collective extreme evil (satanism).

Sabbatean Frankists (inversion cult) claimed that Talmud demands ritual sacrifices of Christians. Later Jacob Frank converted to the Catholic faith in 1759. Frank was arrested on February 6th, 1760 convicted of teaching heresy and imprisoned in the monastery of Czestochowa, but Jacob Frank could meet his followers and remained as the leader of the sect. Frank was released from prison in 1772 after the first partition of Poland, so Jacob Frank benefitted personally from the partition. From 1772 to 1786 Jacob Frank lived in Brno, Moravia. Jacob Frank had a court with armed guards. Jacob Frank visited the court of Maria Theresa of Austria and Paul I of Russia and Joseph II of Austria visted Frank in Brno, Moravia. In 1786 Jacob Frank moved to Offenbach where Jacob Frank also kept a court as Baron of Offenbach. By 1790 26,000 Frankists had converted to Catholicism in Poland. Through Frankism as a visable sect disappeared soon after Jacob Frank died in 1791 (under the leadership of his daughter Eve Frank, the sect bankrupted, Eve Frank dies in 1816). Jacob Frank survived through three children, daughter Eva Frank and sons Joseph Frank and Roshas Frank. Roshas Frank reversed his name and known in Europe as "Frank Roche", which genealogists connect the surname Roche to Princess Diana. Frankist did survive as a group in Poland still in the middle 19th century. They married only their own and succeeded in gaining some amount of power in post-partition Poland. Frankists were nominally assimilated as Christianised Jews. Many Frankists joined Freemasonry, but did not leave their cult, which Jacob Frank and after him daughter Eve Frank was the Messiah with purpose to relocate Jews to Palestine. The most famous Frankist Freemason is Moses Dobruschka (aka von Schonfeld, aka Jacobin Janus Frey) a first cousin of Jacob Frank. Moses Dobruschka (12 July 1753, Brno, Moravia - 5 April 1794) founded what seems to be the first Masonic secret society practicing sex magick (sex, perversion, rape and pedophilia), the Asiatic Brethen. It was Rosicrucian (a member of a secret 17th-century masonic society of philosophers and scholars versed in mystical and metaphysical and alchemical lore). Sex magick reappeared later in several Rosicrucian lodges, e.g. in the states in Randolph's lodges. Sex magick with incantations to spirits was a common claim against Freemasonry in the later 18th centruy and 19th centruy, and it is not without same basis: the origin of it is Sabbatean Kabbalism.

Sabbatean Frankists were Saturnists and promoted promiscuity not as a weapon to attack the Goyim, but just because that is their own Frankists belief. Frankists wanted society to be based on their beliefs. Subversion was established with 'orgiastic wife swapping'. Sabbatianism erupted in the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the seventeenth century and spread widely among Jews in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Sabbatean Frankists have infiltrated world religions, taken over Freemasonry, engineered wars and revolutions, then turned nations and citizens into their debt slaves worldwide. Muslims, Christians and Jews do not recognise their common enemy as that enemy is invisible that hides within their own religions, governments to new world order.

When society becomes so hopelessly dependent on that elite system, the institution then superseded the public. The ruling authority fabricate artificial timelines to historic events.

As Inversion became established by this Kabbal, "do not kill" became "kill", "do not commit adultery", became "commit adultery". Sabbatean prayer began with saying "blessed be he who permits the forbidden". True history was no longer taught in schools then traditional European royality with indigenous leaders replaced.

This is shown by the Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn, a Rosicrusian society in the end of the 19th century. The Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn resembles Sabbatean-Frankist Kabbalah more than other Kabbalah traditions. Frankists joined Freemasonry and brought to Masonry their Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is important with magicians, sorcerers, witches, satanists, as well as Masonic philosophers. In proper Freemasonry, excluding societies that are masonic in a larger sense, like Rosicrucian, Theosophy and Martinism, kabbalistic study texts were read only in Mizraim and Memphis lodges. From these two facts we can conclude that Frankists joined Mizraim and Memphis lodges. These lodges were the revolutionary ones, deriving directly from Masonry behind the French Revolution. Furthermore, almost all freedom fighters of both Americas were Freemasons, in Latin America mostly from the Lauraro Lodge, and extension of the Great American Reunion.

Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830)(Jewish) founder of the Bavarian "Order of the Illuminati" infiltrated the Freemason lodges until all lodges accepted the doctrine. The Sabbatean Frankist Movement being first created by Sabbatai Zevi then Jacob Frank. Jacob Frank further increased the depraved movement, stating "If we can't all be saints, lets be sinners, lets cross every boundary".

In 1773 begun the unholy 'trinity' alliance of Jacob Frank meeting Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild in Frankfurt, Germany the birthplace of the Illuminati. The ambition of the Rothschilds family was to take control of the worlds gold, central banks and wealth.

The Rothschilds sent agents John Jacob Astor (1763-1848), Paul Warburg (1868-1932)(Jewish) and Jacob Schiff (1847-1920)(Jewish) to the United States to influence the privatisation of the Federal Reserve banking system and the dismantling of the American constitution. The goal of Adam Weishaupt was to take control of the Vatican and the heirarcy of Catholic clergy.

The Anti-Masonic Party was the earliest third party in the United States. Formally a single-issue party, strongly opposed to secret societies where Freemasonry ruled the United States. Founded in February 1828. The Anti-Masonic Party was founded following the disappearance of William Morgan, a former Mason who had become a prominent critic of the Masonic organisation. William Morgan wrote a book "Illustrations of Masonry" published in 1826, exposed the Masons, subsequently many churches and other groups condemned Masonry. The Masons murdered Morgan for speaking out against Masonry. As many Masons were prominent businessmen and politicians, the backlash against the Masons was also a form of anti-elitism. The Anti-Masons purported that Masons posed a threat to American republicanism by secretly trying to control the government. Anti-Masons were opponents of Freemasonry, believing that it was a corrupt and elitist secret society which was ruling much of the country in defiance of republican principles. Many people regarded the Masonic organization and its adherents involved in government as corrupt.

Theodor Herzl creates modern political Zionism 1897

Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)(Jewish) was an Austro-Hungarian Jewish journalist and political activist who was the creater of modern political Zionism. Herzl formed the Zionist Organisation and promoted Jewish take over of Palestine. Israel is an ethnostate (practising ethnic cleansing), their ideology in the tribe. Zionist Jews are racial supremacists. Fund movements that maintain infighting, keeping people atomised.

Theodor Herzl (Jewish) protocols quoted at the First Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland (1897) :

The 19th century began on 1 January 1801, and ended on 31 December 1900. At the end of the 19th century Jewish abuse of social trust became so awful that violence reescalated. Georg Ratzinger (April 3, 1844 in Rickering at Deggendorf - December 3, 1899 in Munich) was a German Catholic priest, political economist, social reformer, author and politician and grand-uncle of the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Georg Ratzinger who only lived to 55 years old, saw the gospel and Catholic social teaching as a means of empowering the poor.

Georg Ratzinger accurately predicted in 1883 that if the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State do not enforce Christian laws to protect Christians from the Jewish abuse of social trust, German society will violently take these matters into their own hands stating "All society needs is a leader in Germany"

(Führer being Adolf Hitler 50 years later in 1933). If Christianity would have implemented this decision the result for Jewish society would have been much bloodier than The Third Reich.

World War 1 (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918)

Formal history has taught that Gavrilo Princip (25 July 1894 - 28 April 1918) was a 19 year old Bosnian Serb student who assassinated the Austrian royality Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. The killing of the Archduke and his wife Sophie set off the July Crisis, a chain of events that within one month led to the outbreak of World War I.

The most likely reason for WW1 however is "Drang nach Osten" (spread to the east) the Berlin to Baghdad Railway, which commenced construction in the years leading up to the First World War. Britain's Royal Navy, under the leadership of Sir Winston Churchill decided to shift its fuel source from coal to oil; therefore the British admiralty and the War office became the de facto force behind the British government's quest for oil. Germany began to switch to oil, but did not have any oil producing colonies. The Orient Express already ran to Constantinople, just needing the remaining 2000 kilometres to Baghdad. This was in competition to the Russians, French, Dutch, Belgium's and British. Oil was first struck in Masjed Soleyman, Iran.

During this period Freemasonry or "Freimaurer" spread across Europe, removing traditional royality and leaders.

Sykes-Picot of 1916 secretly constructed policy

Sykes Picot was a 1916 secret treaty between the United Kingdom and France, to define their mutually agreed spheres of influence and control in an eventual partition of the whole of the middle east from the Ottoman Empire. The partition of the Ottoman Empire (30 October 1918 - 1 November 1922) was a geopolitical experiment starting from World War I, during the occupation of Istanbul by British, French, and Italian troops in November 1918. This human experiment manifesting reality has failed. The agenda of these artifical interventions destroy indigenous civilisations, their natural evolution, finances, oil and gas resources, via imposing military puppet governments with surveillance control technology.

Balfour of 1917 invents Israeli state on top of Palestine

The Balfour Declaration letter, mandated in 1917, began the whole catastrophe, misery, displacement, suffering, bloodshed, more devastation, hunger, disease and tears. The preemptive wars have lasted to today. Terms were agreed by then Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, letter to Lionel Walter Rothschild (Jewish). Israel breaks all international law, human rights and the one country in the world that never gets any criticism from the UK or USA, which condemns Hamas. When British politicians attempt to explain that the Israeli lobby conspire in the UK putting pressure on politicians into silence. UK politicians speaking out on behalf of the victims caused by Israel, are always silenced, proving their very point. The land of Palestine was to be gifted to the Rothschilds for bringing the USA into the World War against Germany and Russia. The UK government feared the prospect of Russia acquiring all of Europe. The Rothschild's had made those promises in return for the land of Palestine that is irrevocable. These corrupt, behind closed doors, secret deals which drives foreign policy that Max Spiers exposed a hidden Fourth Reich operating from the West Coast of the USA and Zionist cult from the East coast of the USA.

Britain undemocratically assign in a single letter somebody else's country in 1917, rejected by the proponents. Palestine cast out, cancelled from existence.

"One country, giving to a second people, the land belonging to a third people"

Every single subsequent UK political party secures the Balfour Declaration as a binding agreement. The Balfour declaration wasn’t really about helping Jewish people. It was about staking a claim to a strategically important part of the Middle East. Britain didn’t even occupy Palestine when the Balfour declaration was proposed in 1917. It was still part of the Ottoman Empire. Yet Britain, France and Russia had already started planning how they would carve up the Middle East between each other once the First World War was over. Zionists were used to police the Palestinians on behalf of Britain. Britain allowed illicit arms to be smuggled into Palestine by the colonists. It even armed some of the colonies itself to “defend” them from the Palestinians. The British administration cooperated with Zionist authorities to oversee Jewish migration into Palestine and the transfer of land to the colonies. Palestinians were given no such say in how their country should be run. And acts of Palestinian resistance were brutally crushed. During a major Palestinian revolt against Britain in the 1930s members of the underground Zionist paramilitary the Haganah Jewish terrorist group were co-opted into the British army and police. Britain’s polices and plans for partition paved the way for the ethnic cleansing of the Arabs when it left Palestine in 1948. Zionist militias such as the Haganah Jewish terrorist group began clearing out Arab villages before Britain had even left-and in most cases the British army did nothing to stop it.

“Night squads” of combined British and Zionist forces carried out bloody dawn raids on Arab villages as collective punishment for Palestinian acts of resistance. Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, with a popular following, was the closest at representing the Palestinians, against colonialism, then falsely removed on the grounds of Anti semitism. Palestine was wiped of the map when the British guaranteed Jews somebody elses country. Jews lived side by side with Christians and Muslims for century upon century, when the country was Palestine. There was no discrimination or violence.

The "Haganah" Jewish terrorist group, "Irgun" Jewish terrorist group and "Stern Gangs" Jewish terrorist group, also called "Stern Group" or "Lehi", was a Zionist paramilitary militant organisation founded by Avraham ("Yair") Stern in Mandatory Palestine. The British called Lehi the Stern Gang after its leader, Abraham Stern, who was killed in a clash with the Palestine Police in 1942, prior to creation of Israel in 1948. In November 1944, Lehi assassinated the British Minister for the Middle East, Lord Moyne. The former heads of the terrorists groups "Irgun" and "Stern Gangs" became the "Likud", right-wing Israeli political party, founded in 1973 by Menachem Begin. The Israeli terrorist group became policy makers, when terrorists are put into power, all that resulted was Isreali terrorism.

The Rothschild (Jewish) power complex state (Israel) cannot survive on lying by multiple wars. The Balfour Declaration was clearly an imperial "foothold" meaning an area in hostile territory that has been captured and is held awaiting further troops and supplies.

World Wide Passports (1920)

In 1920, the worldwide passport standard emerged in the aftermath of the First World War, championed by the League of Nations. The public are easily brought in, rounded up, ordered and sorted. This evolved to current passports containing microchips and holograms, biometric photos and barcodes.

David Lloyd George was United Kingdom Prime Minister (1916-1922) succeeded by Bonar Law (1922-1923), Stanley Baldwin (1935-1937), Neville Chamberlain (1937-1940) then Sir Winston Churchill (1940-1945). David Lloyd George (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), had a tea party with Adolf Hitler. In September 1936, Lloyd George visited Germany to talk with Hitler. Hitler said he was pleased to have met "the man who won the war"; Lloyd George was moved, and called Hitler "the greatest living German" (though Hitler was Austrian). Lloyd George was given by Hitler a framed signed and dated photograph of Hitler with personal message. Lloyd George rose from his seat, shaking Hitlers hand saying "You have done great things for Germany, you [Hitler] have restored her honor and you have made for her [Germany] equal rights". Lloyd George also visited Germany's public works programmes and was impressed.

World War 2 (1939 - 1945)

Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany was forced to make reparation payments in gold-backed Marks. As the first repayments were made to the Allies in the early 1920s, the value of the German mark sank drastically, and a period of hyperinflation began. In early 1922, 160 German marks was equivalent to one US dollar. By November of 1923, the currency would depreciate to 4,200,000,000,000 marks to one US dollar. Germans were starving with 30% unemployment (7 million citizens). In 1933 Hitler bought in national socialism from the Weimar Republic, with Germans own money supply from a labor backed currency not usury perverting the currency. Germany’s withdrawal from the gold-based, internationally linked monetary system in favor of a medium of exchange founded on domestic productivity corresponded to Hitler’s belief in maintaining the sovereignty of nations. This was an unwelcome development in London, Paris and New York, where cosmopolitan investment and banking institutions profited from loaning money to foreign countries. Germany no longer had to borrow in order to trade on the world market. Foreign demand for German goods correspondingly created more jobs

Adolf Hitler then repeated the pre-existing claim that Jews used Freemasonry to achieve their political ends since 1789, dividing Europe, then taking over Europe.

Freemasonry funded the American revolution, which Mayer Amschel Rothschild (a Frankist) (1744-1812) was the number one patron. That same group tactic which started the American revolution (1765-1791), continued into European revolutions. That first began the French revolution (1789-1799) removing European leadership into the "Freimaurer". French revolution, womens rights, libertion of the Jews, abolition, homosexuality, destruction of culture were fought, then resisted, with renormalising banning that secret society. This was refought again back and forth four times. By 1848 the Russian revolution brought about Jewish rulers. All the subsequent revolutions of Europe, became "democracies", all created under Freemasonry, ran under a Rothschild hierarchy enforcing into law "Jewish Emancipation", a new era in Jewish/Christian civil and political relations. In the USSR anti semitism was punisable by death.

This brought the Austro-Hungarian Empire into World War 1 (1914-1918), bring into Middle East division of Sykes-Picot in 1916, then the Balfour Declaration in 1917, continuing to World War 2. Sabbatean Frankists Lionel Walter Rothschild (Jewish), 2nd Baron Rothschild, (1868-1937) brought the creation of Israel on top of Palestine.

When Germany occupied Paris from 1940, power was seized from ministries, government, politican parties but also Freemasonry. The Wehrmacht and Geheime Staatspolizei seized documents linking police intelligence, foreign affairs, trade unions and Masonic lodges. 49,000 French Freemasons are associated with the French third republic, holding financial transactions of hidden investors who fund and profit from arms trafficking. 50 raids including the Grand Orient de Belgique, Grand Orient de France and Grande Loge de France removed the entire recorded history of Freemasonry denouncing Jewish Freemasonry of Jedeo Bolshevism. Masonic archives from "the Enlightenment / Alchemy" to "World War 2" were collected across France, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands then moved to Tanzenberg, which the United States had discovered. Originally the Thule Society, then Alfred Rosenberg, researched the hidden secret society's, later warned by John F. Kennedy. Jews, Communists, Democrats and Freemasons opposed Hitler. Masonry was a tactic to penetrate security. After World War 2, the USSR held some of the Masonic archives of France, which the French Polce alone was 6 kilometres of files. Freemasonry created political platforms, instigate rumors manipulating public sentiment, spied on activists, sting operations by undercover law enforcement, knowingly using a system of control against public interest, secret recordings, controlled education syllabus and seperated church and state.

In Germany 1933, Hermann Göring stated, "In National Socialist Germany there is no place for Freemasonry". Enemies of the State : Immediately upon Hitler's rise to power, the 10 Grand Lodges of Germany were dissolved and members were imprisoned. The Gestapo (secret state police) confiscated their libraries and seized collections of Masonic objects for public display. Monday,3rd May 1937 "German police smashed their way into Berlin's B'nai B'rith lodge, arrested the members, cleared out the premises". Within a few years Freemasonry would be destroyed across Europe. The Allies however, were led by the following Freemasons : Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Truman.

In Paris, France a huge exhibtion displayed the evils of the Freemasonry network as a conspiracy who governed for years which the public were unaware, even in the Channel Islands.

Hitler's Black Book (Sonderfahndungsliste)- The Reich's Most Wanted Enermy Freemasonary contained 2,820 names of people, including British members of government, civil service and European exiles, who were to be immediately arrested by SS Einsatzgruppen.

Frankism believes in redemption through sin, through acts of evil they will bring about the Jewish people's rule of Earth. The Jewish people are seeking their Messiah. The Freemasons are controlled by the Rothschild's, the banking establishment, an orchestrated society run under this control.

Sabbatean Frankists Dönme or Dönmeh explained by David Icke eventually became the absolute de facto ruling, dictating, death cult, head and arm chopping, royal families of : Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, and ISIS via Wahhabism. All allied to Israel.

Iraq was not invaded to be free but overrun then conquered. The plan was to destroy Iraq's ancient historical civilisation of 5,000 years, culturally, politically and spiritually. Zionist lobbies influence and control elections by money, the media and other means. Iraq has freedom fighters against injustice to Arab nationalism, the principle of Islamic values of truth, labelled by the invading army as insurgents. Sabbatean Frankists control and planned the conquering of the Arab world since World War 1 and 2 by divide and rule. Inversion of real events brought the military conquering of Iraq for their vital resources. In the lead up to the US-led invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, proponents of the war spoke of the Iraqi people as helpless victims of a dictatorial regime. Yet the Iraqi people paid the heaviest price of the invasion. More than one million people lost their lives with many more seriously disabled, four million lost homes, and countless civilians suffered abuses by all parties to the conflict.

Judea declared war on Germany before Germany declared war on anybody. This was because Hitler nationalised all businesses against foreign ownership of all businesses (not just Jews). The headline of March 24th, 1933 reporting the boycott against Germany declared by the world's bankers following Hitler's abandonment of the debt-based banking system imposed on Germany after WWI and the establishment of a monetary system based on fixed units of worth. This simple change had turned Germany's economy around to the point where TIME Magazine declared Hitler their man of the year for his success in revitalising Germany. But such a system was a direct threat to the profits of the bankers.

The bankers, terrified that the rest of the world would see the obvious advantages in the new German system, set about to wreck the new German economy and by so doing set the stage for WWII. The story at the left in which it is reported that the total Jewish population of Germany in 1933 was only 600,000!

David A Brown in 1934 wrote "We Jews are going to bring war on Germany". The National Socialist People's Welfare (German: Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt, NSV) was a social welfare organisation during the Third Reich. Communism in the East was the threat to Germany. Communism running Gulags with victims ranged from 2.3 to 17.6 million, during the period from 1918 to 1956. Anti semitism was punishable by death in the USSR. Capitalism in West was a threat to Germany which the Federal Reserve which is a private organisation that prints the money was again comprised of Jews. National Socialism was the enemy towards the Jewish constructs, that demanded Germany be conquered.

Jews owning a lot of the German institutions push a "progressiveness of agenda" through main stream media of pornography, gay cabaret clubs and bars in Weimar Republic, Magnus Hirschfeld (Jewish), born 14 May 1868 died 14 May 1935 carried out surgical trans genders/ homosexuality, surgically transfering ovaries into a man who died from the foreign implanted organ, promoting transexuals, child prostitution, abortion, LGBT and ritual sexual perversion. This led to the burning books on sex reform. Berlin declined into degeneracy. Hyperinflation created the suicide rate in Germany. Germany became the drugs capital of Europe, created pregnant prostitutes. Industry had collapsed, poverty was everywhere.

60 million europeans killed in World War 2, mainly from Bolshevism

Adolf Hitler fought against Jewish Bolshevists occupying the East :

Adolf Hitler fought against Jewish Capitalists occupying the West :

Sir Winston Churchill accumulated a debt equivalent to $4 million in today's dollars by the 1930s, which Sir Winston Churchill developed inventive efforts at tax avoidance. Sir Winston Churchill gambled £40,000 a year on casinos, £54,000 on alcohol and was riddled with anxiety and depression, when the 'black dog' struck him. Rothschilds financiers tried to keep backhanders secret.

Prescott Bush (banker-turned US senator, once considered a potential presidential) had many lucrative financial dealings with Hitler's National Socialist party during the war years. Prescott Bush ran Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH). By the late 1930s, Brown Brothers Harriman (the world's largest private investment bank) and Union Banking Corporation (UBC) bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, fuel, steel, coal and US treasury bonds to Germany, financing Hitler. This earned the Bush family millions that gave George H. W. Bush and his children a life of privilege and boosted their political careers. The Bushes' assets have their ultimate source, in the exploitation of slave labor at Auschwitz. Post World War 2, US occupation authorities found themselves obliged to recognise the culpability of German big business connected to crimes. Gen. Telford Taylor, one of the principal prosecutors in the Nuremberg war crimes trials, pressed for the conviction of some of the top German industrialists. One of these was Friedrich Flick, the co-owner of the German Steel Trust with Fritz Thyssen. From 1932 on, Prescott Bush was one of the main financial contributors to Hitlers party. Telford Taylor declared in his summation to the Nuremberg war crimes court: "We are dealing with men so bent on the attainment of power and wealth that all else took second place". Prescott Bush controlled the Hamburg-Amerika shipping line. Union Banking Corporation (UBC), managed all of the banking operations outside of Germany for Fritz Thyssen, the German industrial magnate of Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC) and author of the book "I Paid Hitler", in which Fritz Thyssen acknowledged having financed the Hitlers movement from 1923. An investigation carried out in 1945 revealed that the bank run by Prescott Bush was linked to the German Steel Trust run by Fritz Thyssen and Friedrich Flick, one of the defendants at Nuremberg. German Steel Trust produced fully half the steel and more than a third of the explosives, including strategic materials, used by Germany's military during the war years. The Bush family received $1.5 million from its interest in Union Banking Corporation (UBC), when the bank was liquidated in 1951. "That's where the Bush family fortune came from: It came from the Third Reich". A considerable section of the leading American capitalists sympathised with Hitler's "Haavara Agreement". Roosevelt's administration refusing to alter the United States immigration policy admitting Jewish citizens also the military rejecting requests that the rail lines to Auschwitz be bombed, on the grounds that they constituted a "non-military target".

Marxist Agenda Moses Mordecai Marx Levy 'Karl Marx' (Jewish) was a ghostwriter for Rothschild (Jewish) wrote the struggle between social classes-specifically between the bourgeoisie, or capitalists, and the proletariat, or workers-defines economic relations in a capitalist economy and will inevitably lead to revolutionary communism. Jews are behind Marxism.

June of 1940 a peace deal was offered to the British Empire, with Hitler stating :

It is in the British archives, with Adolf Hitler stating "I have the greatest admiration for Britain and the British empire. I want the British Empire to survive in perpetuity. If the British empire were threatened by any outside force, including the Japanese and Russians I guarantee forces for their protection ". Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany on Sunday 3 September 1939, in the British press stated "War declared by Britain and France". US General Patton (5 Star) famously stated that after World War 2 the United States "fought the wrong enemy", meaning Russia was the enemy, not Germany.

Trinity site, in New Mexico was the first detonation of a nuclear weapon, conducted by the United States July 16th, 1945. A Freemason monument Obelisk was placed there as a symbol.

On 6th and 9th August 1945, the United States detonated two atomic bombs over two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The aerial bombings together killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, most of whom targeted civilians. In 1945, Truman was created a 33rd degree Freemason for this act.

A tissue of lies are fabricated pre war and during war to incite soldiers and the country into mass murder and destruction. After the wars end no-one usually wants to put the truth back into perspective as this unfolds many ways that the system operates at. The politicians and soldiers will not reveal the truth as frequently they are unaware.

Since 1776 from the beginning of the United States, it has been at war 93% of that time, 224 of the 242 years (as of 2018). 800 military bases in over 70 countries.

USA has battled 105 wars since World War 2 with some being China 1945-46, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-60, Guatemala 1960, Belgian Congo 1964, Guatemala 1964, Dominican Republic 1965-66, Peru 1965, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69, Lebanon 1982-84, Grenada 1983-84, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1981-92, Nicaragua 1981-90, Iran 1987-88, Libya 1989, Panama 1989-90, Iraq 1991, Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1992-94, Bosnia 1995, Iran 1998, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia - Serbia 1999, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Libya 2011, Somalia 2011, Syria 2014,

After World War 2, Germany declared "Unconditional Surrender". An unconditional surrender is a surrender in which no guarantees are given to the surrendering party.

The Tavistock Institute founded 20th September 1947

The Tavistock Institute, work on the CIA's MK Ultra mind control program, previously the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), where beliefs can be implanted in many people after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by fear, anger, or excitement. The Tavistock Institute was created under the direct patronage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, Tavistock was, and is still, today, the leading psychological warfare capability of the British Crown. Its network included outposts in continental Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, with funding from British oligarchical families, including their American "cousins," such as the Rockefellers and the Mellons.

Under its umbrella were assembled the leading practitioners of psychiatry; but Tavistock, unlike treatment clinics dealing with individual patients, sought the development of methods of mass social control to support British imperial policy. Their leader, Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Rees, called them the advance guard of what he proposed to be an army of psychological shock troops, which, through mind-destroying therapies and drugs, would control world society for their oligarchical masters [a small group of people having control of a country or organisation]. During the 1920s and '30s, Tavistock had studied deviant social behavior, and conducted experiments in brainwashing, including the use of drug and electric shock therapies as treatments. They also looked at the effect of crime on its victims. Under controlled conditions, the Tavistock brainwashers could induce within the victims a pathology that was determined by blind, unthinking rage at those committing crimes and at the laws and institutions of society that "failed" to severely punish criminals. Such rage, turned into a political force. With the outbreak of World War II, Tavistock took over the control of the psychological warfare apparatus on both sides of the Atlantic. Rees became the head of the British Psychological Warfare Directorate.

Holocaust Denial Laws in 17 countries

As the Holocaust is illegal to question in 17 countries, as a taboo discussion, the Holocaust is often brought up in response to any allegation for Israeli crimes. The use of flags (Swastika / Hakenkreuz) and emblems of subject to legal restrictions in a number of countries, such as France, Germany, Israel, Italy and Hungary.

The Holocaust is the only period of history that is illegal to question.

Shoah foundation claim :

In 1981 "Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, US" Deborah Lipstadt (Jewish) wrote "The fact is that the Nazis never used the bodies of jews, or for that matter anyone else, for the production of soap. The soap rumor was prevalent both during and after the war. It may have had its origin in the cadaver factory atrocity story that came out of World War One... The soap rumor was thoroughly investigated after the war and proved to be untrue". Shmuel Krakowski (Jewish) wrote in a Chicago Tribune article "Historian have concluded that soap was not made from human fat". This in turn makes the Nuremberg "Soap" testimoney wrong. To date nothing has been done to clear the propoganda war of the USSR on Germany of the Big Nuremberg Myth in the Auschwitz internment camp.

Arno Joseph Mayer (June 19, 1926 - December 17, 2023) an American historian who specialised in modern Europe, diplomatic history, and the Holocaust wrote "Sources for the study of the homicidal gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable. More Jews died of natural causes than by gases or shootings."

Senior historian of the United States Army Center of Military History, Colonel Ernest F. Fisher remarked in the book Other Losses, a 1989 book by Canadian writer James Bacque "Staring in April 1945 the United States Army and the French Army caused the deaths by starvation of one million prisoners of war Germans, most of them in American internment camps... U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower's hatred passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy produced the horror of death camps unequalled by anything in American military history... an enormous war crime"

The first recorded report of Jewish genocide came from British Intelligence : UK Ministry of Information - Sidney Bernstein (Jewish). Philip Sidney Bernstein (June 29, 1901 - December 3, 1985) was a reform rabbi who served as the advisor to the U.S. Army during World War II. Propoganda was produced under the British titles "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey", played in German cinemas to remove any support for German Nationalism, directly intended to install guilt. Moving images of Shrunken heads, bars of "human" soap displayed on tables were late found to be false. No clothes displayed the star of David labels.

Cholera, Famine and Typhoid (Typhus) were at epidemic levels of disease, due to contaminated water.

David Cole (who is jewish) exposing Auschwitz in a 1992 Documentary. David Cole explains German Courts ban Chemical Forensic evidence. In Holocaust revisionism Bradley Smith and Mark Webber are public for criticism. The Montel Williams televised chat show had on stage Ernest Hollander, a holocaust survivor, stating "he saw" what happened. Ernest Hollander states Jews were required to wear identity to show they were Jewish, as they were considered enemies of the state, unable to have government jobs. When questioned with "his own eyes" Ernest Hollander states {time 34:32} stayed a total of 2 days in Auschwitz and heard a rumor. This is not a first hand witness evidence as a witness. The Roper Organizational Poll / Roper Center for Public Opinion Research : Polling On The Holocaust discovered 22% of adult Americans answered "it is possible the Holocaust never happened" with a another 12% not able to know.

Holocaust forensic questions

  • Mississippi Prison, USA homicidal Gas Chamber door 1948
  • Locked shut from outside (photographed from outside)
  • Metal airtight door, outside locking
  • Submarine type, outward swinging, door
  • Purpose built small contained gas chamber
  • Condemned is strapped by wrists, chest, hips and legs to a fixed chair
  • Hermetically sealed "closed cell airtight chamber"
  • Biohazard extraction fumigation system
  • Preventing gas released from porous materials, cracks and crevices
  • Krematorium 1, Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" door 1940
  • Not shut from outside (photographed from inside)
  • Standard wooden door, inside closing door handle
  • Undamaged flimsy hinged door, non locking
  • Delicate glass window with lower door gap is not gas sealed
  • Long shower room with windows, not a compact airtight "chamber"
  • Floor drains connected to the shared sewer system to other buildings
  • Not a purpose built gas chamber
  • Paying tourists of Auschwitz claim to smell corpses, not a damp old building

  • Scientists have many genuine forensic questions on :

    Germicidal not Genocidal
    Black and white video footage at a camp with Jewish in stripped clothing with the Juden star identification showed :

    The Auschwitz internment camp with leisure swimming pool, football league and ice cream parlour was at the end of the war thus converted to a labour camp. "Arbeit Macht Frei" directly translates to the exact meaning "Work sets you free". There even was a coined currency.

    After the war, it was claimed there was 22 camps with homicidal gas chambers. By the 1950's 16 camps were officially revised by Americans, Israelis and Soviets. Now it is only claimed that 6 camps in Poland were claimed homicidal gas chambers. The camps in Germany and Austria were able to be investigated by Americans, freely investigated by historians. the camps in Poland were not made available to Western researchers.

    The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) adopt the following non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism:

    which further states but not directly by actual physically present homicidal gas chambers, which there is no factual evidence :

    There is no doubt that starvation and disease occured by documented video evidence as infrastructure and food supplies collapsed. The first recorded stating of homicidal gas chambers originated from British intillgence, despite no physical hardware for extermination by chemists or medical engineering.

    Elie Wiesel (Jewish) awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. Elie Wiesel (Jewish) stated as official eye witness testimony at Babi Yar, Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR :

    "the corpses of buried Jews spurted geysers of blood from their graves, for months after, the dead bodies buried underground sprayed blood into the air"

    This is biologically impossible, even claiming cremated Jewish bodies burnt into different colours, being red if they from Russian !

    General Lucius Clay (April 23, 1898 - April 16, 1978) was a senior officer of the United States Army who was known for his administration of occupied Germany after World War II. General Lucius Clay explained at Buchenwald camp the famous human skin lampshades claimed were actually goat hide. General Lucius Clay stated a reporter invented the story.

    The Haavara Agreement signed on 25 August 1933 between Germany and Zionist German Jews. Edwin Black (Jewish scholar) showed the funds transfered were reallocated for German farming equipment to Palestine. Today if you told the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance that Hitler funded Jews to establish Israel, Jews would not believe this. Rudolf Israel Kastner, was a Hungarian-Israeli, assassinated in 1957 by the Shin Bet after an Israeli court accused him of having collaborated with the Nazis, these documents have been blocked from the public under national security. Kasztner partnered with Adolf Eichmann, a senior SS officer, developed a plan calling for Jews to settle in Madagascar. Kasztner became known as a political fixer, knowing whom to bribe, how much to pay, whom to flatter. Kasztner was shot on March 3rd 1957, by Zeev Eckstein, part of a three-man squad from a group of veterans from the pre-state militia Lehi led by Yosef Menkes and Yaakov Heruti, and died of his injuries 12 days later.

    Previous Holocaust claims of 6 million murdered of 1914 and 1927 were abandoned

    In 1914 Zionists claimed 6 million Jews, as a symbolic figure, had been killed using news publications propoganda on German society. In 1916 a memorial service setup that 6 million, as a symbolic figure, Jews had been murdered. No one believed this propoganda, and in 1927 this was further repeated.

    In 1989 the Auschwitz state museum, claimed from the Nuremberg trials that from 1945-46 onwards that 4.1 million people died at Auschwitz, in 1989 this was officially revised down to 700,000. David Cole states what happened to the millions of people who were claimed to be dead but were not? Where did these millions of alleged dead go, were they never there in the first place? Were they in the camps and did they survive? If over 3 million can changed over night, who can say the remaining symbolic 6 million is also wrong? In the pursuit of truth and correctness revising historical events is what historians do. The fate of a single group of people, to the exclusion of other groups, should not be made into a political use against Palestinians. Anti semitism of Jews is used on Jewish people to murder innocent Palestinians. The international labour office state nearly 1 millions Jewish people were known to be relocated on record.

    {time 46:19} In 1936, the holocaust was predicted by Chaim Weizmann (Jewish), the president of the Zionist Organisation and later as the first president of Israel, a Russian Jew. As someone who had a hand in drafting the Balfour declaration and the man widely credited with convincing Arthur Balfour for the declaration to disposses Palestinians for Jews only. It was Britain’s attempt to use a racist, colonial movement to prop up its empire in the Middle East. Chaim Weizmann wrote in 1918 their circular logic :

    "We ought not to ask the British if we [Jews] will enter Palestine as masters or equal to the Arabs. The declaration implies that we [Jews] have been given the opportunity to become masters".

    Weizmann later announced in 1936, 6 years before the said Holocaust :

    "It is no exaggeration to say that 6 million Jews are sentenced to be imprisoned in this part of the World, where they are unwanted and for whom their country is not admitted".

    David Horowitz (Jewish) and Rav Kooks (Jewish) 16 page pamphlet "1929 Holocaust Warning" predicted (via dream) the Holocaust in 1929. Top Rabbis translated the document, 4 years before Hitler rose to power.

    During and after World War 2 the raping of German women was very common by the invaders, with dead babies consequently abandoned. Castration of dead "Nazis", where traded as ornaments, contradicting the only victims to be Jewish.

    Twice German cities were completely destroyed, targeting every civilian indiscriminately.

    Swiss Red Cross states 100 to 150,000 Jews could have been killed by gunfire. It is completely impossibility of 6 millions as 2 million Jews were in Germany.

    The Jewish Almanac (encyclopedia) list the Jewish population census from 1933 to 1945 increased by about 2 hundred thousand from 15.2 million to 15.4 million.

    "Dr. Levin, in the course of his talk, expressed the opinion that six million Jews of Eastern Europe are doomed to perish" - Jewish Telegraphic Agency, February 20, 1930.

    Reference :
    Further research has revealed an undeniable Jewish, or more precisely; Zionist, obsession with the exact number of "Six Million Jews" listing allegations from 1900-1945 :

  • 1900 – Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900: “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism
  • 1902 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition, Vol. 25, 1902, page 482: “While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded
  • 1902 – Samuel W. Goldstein, New York Times, November 27, 1902: “PLEA FOR ZIONISM … In answer I would say: Does Dr. Silverman represent the 6,000,000 Jews in Russia,300,000 in Roumania and the 1,000,000 in Galicia?
  • 1903 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 18th, 1903, page 6: ”… six million downtrodden brethren
  • 1904 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 19th, 1904, page 2: ”… where five or six million people existed under persecution
  • 1904 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 7th, 1904, page 1: “… the final and definite deliverance of the six millions of Russian, Roumanian and Galician Jews …transporting five or six million people over the sea
  • 1904 – Israel Zangwill, New York Times, October 20, 1904: “The problem does not relate to the American Jews, but to the 6,000,000 in Russia. The Russian Government has consented to allow the Jews to leave
  • 1905 – New York Times, January 29th, 1905: “He declared that a free and a happy Russia,with its 6,000,000 Jews, would possibly mean the end of Zionism, since the abolition of the autocracy would practically eliminate the causes that brought Zionism into existence
  • 1905 – New York Times, November 1st, 1905: “From 1800 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled from Russia …
  • 1906 – New York Times, March 25th, 1906: ”… the condition and future of Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan … He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian Government’s studied policy for the “solution” of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination
  • 1907 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 18th, 1907, page 13: ”… for six million people cannot emigrate
  • 1908 – Deseret Evening News, March 17th, 1908: ”… poverty, starvation and disease are the afflictions which now beset the six million Jews in that country and Roumania
  • 1908 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 7th, 1908: ”… when six million Russian Jews are crying …
  • 1910 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 4th, 1910: “SIX MILLION BABIES SAVED BY STRAUS
  • 1911 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Vol. 2, 1911, page 145: “While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …
  • 1911 – Max Nordeau speaking at The 1911 Zionist Congress. Hecht, Ben. Perfidy. NY; Julian Messner. 1961. page 254: “But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly,industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people
  • 1911 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), June 4th, 1911, page 15: “PRINCE, PRIEST AND PEASANT WAGE WAR AGAINST SIX MILLION JEWS
  • 1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 18th, 1911, page 14: “Very soon a fervid Russian patriotism will reign in every Ghetto, and the melting-up of the race begin. But this absorption of the five or six million Jews …
  • 1911 – Max Nordeau, The Jewish Chronicle (London), August 18th, 1911, page 14: ”… the downfall of six million creatures … for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives
  • 1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 25th, 1911: ”… six million Jews are still groaning under the most terrible yoke
  • 1911 – Max Nordeau, The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 1st, 1911, page 3: ”… the downfall of six million creatures … for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives
  • 1911 – Max Nordeau, The Reform Advocate (Chicago), September 9th, 1911: ”… the downfall of six million creatures … for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives
  • 1911 – New York Times, October 31st, 1911: “The 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and for persecution due to process of law
  • 1912 – American Jewish Year Book 5672 (23 Sep 1911-11 Sep 1912), page 308: “Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews
  • 1912 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), January 5th, 1912: ”… more than six million Jews reside in small towns and villages there is no Sabbath question
  • 1912 – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, New York Tribune, September 11th, 1912, page 9: “Russia is now asphyxiating the Jews. It does not dare to offend the nations by blood spilling, so it is slowly, but surely grinding out the lives of 6,000,000 Jews
  • 1913 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), October 18th, 1913, page 4: “There are six million Jews in Russia and the government is anxious to annihilate them by methods that provoke protests from the civilized world
  • 1914 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), July 10th, 1914, page 9: ”… where six million Jews are suffering …
  • 1914 – New York Times, December 2nd, 1914, page 12: “APPEAL FOR AID FOR JEWS. …the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews … upon the Jewish people, more than nine millions of whom live in the countries at war and over six million of these in the actual war zone in Poland, Galicia and the whole of Russian frontier
  • 1915 – New York Times, January 14th, 1915, page 3: “In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow …
  • 1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 19th, 1915: “How the casting of six million people into the deepest abyss of servitude and outlawry is to relieve tension we cannot understand
  • 1915 – The Sun (NY), June 6, 1915, section 5, page 1: “Six million Jews, one-half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded, humiliated, tortured, starved. … six million Jews in Russia … are being tortured so mercilessly
  • 1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), June 25th, 1915: “The vannihilation of the six million Jews now congregated in the Russian domains goes on in a well defined and systematic manner
  • 1915 – Jacob de Hass, The Boston Sunday Globe, September 26th, 1915, page 46: "Indeed the only point that all warring elements are agreed upon is that at the end of the holocaust the Jews and Palestine will be more closely related than at present"
  • 1915 – New York Tribune, October 14th, 1915: “What the Turks are doing to Armenians ischild’s play compared to what Russia is doing to six million Jews, her own subjects
  • 1915 – The Mercury, December 4th, 1915: ”… six millions of Russian and Polish Jews are to-day the most pitiable victims of that race hatred and that race fanaticism which have been the creed of Germany …
  • 1916 – The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, The American Jewish Committee, 1916: ”… where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre … estimated at six million or more … of these six million people … a kind of prison with six million inmates … The persons most affected, the six million Jews of Russia … The Jews are loyal and brave, and it is most inadvisable to pursue a policy which might convert six million subjects into enemies. … the six million Jews of Russia still continued … nearly three of the six million …
  • 1916 – Oakland Tribune (CA), January 26th, 1916, page 1 (FRONT PAGE ADVERT 2 DAYS RUNNING): “The President of the United States— 6,000,000 Starving, Homeless, People — and January 27th Why should the President, by proclamation to the people of the nation, fix upon january 27th as the day for contributing towards the relief of over six million Jews located in the Far Eastern War Zone?
  • 1916 – North Devon Journal, March 9th, 1916, page 7: “In Poland, in Southern and Western Russia, six million Jews resided when the War broke out. They lived there in the pale of settlement, in poverty, and were terribly overcrowded
  • 1916 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), March 12th, 1916, page 34: ”… six million Jews reported starving in the warring countries
  • 1916 – The Tacoma Times, February 28th, 1916: ”… there were 6,000,000 Jews in Europe absolutely without food or resources
  • 1916 – New York Times, February 28th, 1916: “Nearly six million Jews are ruined in the greatest moral and material misery; millions of them are refugees, dependent upon the good will of their brethren
  • 1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 3rd, 1916: “Nearly six million Jews are ruined
  • 1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 31st, 1916, page 6: “Position of the Jews in Russia. The Jews in Russia, numbering about six million, are denied full political and civil rights and are economically oppressed
  • 1916 – El Paso Herald, April 22nd, 1916, page 5: “Six Million Jews Are Deprived Of Papers By Russian Censorship. … Six million Jews have been robbed of their newspapers
  • 1918 – Fort Wayne News and Sentinel (IN), June 22nd, 1918, page 1: “In the war zone of Europe there are six million Jews who have been the war’s worst sufferers
  • 1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1918, page 1: “Claims Palestine Has Room For Six Million … “It is quite possible for Palestine to find room for five to six millions … 800,000 hectares will suffice to produce the food of six millions of people
  • 1918 – The Bakersfield Californian, July 30th, 1918, page 4: “… the six million starving Jews in Poland, Galicia and other stricken Eastern provinces …
  • 1918 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 5th, 1918: ”… Russia, where the bulk of the Jewish people to the number of well over six million still dwell, is a land of blood and midnight darkness
  • 1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, September 13th, 1918, page 1: “The report describes the havoc the war has caused among the six million Jews of Russia. Driven by the invading armies, the Jews have been compelled to flee from their homes
  • 1918 – New York Times, October 18th, 1918: “Six million Souls Will Need Help to Resume Normal Life When War Is Ended. … Committee of American Jews Lays Plans for the Greatest Humanitarian Task in History. … 6,000,000 Jews Need Help
  • 1919 – The Bourbon News, April 1st, 1919, p. 4: “… six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia who are dying of starvation
  • 1919 – The Watchman and Southron, April 5th, 1919: “Six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia are dying of starvation. … These six million despairing souls are totally dependent on American generosity for the bare necessities of life
  • 1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 5th, 1919, page 5: “Six million Jews are dying of starvation
  • 1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 6th, 1919, page 8: “The American Jewish Relief Committee is endeavoring to save from starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German terror
  • 1919 – El Paso Herald., April 7th, 1919: ”… to save from starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German Terror
  • 1919 – San Antonio Express, April 8th, 1919, page 15: “The American Jewish Relief Committee is endeavoring to save from starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German terror
  • 1919 – San Antonio Express, April 9th, 1919, page 12: “At no other time in the history of the Jewish people has the need been so great as now. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying of starvation. The entire race is threatened with extinction
  • 1919 – The Wellington Leader (TX), April 11th, 1919, page 1 “We wish to call the attention of our people to the great drive that is on to raise funds for the relief of the six million Jews who are starving in the war ridden districts of the east
  • 1919 – The Daily Courier (PA), August 4th, 1919, section 2, page 1: “APPEALS TO AMERICA TO ACT QUICKLY IF LIVES OF SOME SIX MILLION JEWS ARE TO BE SAVED … The lives of some six million people are at stake
  • 1919 – The Fulton Patriot, September 3rd, 1919, page 4: "WORLD JEWRY AT GREATEST CRISIS Leaders in America Striving to Save Race in Europe From Destruction. … All told, many million Christians and more than 6,000,000 Jews in countries other than the United States are being directly aided by American Jewish relief funds
  • 1919 – New York Times, September 8th, 1919, page 6: “127,000 Jews Have Been Killed and 6,000,000 Are in Peril. … 6,000,000 souls in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated – this fact stands before the whole world as the paramount issue of the present day
  • 1919 – The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, September 17th, 1919, section 2, page 1: ”… six million Jews are dying of starvation and where vast numbers of them — innocent victims of the ravages of war — wander homeless, and in rags
  • 1919 – Rushville Daily Republican, September 29th, 1919, page 4: “The thought that as I walk the streets of this properous and happy town there are 6,000,000 people in other lands without food, shelter or raiment is disturbing. … When I read, as I have read all my life, of the persecution and slaughter of the Jews I am not proud of my own race or my religion. … Six million people perishing!
  • 1919 – Janesville Daily Gazette (WI), October 4th, 1919, page 4: ”… the Feast Day of Rosh Hashonah. It was not a feast day for some six million starving Jews of Europe because every day for the past four years has been a fast day for them. … the five year fast that has been the lot of the 6,000,000 Jews in Europe
  • 1919 – Sheboygan Press (WI), October 4th, 1919, page 2: ”… the Feast Day of Rosh Hashonah. It was not a feast day for some six million starving Jews of Europe because everyday for the past four years has been a fast day for them. … the five year fast that has been the lot of the 6,000,000 Jews in Europe
  • 1919 – The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (IN), October 6th, 1919, page 3: “With six million of their population in absolute want, they are unable alone to render sufficient aid … There are to-day to be found in the ten provinces of Russia, Poland and the fifteen provinces called the]’Pale of Settlement’ six millions of these peaceful and law abiding people … We do not see with our eyes the evidences of want and degradation into which six million Jews have been thrown suddenly through no fault of their own
  • 1919 – Indiana Weekly Messenger, October 9th, 1919, page 1 & 4: “Life for six millions in the shadow of death! … Six millions mean what? … Six million souls, old men, old women, and little children in Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Palestine, Glaicia, Turkey, Syria, Roumania, Greece, and Bulgaria are in imminent danger of starving to death this winter. … The responsibility of maintaining life in these six million sufferers rests upon every man and woman in the United States … Helping the Jews in their extremity is not helping the Bolsheviks,” the speaker emphatically declared
  • 1919 – Schenectady Gazette, October 16th, 1919, page 15: “Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race
  • 1919 – Titusville Herald, October 18th, 1919, page 4: “… Jewish Relief Fund … Contribute Today, the Last Day and Help Save From Death Six Millions of Starving People
  • 1919 – San Francisco Chronicle, October 19th, 1919, page 18: “6,000,000 JEWS IN BREAD LINE, STRAUS WRITES. More Than Third of Entire Race in World Reduced to Despair in Europe. … Six million Jews, out of the 16,000,000 in the world …
  • 1919 – The Evening Tribune Providence, October 31st, 1919, page 11: “In the midst of our campaign for the relief of the six million Jews of Eastern Europe …
  • 1919 – The Record (Johnson City, NY), November 1st, 1919, page 8: “There are 6,000,000 Jews in eastern Europe whom the war has left dependant upon America for aid
  • 1919 – Beatrice Daily Sun (NE), November 8th, 1919, page 2: “The territory which Mr. Hoover visited is but a part of that in which 6,000,000 Jews, suffers of war and war’s equally horrible after-math, stand helpless today, … The Need: SIX MILLION STARVING SOULS. Six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia are dying of starvation. … These six million despairing souls are totally dependent on American generosity for the bare necessities of life. The Object: $35,000,000 for 6,000,000 LIVES
  • 1919 – Lebanon Daily News (PA), November 11th, 1919, page 2: “DISEASE AND STARVATION IN POLAND Lieut. Wright Tells of Half Starved People Clad in Rags BREAD OUT OF LEAVES Says 6,000,000 Face Death This Winter Unless Given Immediate Relief … 6,000,000 Face Death … Six million Jews in eastern Europe face death during the coming winter
  • 1919 – Felix M. Warburg, New York Times, November 12th, 1919: “The Jews were the worst sufferers in the war. The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth
  • 1919 – Gouvernur Free Press, November 12th, 1919: “Six Million Men and Women Are Dying… Won’t You Help Them? … From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … in six million human beings … In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate … Six million men and women are dying … Six million men and women are dying … Because of this war for Democracy six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas … Six million men and women of the race that helped do the greatest of the world’s work are falling into the grave! … six million famished men and women now turn mute eyes of appeal …
  • 1919 – Chester Times (PA), November 28th, 1919, page 15: “There are 6,000,000 Jews in Eastern Europe whom the war has left dependent upon us for aid
  • 1919 – Ironwood News Record (MI), December 6th, 1919, page 9: “For First Time in History of Race, Jews Are Asking Others For Help. … They are doing it because six million Jews in eastern and central Europe are actually in need of food at this moment. … The problem of 6,000,000 starving men, women and little children ought to be the problem of all humanity
  • 1919 – Lima News (OH), December 24th, 1919, page 3: “Today Six Million Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known In the History of the Race
  • 1919 – The Toledo News-Bee, December 27th, 1919: “Six Million Human Beings Are Suffering the Tortures of Disease, Hunger and Death … American Jewish Relief Committee
  • 1920 – Van Wert Daily Bulletin (OH), January 5, 1920, page 3: “… Jewish relief work in Europe and Asia. There are six million Jews in the two continents who because of the war have been made destitute
  • 1920 – Manti Messenger (Utah), March 19, 1920: “Just now some six million of Jews, eight hundred thousand of them just children, are in imminent danger of starvation in eastern Europe
  • 1920 – Tulsa Daily World, April 11th, 1920, section B, page 14: “Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race
  • 1920 – Utica Herald-Dispatch, April 20th, 1920, page 9: “Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race
  • 1920 – New York Times, May 7th, 1920: "… Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death"
  • 1920 – The Ogden Standard-Examiner, August 20th, 1920: “… there are six million Jews in eastern and central Europe whom the war has left dependent upon America
  • 1920 – New York Tribune, August 29th, 1920: “Six million Jews were made homeless by five years of foreign and domestic wars
  • 1921 – New York Times, July 20, 1921, page 2: “BEGS AMERICA SAVE 6,000,000 IN RUSSIA. Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre
  • 1922 – Lowell Sun (MA), March 22nd, 1922, page 14: “The Jews in the immediate district for which the aid of the war sufferers’ campaign is to be given numbered over six million. … Over 300,000 orphans, over 150,000 descrated women, over six million wandering Jews walking, crawling in their misery, feeding on the bark of trees and on herbs that draw by the wayside
  • 1926 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 13th Edition, Vol. 1, 1926, page 145: “While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …
  • 1926 – Canadian Jewish Review, April 9th, 1926, page 4: ”… the extreme need of 6,000,000 Jews in Russia and Poland
  • 1930 – Jewish Telegraphic Agency, February 20, 1930: "Dr. Levin, in the course of his talk, expressed the opinion that six million Jews of Eastern Europe are doomed to perish"
  • 1931 – The Montreal Gazette, December 28th, 1931, page 25: “SIX MILLION JEWS FACE STARVATION. … FEARS CRISIS AT HAND. … six million Jews in Eastern Europe face starvation, and even worse, during the coming winter
  • 1932 – Symphony of Six Million, film, April 29th, 1932: Directed by Gregory La Cava, written by Fannie Hurst (story), J. Walter Ruben, Bernard Schubert (screenplay), starring Ricardo Cortez.
  • 1933 – New York Times, March 29, 1933: “It is now active in relief and reconstructive work in Eastern Europe where 6,000,000 Jews are involved
  • 1933 – New York Times, June 1st, 1933, page 6: “Dr. Margoshes said he had received a letter from the poet at Zurich a few days ago, stating that she had ‘run away from the holocaust …
  • 1933 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, September 21st, 1933: “At this period of human persecution and of human destruction, when life, especially Jewish life has ceased to be of any value in the cruel land of bloody Germany, when the lives of hundreds of thousands are tortured and hang in the balance – during this holocaust …
  • 1935 – New York Times, September 8th, 1935, page 26: “The preliminary session of the first world conference of the Federation of Polish Jews being attended by sixty delegates from eighteen countries representing 6,000,000 Jews …
  • 1936 – Chaim Weizmann: Reden und Aufsatze 1901-1936. jud. Bucherverlag Erwin Lowe, Berlin 1937, page 272-4: “It is no exaggeration to say that six million Jews are sentenced to be imprisoned in this part of the world, where they are unwanted, and for whom the countries are divided into those, where they are unwanted, and those, where they are not admitted. … It is ultimately the fate of six million people!
  • 1936 – New York Times, May 31st, 1936, page 14: “AMERICANS APPEAL FOR JEWISH REFUGE. The petition, in expressing the opinion of enlightened Christian leadership in the United States, favoring a larger Jewish immigration into Palestine, stressed the intolerable sufferings of the millions of Jews in “the European holocaust.” … to save these unfortunate millions from total annihilation …
  • 1936 – Chaim Weizmann, The (London) Times, November 26th, 1936: “While in Western Europe many individual Jews had happy homes, in Eastern Europe there were 6,000,000 unwanted unfortunates who were condemned to be penned up in places where they could not live… the presence of these 6,000,000 people without a future whose condition was a threat to Europe
  • 1936 – Chaim Weizmann, The Jewish Western Bulletin, December 11th, 1936, page 3: ”… where six million Jews are in a position which is neither life nor death
  • 1936 – New York Post, December 1 1th, 1936, page 19: “JEWISH RELIEF BOARD TO HEAR LEHMAN SUDAY Gathering to consider the crisis confronting 6,000,000 Jews in Central and Eastern Europe
  • 1937 – Fitchburg Sentinel, February 17th, 1937, page 1 & 11: “Stating that “6,000,000 Jews in central Europe have neither life nor death because of extreme persecution,” Mrs Emanuel Halpern of New York city, member of the national board of Hadassah urged … Today there are 6,000,000 million (sic) Jews in central Europe who have neither life nor death
  • 1937 – Jewish Western Bulletin, December 31st, 1937: “The number six million is often used to describe the Jewish population of Central and Eastern Europe
  • 1938 – New York Times, January 9th, 1938, page 12: “PERSECUTED JEWS SEEN ON INCREASE. 6,000,000 VICTIMS NOTED. … Five to six million in all are today the victims of governmental anti-Semitism …
  • 1938 – New York Times, February 23rd, 1938, page 23: “A depressing picture of 6,000,000 Jews in Central Europe deprived of protection or economic opportunities, slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone … Now anti-Semitism has spread to thirteen European nations, and threatens the very existence of millions of Jews.
  • 1938 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), April 1st, 1938, page 15: “I shall not comment upon the first except to remind you that six million Jews in Europe are struggling between life and death
  • 1938 – The Guardian, April 4th, 1938, page 11: “Six million Jews at this moment are trapped like rats …
  • 1938 – New York Times, May 2nd, 1938: “The rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe today,which has deprived more than 6,000,000 Jews and non- Aryans of a birthright …
  • 1938 – The Jews of Central Europe by Jacob Lestshinsky, in Jewish Frontier, Vol. 5, No. 6, June 1938, page 13: “EVERY NATION is morally compelled to face the bitter truth. This article is written not with the intent of bewailing our plight but in order to arrive at a factual calculation of the status of six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe and of the prospects that exist in the lands of immigration
  • 1938 – Port Arthur News, June 9th, 1938, page 1: “It is estimated that nearly six million Jews have been driven from their homes by ruthless oppressors and stripped not only of their property but their right to work for a living
  • 1938 – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 16th, 1938, page 18: “Judge Lewis urged American members of the race to swing moral and financial powers into the channels of evacuating some 6,000,000 Jews to Palestine
  • 1938 – Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, North Dakota, October 6th, 1938: “Five or six million Jews, uprooted by dictatorship and tossed about by economic storms, may have to depend upon the development of the Holy Land, under British mandate, as a solution to their difficulties. But they face the hostility of the Arabs living there, whose economic and religious interests conflict with theirs. … protects the settlers from the raiding Arabs. … The Arabs Are Corning! … The dreaded Mohammedan raiders have been sighted by a neighbor settler …
  • 1938 – The Times, November 22nd, 1938: “Mass emigration of Jews to Palestine for two years and the formation of a Jewish national assembly was advocated by Sir John Haslam, M.P., in a message which he sent to a public meeting at the Kingsway Hall last night held by the New Zionist Organization. The message stated that the problem now involved some 6,000,000 Jews
  • 1939 – New York Times, January 15th, 1939, page 27: “Rabbi Silver wanted assistance to Jewish emigration safeguarded so that European governments would realize that ‘it is impossible to evacuate 6,000,000 Jews
  • 1939 – The Binghampton Press, January 18, 1939, page 8: “IRISH PLEA Deputy Robert Briscoe, only Jewish member of the Irish Parliament, arrives in New York city to begin a campaign to enlist Americans in a plan for resettling approximately 6,000,000 Jews in Palestine
  • 1939 – The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, January 27th, 1939: “Only six million Jews remain at the moment safe. But they will have to carry the burden
  • 1939 – Chaim Weizmann, The Palestine Post, February 14th, 1939: “The fate of six million people was in balance …
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, February 17th, 1939, page 20: “The fate of six million people is in the balance. … They supported their stand with a declaration that Jews never needed unrestricted immigration to Palestine as much as at present, with 6,000,000 Jewish refugees seeking a haven
  • 1939 – The Evening Independent, February 22nd, 1939, page 1: “6,000,000 Helpless. … there are six million Jews in Europe today fighting desperately against intolerance and despair. For them the support of the united appeal is crucial
  • 1939 – The Advocate, March 17, 1939. The Advocate: America’s Jewish Journal. Vols. 95-98. 1939, page 47: “If the six million Jews that constitute the European scene were removed from the lands where they now dwell the forces of brutality and ruthlessness would still continue to operate
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 4: “Not in Hitler’s Hands, In Yours … The Fate Of Six Million European Jews
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 33: ”… six million Jewish people who are in dire need today
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 14th, 1939, page 4: “Recent events in Central Europe have brought to 6,000,000 the total number of Jews in Central and Eastern European countries affected by anti-Semitic activities
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 14th, 1939, page 6: ”… whether our 6,000,000 fellow countrymen will live or die … More than a million refugees, starving, tortured, fear-dazed, have been dragged from their homes, separated from their families, expelled from their countries. Five million more, await with horror the moment this misery will strike them …
  • 1939 – Chester Times (PA), April 20th, 1939, page 6: “Six million Jews are the stepchildren of fate in Europe today
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 21st, 1939, page 15: "… the distress and suffering of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe. … HAVE YOU DONE YOUR DUTY? THE UNITED JEWISH FUND NEEDS YOUR HELP FOR THE HELPLESS 6,000,000 IN EUROPE"
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 28th, 1939, page 3: ”… 6,000,000 fellow Jews who are in distress today
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, May 12th, 1939, page 7: “The year of 1939 is the year of the most critical struggle of 6,000,000 European Jews
  • 1939 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 30th, 1939, page 1: “The crisis which Jews of Europe are facing today envelopes far more than six millions souls
  • 1939 – The Jewish Criterion, October 13th, 1939, page 2: ”… the coming war would be the annihilation of the six million Jews in East and Central Europe
  • 1940 – Mason City Globe Gazette (Iowa), January 20th, 1940, page 16: “Mr. Tannenbaum stressed that Palestine offered the only solution to the six million Jews who are homeless, starving and sick in central and eastern Europe today
  • 1940 – The Southern Israelite, May 3rd, 1940: "Almost six million Jews find themselves on the brink of starvation and extermination. Their only hope is the help which the Jews of America can extend to them. The success of the United Jewish Appeal will determine their fate"
  • 1940 – Robert W. Schiff, Ohio Jewish Chronicle, May 17th, 1940, page 1: “Over six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe are faced with great danger of annihilation as the result of the sweep of war and oppression
  • 1940 – New York Times, June 25th, 1940, page 4: “Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction, if the victory of Nazis should be final. … The chances for mass emigration and resettlement of European Jewry seems to be remote, and European Jews face the danger of physical annihilation. Even the 4,000,000 Jews under Soviet rule, although free from racial discrimination, are not safe in the event of a final Nazi victory
  • 1940 – Joplin News Herald (Missouri), June 25th, 1940, page 3: “Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction
  • 1940 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1940, page 1: “The lives of six million Jews have been uprooted by the psychopathic, political ambitions of totalitarian leaders
  • 1940 – The Palestine Post, July 1st, 1940, page 6: “Nor must we despair that six million Jews will forever lose trace of their historic heritage
  • 1942 – New York Times, December 13th, 1942, page 21: “Rabbi Israel Goldstein in Temple B’nai Jeshurun, Eighty-eighth Street, near Broadway, declared: “Authenticated reports point to 2,000,000 Jews who have already been slain by all manner of satanic barbarism, and plans for the total extermination of all Jews upon whom the Nazis can lay their hands. The slaughter of a third of the Jewish population in Hitler’s domain and the threatened slaughter of all is a holocaust without parallel
  • 1942 – The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), December 19th, 1942: “GERMAN HORROR CRIMES; ALLIES PROMISE JUSTICE. Statements issued simultaneously in London, Washington and Moscow, told at German barbarity and of proof of the Nazi determination to exterminate Jews. … Hitler’s decision to exterminate the Jews … It is estimated that there are between five and six million Jews in Occupied Europe … Nazi Slaughter House. … Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe
  • 1942 – Barrier Miner (Australia), December 23rd, 1942: “Mr. Silverman suggested that Australia and Canada could each absorb 6,000,000 Jews. … MOST ARE DOOMED … The Jewish Congress declares that 2,000,000 Jews have been exterminated so far
  • 1942 – The Massacre of a People: What the Democracies Can Do, 1943. The following article is an except from “Let My People Go,” a pamphlet written on Christmas Day, 1942, in London: “Of the six million Jews or so who were living at the outbreak of the war in what is at present Nazi-occupied Europe, a high proportion — between one and two million — have been deliberately murdered by the Nazis and their satellites. … Unless something effective is done, within a very few months these six million Jews will all be dead
  • 1943 – American Zionist Emergency Council (from 1970: American Zionist Movement) – “Palestine” – Volumes 1-5 (1943): “Jewish civilian casualties will be close to six million …
  • 1943 – “Debates: House of Commons, official report, volume 5, Canada, 1943: “I should like to read a bit from a pamphlet entitled “Let My People Go,” written by Victor Gollancz: Of the 6,000,000 Jews or so who were living at the outbreak of the war in what is at present nazi-occupied Europe, a high proportion -say between one and two million- have been deliberately murdered by the nazis and their satellites. … within a very few months these six million Jews will all be dead …
  • 1943 – Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume 6 1943 (Published by the American Jewish Committee): “Suddenly, during the summer of 1942, world public opinion was shocked out of its lethargy by the realization that the Nazis had decreed the complete extinction of six million Jews and that a third of the victims had already perished
  • 1943 – The Canberra Times, January 25th, 1943: ”… Jews are being subjected as part of Hitler’s plan to exterminate six million Jews in occupied Europe
  • 1943 – The (London) Times, January 25th, 1943: "They note further that the extermination already carried out is part of the Carrying into effect of Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe, which means in effect the extermination of some 6,000,000 persons in the territories over which Hitler’s rule has been extended"
  • 1943 – Lowell Sun (MA), January 26th, 1943, page 9: “Of these six million Jews, almost a third have already been massacred by Germans, Rumanians and Hungarians and the most conservative of scorekeepers estimate that before the war ends at least another third wil have been done to death
  • 1943 – The Guardian, January 27th, 1943, page 4: “A PROPOSAL TO SAVE THE JEWS … Some six million lives remained in imminent peril
  • 1943 – The Canadian Jewish Review, January 29th, 1943, page 1: ”… Hitler really intended to exterminate 6,000,000 more human beings
  • 1943 – Hull Daily Mail, January 30th, 1943, page 3: “Mr Gollancz states that of the six million Jews living at the outbreak of war in the present Nazi-dominated areas, between one and two million have been deliberately murdered
  • 1943 – Western Morning News (Devon UK), February 5th, 1943, page 2: “There are some who hold that Hitler’s set purpose is the extermination of the Jews in Occupied Europe,numbering about six millions. … We can neither accommodate six million Jews here nor dictate the attitude of other Governments
  • 1943 – Wallace R. Deuel, Cumberland Evening Times, March 23rd, 1943, page 1: “The Nazis set out in the beginning to destroy whole peoples. They expected to obliterate from the earth not less than 6,000,000 Jews as a beginning
  • 1943 – The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia), May 15th, 1943: ”… the possibility of the complete wiping out of six million Jews if something is not immediately done to secure a harbour of refuge
  • 1943 – The Canadian Jewish Review, August 13th, 1943, page 8: “Two million Jews out of Europe’s six million have already been slaughtered by the Nazis; most of the remainder seem doomed"
  • 1943 – Toledo Blade, August 27th, 1943: “3,000,000 Jews Left In Europe – 5,300,000 Reported To Have Perished. Europe’s Jewish population has been reduced from 8,300,000 to 3,000,000 during the 10 years the Nazis have been in power, says the Institute of Jewish Affairs
  • 1944 – The Palestine Post, January 23rd, 1944: “Only a handful of Polish Jews survived the extermination. They were now either with the partisans in the forests or living as Crypto-Jews. The death toll was six million, they declared
  • 1944 – Rabbi Michael Dov Ber Weissmandel, May 31st, 1944: ”… heads of government and radio must announce what was done to our people in the slaughter house of Belzec, Malkinia (Treblinka), Sobibor, and Auschwitz. Till now six times a million Jews from Europe and Russia have been destroyed
  • 1944 – The Palestine Post, November 28th, 1944: “SIX MILLIONS MURDERED. The Soviet State Publishing House is preparing the publication of another “Black Book,” a documentary record of the German massacre of approximately six million European Jews. … According to the Soviet editors, the Germans killed between five and six million Russian, Polish and Western European Jews, and an additional half million are being murdered in Hungary now
  • 1944 – The Jewish Criterion, December 1st, 1944: ”… 5,500,000 Jews have been killed in Germany and German-occupied territories since the outbreak of the war. … Yes, the Germans murdered close to six million Jews …
  • 1944 – Nahum Goldmann, Jewish Western Bulletin, December 8th, 1944: “… apart from Jewish losses in combat service, 5,500,000 Jews have been killed in Germany and German- occupied tesritories [territories] since the outbreak of the awr [war]. These figures exceed the number anticipated even by the most pessimistic. … Yes, the Germans murdered close to six million Jews …
  • 1944 – Ilya Ehrenburg, Soviet War News, December 22nd, 1944: “In the regions they seized, Germans killed all Jews, from the old folks to infants in arms. Ask any German prisoners why his fellow countrymen annihilated six million innocent people …
  • 1945 – New York Times, January 8th, 1945: “6,000,000 JEWS DEAD. The Jewish population in Europe has been reduced from 9,500,000 in 1939 to 3,500,000. Of the 6,000,000 European Jews who have died, 5,000,000 had lived in the countries under Hitler’s occupation

  • Palestine

    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch confirm Palestinians are constantly persecuted under :

    Continuous siege
    House demolitions
    Human shields
    Tortured to death
    Segregated shops
    The apartheid wall
    No freedom or basic human rights
    Illegal military occupation
    Palestinian being used
    Matrix of checkpoints
    Killing without impetus
    Life altering injuries
    Ethnically cleansing
    Israeli-only roads
    Martial law blockades
    Inhumanly oppressed
    Indiscriminate mass rampage egregious massacres
    13,000 children murdered (as April 2024 Gaza war)
    Palestinian persecuted for thousands of years
    Slaughtered aid workers, journalists and their families (as April 2024 Gaza war)
    Torture, rape and sexual abuse (as April 2024 Gaza war)
    Gazans facing man-made and state made famine (as April 2024 Gaza war)
    Destruction of Universities (as April 2024 Gaza war)
    60% of civilian homes and hospitals destroyed (as April 2024 Gaza war)
    Reports of genocidal aims (ICJ Gaza 2024)
    Subjugated under apartheid to systematic dispossession
    Physical separation and racist discrimination by Israel
    Shoot to paralyse policy in the groin/ knees
    Targeting ambulances with missiles
    Arbitrary arrests and imprisonment

    Palestinians have a legal right to armed struggle. It is time for Israel to accept that as an occupied people, Palestinians have a right to resist - In accordance with international humanitarian law, wars of national liberation have been expressly embraced, through the adoption of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Israel uses white phosphorus munitions deliberate used on civilians (despite being banned), forcible transfer and expropriation of property the Israeli state passed laws to formally confiscate the refugees' property in a mass land grab.

    Across the occupied West Bank, Israel has imposed checkpoints which prevent Palestinians from exercising their freedom of movement. Arabs cannot access Israeli state land. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip - under land, air, and sea blockade with water supply, food aid, and electricity manually cut off by Israel artificially imposing a humanitarian crisis. Emergency amputation without anesthetic to quadriplegics, with operations peformed on the floor.

    Racial eugenics : controlling genetic qualities by selective breeding. If an Israeli wants to marry an Arab they can only legally do this in Cyprus.

    Foreign aid workers and medics murdered by missiles, despite their vehicle roof signage, driving on UN approved roads (as April 2024 war)

    Israel holds thousands of Palestinians as political prisoners, dehumanising thousands of whom are held in administrative detention, a form of arbitrary detention by which they are held indefinitely without charge or trial. Palestinian detainees, including children, regularly face ill-treatment and torture. Palestinians outspoken against apartheid are systematically targeted by the Israeli government. Palestinian civil society organisations face disinformation inversion campaigns, arrest of key staff, raids on their offices, and banning of human rights and civil associations.

    Human rights defenders are often subjected to surveillance, including the use of spyware on phones and computers, and coercive control through withholding of medical care or harassment of family members. Medical doctors in Gaza are delivering babies as their mothers die in childbirth and performing complicated surgeries, including caesareans by torch light, aid groups and medics have said.

    Israel is in breach of the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 30 November 1973.

    WCNSF’ the chilling new acronym doctors use for victims in Gaza from Israeli bombardment : “wounded child, no surviving family

    Rachel Corrie born on April 10th, 1979 was an American activist killed on 16th March 2003, four days prior to the Iraq war. Rachel Corrie at 23 years old was crushed to death by an armored bulldozer of the Israel Defense Forces in a southern Gaza Strip. The Jewish driver that murdered Rachel Corrie was "untouchable" in Israeli courts. Rachel Corrie sought to aid the persecuted, bringing attention to imperialism and military colonialism.

    No sanctions on Israel bulldozing homes in Palestine annexing foreign territory, yet the muslim world at large is sanctioned and mass murdered on alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction which have been establshed they did not possess. Israeli settlers frequently carry out terrorism on Palestinians with impunity. IDF soldiers watch as this occurs. In 2015, Two homes set ablaze at 3am in Duma village in occupied West Bank, with graffiti left on the walls reading "long live Messiah" in Hebrew. An 18 month old, Ali Sa'ad Dawabsheh was burnt to death; his parents and 4-year-old brother were critically injured. The Palestinian father could be heard screaming as he witnessed his baby burned alive in the fire, dying from the incendiary device. A report by Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights organisation, showed that more than 92.6 percent of complaints from Palestinians lodged with the Israeli police go without charges being filed. Israeli settler Amiram Ben-Uliel (Jewish) was only charged of several Israeli Americans. Israeli authorities imposed a press embargo on the subject, banning the media from publishing any details or developments related to the investigation. Morton Klein of the Zionist Organisation of America alleged that Jews were being "falsely accused" of carrying out the attack, and he instead accused it as being the work of other Palestinians.

    Trapped Palestinians have no human rights because of Israel then forcefully invaded twice resulting in some strange kind of amplified "mass destruction by Israeli Defence Force", all aid blocked, along with food, and mass housing shortage after 90,000 homes destroyed, polluted water supply, raw unprocessed sewage literally pumped into their district and humanitarian crisis created, whilst Jews claim moral superiority.

    "Yasser Arafat officially murdered by Polonium radiation hidden in toothpaste by Mossad".

    This was discovered in his body and clothes by investigation in Lausanne, Switzerland by forensic lab scientists of Swiss Institute of Radiation Physics (IRA), a state-funded institution affiliated with Lausanne's University Hospital (CHUV) and the University of Lausanne's Medical School. This had gone unknown for many years. Potentially Chavez may have been too poisoned.

    Yasser Arafat International Airport formerly Gaza International Airport / Dahaniya International Airport, was consturcted in the Gaza Strip, between Rafah and Dahaniya, close to the Egyptian border. The construction of the airport was provided for in the Oslo II Agreement of 1995. It was built with funding from Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Germany. The International Airport opened on 24 November 1998, at the total cost of $86 million. Israel prohibied all commercial air traffic on 13 February 2001. Israel bombed the radar station and control tower on 4 December 2001 and bulldozers cut the runway on 10 January 2002, rendering the airport inoperable.

    In the Quranic scripture, having multiple children with partners has acceptance only on the accord of being able to have sufficient certainty for well being for the offspring. The Israeli subjugation, embargo and sanctions preventing trade with whole world, has directly affected Quranic scripture for Palestinian families to bear and raise children.

    Israel's receives $8 billion US dollars per year directly from Unites States tax payers. The newest military aircraft have been obtained by Israel from the United States. Among these are the F-4 Phantom II, A-4 Skyhawk, F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting Falcon. An afterburner is an additional combustion component used on some jet engines, mostly those on military supersonic aircraft. Its purpose is to increase thrust, usually for supersonic flight, takeoff, and combat. As a form of terrorisation jet fighters are flown at low altitude over Palestininan terrortory producing sonic booms to shock and create fear to civilians. Afterburners are intitied the supersonic flight creates a Conical shockwave with its hyperbola-shaped ground contact zone, destroying the foundations of the buildings which collapse.

    While Jewish tribes claim to have higher moral responsibility, the public are uninformed to :

    On Israeli streets people wear T-shirt designs of shooting pregnant Palestinian mothers with child, others include images of dead babies and destroyed mosques. Soldiers from Golani brigade calling for killing of Palestinians. Shirts have slogans :

    "One shot two kills"

    to murder pregnant Arab mothers dressed in the Niqaab Burqa. Another slogans is :

    "Every Arab mother must know that her kid's fate is in my hand"

    Israelis have on their car bumpers, stickers :

    "Finish them"

    "Exterminate now"

    Konrad Heiden (Jewish), an "Ashke-nazi Jew of German descent" invented the derogatory epithet "Nazi" from Nationalsozialisten.
    Moritz Steinschneider (Jewish) invented in 1860 the derogatory epithet "Anti-Semitic"
    Leon Trotsky (Jewish) invented the derogatory epithet "Racist"
    Margaret Feldman (Jewish) invented the derogatory epithet "Sexism"

    Jacob Wolfowitz (Jewish), then son, Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish) further invented then orchestrated the Iraq war tyranny (dominance through threat of brutal punishment and violence), demeaning, oppressing, dehumanising, toxic, disgracing, demoralising, conflating 9/11 into a preemptive ground invasion of Iraq, for theft and control of their resources.

    Israeli troops invaded then occupied the offices of three Palestinian broadcasting television and radio stations in Ramallah, transmiting pornographic movies and programs in Hebrew to Al-Watan, Ammwaj, and Al-Sharaq channels into the West Bank.

    During the Nakba, around 539 Palestinian villages were destroyed. All Palestinian structures, including mosques, have become an easy prey to the Israeli authorities. Israeli Jews have converted a large number of these sites into nightclubs, bombed mosques and turned others into synagogues. Israeli Jews and soldiers have repeatedly raided Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, which is Islam's third holiest site. These Mosques were changed into a alcohol bars, designed to destroy its sanctity :

    On October 10, 2023 Israel claimed Hamas beheaded 40 babies found in the Kfar Aza kibbutz, no evidence was provided. UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees ) employs 32,000 people across its area of operations, 13,000 of them in Gaza. Israel claimed 12 UNRWA staff took part in the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attack which triggered the 2023/2024 war on Gaza. Hostages seized by Hamas are used to exchange the 6,000 Palestinians imprisoned in Israel with 1,500 indefinitely incarcerated without charge. Hamas returning to Gaza with hostages were bombed by Israeli military including the Israeli citizens. Israels war on Gaza deliberately cut of water, electricity and food aid from UNRWA. The UNRWA aid was cut despite the dire needs of 2.3 million people in Gaza, most of whom have been forced from their homes by the Israeli offensive and have been struggling to find water, food, shelter or medical care. Media cite from Israeli genocide on Gaza's collective punishment as "Mowing the grass every few years", "Shooting fish in a barrel". Evidence of genocide proving intention by Mr Mandelblit "If you want to do it [destroy Hamas], then you have to destroy Gaza, because everything in Gaza, almost every building there, is a stronghold of Hamas". Israel Katz, Israeli foreign minister, demanded that Gaza Strip's water supply be cut off because "that's what murdereers of children deserve". Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli said the dropping of a nuclear bomb on Gaza was "an option" because Israel "must find ways to cause suffering in Gaza", "Nuking Gaza is an option, population should go to Ireland or deserts". Israel's President Isaac Herzog: "It's an entire nation out there that is responsible... we will fight till we break their backbone". Israeli Army Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT): On the 9th October 2023, in a video statement addressed to Hamas and Gaza residents, published by COGAT's official channel, Major General Ghassan Alian warned:"Hamas became ISIS and the citizens of Gaza are celebrating instead of being horrified. Human animals (Goyim) are dealt with accordingly. Israel has imposed a total blockade on Gaza, no electricity, no water, just damage. You wanted hell, you will get hell [being the citizens]". Yoav Gallant, Israeli Minister of Defence, informed troops on the Gaza border that he had "released all the restraints", stating terms that : "Gaza won't return to what it was before. We will eliminate everything. If it doesn't take one day, it will take a week. It will take weeks or even months, we will reach all places". Yoav Gallant further announced two days later that Israel was moving to "a full-scale response" and that he had "removed every restriction on Israeli forces" invoking "Amalek first book of Saul" killing all women, men, children, babies and cattle, sheep, camels and donkeys.

    Germany, United Kingdom and United States uphold holocaust denial laws, send weapons to Israel despite Israeli genocide occuring. Resultantly South Africa and Nicaragua have the freedom to report Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

  • In 2024 South Africa, Slovenia and Indonesia formally join proceedings in the ICJ seeking an ruling opinion of Israeli genocide in Gaza Strip, control of, and policies in, the West Bank and East Jerusalem
  • In 2024 Nicaragua case against Germany at the ICJ, argues that by exporting arms to Israel, Berlin made itself an accessory to the killing of civilians in Gaza. Main Stream Media in Germany support Israel with German politicians controlled by Israel declaring the Holocaust as why Germany must only support Israel.

  • British Army "Kill the rest"

    RULE Britannia is a British patriotic song which originates from the poem "Rule, Britannia" by James Thomson and was set to music by Thomas Arne in 1740. The original poem consisted of six verses - all of six lines each. The words are: "Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves, Britons never, never, never will be slaves."It was written in an era when Britain was a proud of colonialism and a slave-trading nation. Slave ship owners and the owners of Caribbean plantations, most of who lived in Britain, became very wealthy and influential in government and society because of their exploits. Britain was exporting half of the world's slaves in the triangular trade, forming much of the base of the British Empire. The song is closely associated with the Royal Navy, and is also used by the British Army.

    Mainstream Media and Prime time television from morning to night time endorse propaganda of the military. In the United Kingdom entertainment programs, Good Morning Britain, X-factor and in the USA Ellen, endorse the military and shape public consciousness leaving no impression of the scale of the atrocitys. There is a Master / Slave construct media segments framing talking points for the purpose of how society is conscripted in thought. Primarily the control system functioned by overt (open and observable; not secret or hidden) manipulation. In 1964, the department became the "Ministry of Defence" originally called "Ministry of War". Muliple different techniques have been used to manipulate and invert public consciousness. Altering "Alert Cognitive States" of independent self awareness into "Herd Mentality" where groups of people think and behave in the exact same way. The UK armed forces recuit children aged 16 years old, the only country in Europe which routinely enlists people aged under 18.

    Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was a chronic alcoholic, drunk at most cabinet meetings. Due to Winston Churchill's chronic alcoholism, his most famous wartime radio broadcasts to the British people were delivered by an impersonator (the BBC radio actor Norman Shelley).

    Winston Churchill was eager to commit war crimes, desperate to use anthrax on Germany, which Hitler banned.

    In 1952 one third of the United Kingdom believed Elizabeth was appointed Queen by God itself (God given). Edward VIII was King of the United Kingdom on 20th January 1936 and admired the Germans, particularity Hitler. Edward the 8th supported Hitler, being the representitive for the United Kingdom royalist, with Germany winning the war would not have been a capital offence. Edward the 8th tried to prevent the United States entering the war, believing in the Führerprinzip, touring Germany in 1937 inspecting SS troops. Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor was an American socialite and wife of former King Edward VIII was used as a divorcee to maneuver Edward the 8th off the throne being King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire and Emperor of India from 20 January 1936 until his abdication in December of the same year.

    The British monarchy has long had ties to Germany, first by Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, where Germany took the English throne. In 1934, Adolf Hitler, in his ambition to link the British and German royal houses, asked Princess Victoria Louise to arrange a marriage between the 40-year-old Edward and her 17-year-old daughter, Frederica of Hanover, who was at boarding school in England.

    President John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy (JFK) served as the 35th President of the United States from 1961 until John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. President John F. Kennedy's monetary policy is integral to his legacy in the United States. Kennedy's policy was unique in its approach to the country's economic growth, focusing on fiscal and monetary policies to achieve balanced budget and sustained economic growth. President Kennedy's monetary policy was designed to promote economic growth and stability. Most importantly, JFK felt that the government should control the supply of a national currency and be backed by silver. Executive Order 11110 was issued by President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963. This order granted the Treasury Department the authority to issue silver certificates, an alternative to the traditional paper currency issued by the Federal Reserve System.

    Executive Order 11110 was seen as an attempt to bypass the Federal Reserve and create a new, separate monetary system

    JFK address on April 27th 1961 states : "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day."

    President John F. Kennedy insisted for normalising relations with Israel, their Dimona nuclear program be under US inspections, otherwise American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) be registered as a foreign lobby

    Israel first prime minister David Ben-Gurion from Israel resigned 16th June 1963 then JFK was assassinated 22nd November 1963, which was filmed by Abraham Zapruder (Jewish). The Apollo Affair, 1965 :

    Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC), in Pennsylvania lost 600 pounds (272kg) of highly enriched uranium to Dimona nuclear reactor plant Israel's nuclear weapons program

    Since President John F. Kennedy assignation every subsequent president pledges allegiance to AIPAC prior to election.

    The Freemason, Lyndon B. Johnson presidency began on November 22, 1963, following the assassination of President Kennedy and ended on January 20, 1969. Lyndon B. Johnson had a keen pro Israeli stance. Most people in the US do not know Yitzhak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel ordered attacks on the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean during the 6 day war on 8 June 1967. 34 United States Navy personnel wee murdered by Israeli's, by air and sea attacks. Over 200 additional service men were injured during the Israeli attack.

    The USA and Germany fund Jews to live in Israel.

    Emanuel Celler (Jewish) was an American politician from New York, a member of the Democratic Party. Emanuel Celler brought Jewish refugees from Europe during World War II. Emanuel Celler years later brought in the Hart-Celler Act in 1965 formally removing immigration policy, abonding the 1790 "Naturalization act for U.S. citizenship".

    Yitzhak Rabin (Jewish) was murdered on November 4, 1995, by Yigal Amir (Jewish) who opposed the Oslo Accords handing back to the Palestinians small parts of the West Bank.

    The 1967 Palestinian exodus or Naksa refers to the flight of around 280,000 to 325,000 Palestinians out of the territories captured by Israel during and in the aftermath of the Six-Day War.

    Wars are lied into Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Palestine / killing settlers and activists / spraying faeces and urine into Palestinian homes/ cutting of their water, electricity, food and trade.

    Part of Greater Israel's strategy is Western Powers subverting, overthrowing or destroying any legally constituted government, destroying all sovereignty by preemptive imperial war of conquest.

    Motto of Israeli intelligence service MOSSAD : "By way of deception thou shalt do war". Palestinians do not have mottos like this.

    Israel illegally destroys Osiraq [Iraq's Reactor] 7th June 1981

    Iraq , Italy and France constructed in 1979 a 40 Megawatt lightwater nuclear plant costing $300 million. France sold 72 Kg of Uranium. The Osiraq name came from combining Osiris and Iraq. Iraqies named their reactor Tammuz 1. The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) had confirmed Iraq's reactor to be inline with their laws. The building was 100 metres long and 21 metres high. Menachem Begin planned a preemptive attack on Iraqi's reactor called Operation Opera, also known as Operation Babylon. Yahya El Mashad was an Egyptian nuclear scientist who headed the Iraqi nuclear program. Yahya El Mashad was murdered in the Le Meridien hotel in Paris in 14th June 1980, by Mossad. Yahya El Mashad was found with his throat cut and multiple stab wounds, and also been bludgeoned to death. Also a number of French and Italian contractors buildings were bombed.

    Two days after the bombing of Osiraq (Iraq's Reactor), a press conference was setup by, Menachem Begin, taking responsibility for the preemptive attack on Iraq's reactor :

    {time 05:15} "We chose this moment now [attacking Iraq], not later, because later may be too late, perhaps forever. As if we stood by idly, two, three years, at the the most four years, and Saddam Hussein would have produced his three, four, five bombs... Then this country [Israel] and this people would have been lost, after the Holocaust. Another Holocaust would have happened in the history of the Jewish people. Never again, never again. Tell your friends, tell anyone you meet, we shall defend our people with all the means at our disposal. We shall not allow any enemy to develop Weapons of Mass Destruction turned against us."

    The United Nations condemned the attack on the Osiraq reactor which killed Iraqies and a French worker as "a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the norms of international conduct" which is state sponsored terrorism by Israel.

    On the 19th June 1981 the United Nations announced Resolution 487, The UN resolution passed with a vote of 15 to 0 which gave Iraq the right to claim compensation and urged Israel to place its own nuclear facility under IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) safe guards

    The United States supplied the weapons and military planes for the attack. The Iraq government was still demanding payment. Israel has never compensated Iraq required under UN Resolution 487.

    Israel violates international law attacking Osiraq reactor (a non regulated agency reactor) Israel destroyed Iraqi reactor preventing Iraq of providing electricity and the ability for Iraq to turn crude oil into fuel.

    Donald Rumsfeld meeting Saddam Hussein, 20th December 1983

    Donald Rumsfeld meeting Saddam Hussein, 20th December 1983. The message is from governments that sickening levels of violence with mass murder is okay, as long as it is us doing it. The Media has been proven to lie so many times, now the standoff has become mainstream. Donald Rumsfeld met the Iraqi President in 1983 to ease the way for the US companies to sell biological and chemical weapons, including anthrax and bubonic plague cultures, according to newly released classified US government documents.

    April Glaspie meeting Saddam Hussein 25th July 1990

    Saddam Hussein was hung, the real reasons of war continue, causing death every day. The interim government had Saddam Hussein in a small closed court during a foreign occupation, there was no international criminal court handling this which is illegal. If an international criminal court would have tried Saddam Hussein, he would have been entitled to bring witnesses, which would have been April Glaspie and George Bush Snr who both gave assurances to the Kuwait conflict. 25th July 1990 Iraq released the minutes of the conversation between Saddam Hussein and U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie, which stated :

    "We have no opinion on your Arab-Arab conflicts, such as your dispute with Kuwait"
    meaning (the U.S. government had no official position on the current border dispute)

    "Secretary of State, James Baker has directed me to emphasise the instruction, first given to Iraq in the 1960's, that the Kuwait issue is not associated with America" (Saddam smiles)
    meaning (no special defense commitments with Kuwait)

    In response in the USA April Glaspie, had said in 1990 that later on in the 2 hour conversation April Glaspie had said that the US would support Kuwait if any war began. April Glaspie then went on to blame Saddam Hussein as stupid and cunning. Glaspie had left Iraq a few days later after meeting Saddam Hussein to London, England, when she learned about the invasion. Wikileaks released in 2010 the actual minutes which were held secret as "National Security", which was shockingly titled :

    "Saddam's message of friendship to George Bush"

    , in which revealed :

    "April Glaspie had never stated the USA would support Kuwait in a war"

    On C-Span's television coverage "April Glaspie's Role in Invasion of Kuwait", Robert Greenberger (Jewish) further conflated the meeting which the members of public calling in disputed the offical events.

    The controversy continued when the State Department released a secret cable that Glaspie had sent to Washington containing her account of the meeting with Hussein. Although the cable differed somewhat from the Iraqi transcript, it also did not fully support her testimony before the Senate. The cable only created more questions about what actually took place during Glaspie's meeting with Hussein. After April Glaspie's intervention as U.S. ambassador to Iraq, U.S. Congress never offered Glaspie another ambassadorship or any other position. April Glaspie retired from the State Department around 2002 as the "war on terror" foreign policy had been announced by George Bush.

    April Galspie announced during the testimony that in the 1960's half the US embassies in the Middle East were burnt down from mass protests highlighting the disdain.

    Kuwait cross drilling oil from the border of Iraq

    There would have been no reason to take April Glaspie's words on face value, as Saddam Hussein was an ally and supported in the Iraq/Iran war. The media and US government switched positions of Saddam Hussein from friend to an evil mad man worse than Hitler, which brought on extreme sanctions, war crimes, mass murder, total financial collapse, multiple wars, all for the same reason. Iraq had an public open dispute with Kuwait cross drilling oil from the border of Iraq, reducing the standard price of oil from over supply. Iraq has potentially the largest supply of oil reserves in the world and would not need to invade Kuwait for any reason.

    Saddam Hussein accused Kuwait of taking Iraqi oil from the border and undervaluing oil on the global market. Iraq has the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world. The cross drilling (or slant oil drilling) from Kuwait can still be detected today from the Safwan Border Crossing to Basra. The pipe is pounded into the ground but has a fulcrum, slanted underground towards Basra, Tony Blair announces pre invasion that there was "no reason" why Iraq invaded Kuwait. At the time April Galpsie was aware of the border dispute, which over many months was brought to international attention. Tony Blair is recorded as lying and needs accurate restoration of fact as all the parties involved are being murdered. The New World order has installed their Oil distribution rights, which further expand imperialism from the West.

    Iraq had the second largest oil reserves which conflicts with Western propaganda that Kuwait was invaded for oil. Kuwait pre-sykes-picot rule set by UK/France post World War 2, in fact shared the same indigenous population.

    The Nayirah testimony was false testimony given before the United States Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990, by a 15-year-old girl who was publicly identified at the time by her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicised and was cited numerous times by U.S. senators and President George H. W. Bush in their rationale to support Kuwait in the Gulf War. In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah's last name was Al-Sabah, she was the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States. In her testimony, Nayirah claimed that after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers take babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital, remove the incubators and leave the babies to die. The looting of incubators was widely promoted by the main stream media because of allegations that premature babies were being discarded or dying as a result.

    The Nayirah "Incubator allegations" testimony was a false testimony given before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990 by a 15-year-old girl who provided only her first name, Nayirah

    1st Gulf War on Iraq 2nd August 1990 - 28th February 1991

    During the first Gulf war in 1991, Dick Cheney thanked Major General (IDF) David Ivry, by sending a photograph of the destroyed Osiraq (Iraq's Reactor).

    April Glaspie's invitation for Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, then led the 6 media giants to install into the public perception that it was only right to invade Iraq. The decades long goal was to install permanent military bases, control the oil currency only into US Dollars and further Israel into yet more domination of the Arab world. This is how they create their own timeline and remove the identity of the middle east. Under democracies each successive US President and UK Prime Minster continue the exact same policy, reinforcing the "left / right dialectic lie".

    Massive quantities of Depleted Uranium fired causing mass death (170,000 children dead in 1992 - one year after the first gulf war) and so many babies born with genetic deformities. Depleted uranium has a half life of 4.7 billion years. Many affected foetuses are so deformed they cannot survive. Gulf war syndrome (researchers demonstrated why 175,000 Gulf War veterans became chronically ill with chronic fatigue, hypertension, muscle pain, cognitive problems, reduced coordination, rashes, diarrhoea, skin conditions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Highway of Death (eliminating 100k Iraqi soldiers and civilians during their fallback before the end of operation desert storm was inhuman and brutal)

    The USA, against the Geneva Conventions, used precision guided weapons to destroy oil refineries, 96% of electrical plants (destroying 96%, the level of electrical production in 1920), the transportation grid of hundreds of bridges, water purification to 10 micron, food processing plants, power mills, roads, apartment buildings, civilian neighbourhoods, raw sewage, hospitals, farm water spreading zoonotic diseases to humans, irrigation ditches, fishermen's boats, markets, distributions trucks, weddings, funerals, railways, air raid shelters housing hundreds of civilians, factories, phone networks, television and radio stations.

    Cholera, Famine and Typhoid (Typhus) were at epidemic levels of disease, due to contaminated water.

    13th February 1991 laser guided smart bombs destroy a shelter full of civilians. 408 Iraqi civilians were massacred. 170,000 Iraqi children would die one year after the war, due to the effects of the bombing.

    Saddam Hussein confronts Sabbatean Frankists
    Emir of Kuwait and King Fahd's July 9th Telephone Recording

    In November 1990, Trevor McDonald's interview with Saddam Hussein exposed the Gulf war intent. Saddam Hussein defined the Six-Day War where Israelies captured the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) from Jordan, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. The United Nations had not prevented the war of aggression by Israel, which requires the Palestinians rights to be recognised from brutal oppression and persecution. An intercepted telephone conversation on July 9th of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, collaborated Zionism, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt with the United States together against the Palestinians and Iraqies. In response to hearing evidence of the July 9th telephone recording combined with Kuwait conspiring the events targetting Iraq, this brought about the 1990 war. Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah of Kuwait targetted Iraq due to Iraq's position being allied to the Palestinians. Saddam Hussein accused Western media with the Kuwaiti government of spreading false reports, which also have been proven, like the false Nayirah testimony. The US President George HW Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher used both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for permanent military bases deploying troops into Iraq. Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and his Kuwait government lobbied to receive military support action against Iraq before and during the Gulf War. When the war ended on 28 February 1991, Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah remained in Saudi Arabia while declaring three months of martial law, monopolising power using the military to dominate the Kuwaiti population which resented the monarch autocratic rule. The first Gulf war established permanent United States miliatry bases in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. By the second Gulf war United States military bases were expanded around Iraq to further target Iran. Saddam Hussein predicted the outcome that the world would no longer see the United States as liberators but illegal invaders.

    Extreme Sanctions set on Iraq

    Denis Halliday and Hans-Christof von Sponeck resigned in opposition to extreme Iraq Sanctions set on Iraq. UNICEF's 1999 finding that 567,000 children were killed as a direct result of UN-imposed sanctions on Iraq (1/2 million children). After Denis Halliday resigned as United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq in October 1998, Sponeck took over, heading all United Nations operations in Iraq and managing the Iraqi operations of the Oil-for-Food Programme which resulted in the death of over one million in Iraq. In February 2000, Sponeck and Jutta Burghardt, head of the United Nations World Food Programme in Iraq, both resigned for the same reason as Halliday, to protest against the Iraq sanctions policy of the United Nations. Sponeck and Halliday wrote an article for The Guardian in the Britain explaining their position, accusing the sanctions regime of violating the Geneva Conventions and other international laws and causing the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. UNSCOM had been infiltrated by British and American spies in Iraq. An estimated 1,400 civilians were killed by US and UK bombing during the no-fly zones (air blockades). One million Iraqi citizens were killed from genocidal sanctions in 12 years.

    Wikileaks reveals April Glaspie (American former diplomat) that USA foreign policy has no military consequence with Iraq- Kuwait dispute and deployment, which then incurred the reason for USA and UK first gulf war, severe civilian destruction of infrastructure (which was restored to primary functions available), Sanctions causing severe economic devaluation in currency devaluation exchange of Iraqi Dinar economy (directed by USA with no other country or UN to prevent economic warfare), blocking foreign trade, prevented from foreign travel, no fly zones, thousands dying of malnutrition due to lack of childrens milk, lack of adequate food, medications blocked to Iraq (even syringes and rubber gloves), a car would take 200 years to purchase, oil for food program.

    After US sanctions killed half a million children in Iraq (UNICEF published in 1999), Madeleine Albright (Jewish) declared "it was worth it"

    Saddam also provided thousands of Palestinians refuge in Iraq and gave them equal rights to Iraqi citizens at a time when Palestinian refugees in other Arab countries lived in dilapidated refugee camps and had limited access to employment, healthcare and education. With a special status, Palestinians in Saddam's Iraq were eligible for state jobs, free education and state housing. A UN-imposed embargo on Iraq in response to Baghdad's invasion of Kuwait left Iraqis hungry and unable to access medicine and other basic needs. But while Iraqis suffered under the siege, Saddam's refusal to back down glorified him in the eyes of Arabs.

    Weapons Inspectors all returned with their findings that Iraq has no WMD, this was shown to George Bush in 2000 - 2003, where this was inverted to Congress from his CIA reports. CIA workers were then sacked and publicly revealed. UNSCOM Spying Scandal embarresed the United States that inspectors were being used to spy on Iraq. The Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein discovered the UNSCOM spies. The US response then led to a 21st century type of non linear preemptive warfare, torture, claiming to liberate Iraq

    When the US Dollar is the reserve currency of the world since 1971, this has deep ramifications. Quantitative easing involves a central bank printing money and using that money to buy government and private sector securities or to lend directly or via banks to pump cash into the economy, affecting real wages. When the US presidents engage in illegal wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, they are in effect getting foreign countries who trade in the US Dollars to pay, in part, for the declining value of the US Dollar by imposing measures of "Quantitative Easing" to fund illegal wars.

    The 1992 Maastricht Treaty obliges most EU member states to adopt the euro currency. The euro is the second-largest reserve currency as well as the second-most traded currency in the world after the United States dollar. In October 2000 Iraq insisted on dumping the US dollar - 'the currency of the enemy' - for the more multilateral euro. Almost all of Iraq's oil exports under the United Nations oil-for-food programme have been paid in euros since 2001. At the time of the change the UN issued a report saying that the move could cost Iraq up to £270 million. Independent experts questioned the value of buying into a plummeting currency.

    Pre-Sanctions Iraq has some of the best universities, leading scientists, and superior hospital infrastructure in the whole of the middle east that other countries came to learn from Iraq how to establish this.

    Blair [Order of the Garter] reporting "Death of Princess Diana" 31st August 1997

    The looting of African resources from Europe or the USA is not a "past grievance". January 15, 1997 Diana Princess of Wales, representing the Red Cross / HALO Trust (Hazardous Area Life-support Organization), walks through roads of anti personnel landmines in Angola. The world media paparazzi are told of the 14 million anti personnel landmines across Earth. Simultaneously Richard (Dick) Cheney and George Bush are securing resources in Angola. Government Defence Minister Rt Hon. Earl Howe denounced Diana's campaign with HALO a charity clearing landmines in Angola. The arms industry make billions of dollars from landmines. Simone Simmons was with Diana in February 1997 when Prince Charles's friend Nicholas Soames threatened Diana :

    " {time 34:32} Dont meddle in things that you know nothing about, otherwise accidents could happen".

    31st August 1997 Diana is dead at 36 years old. That night Dodi purchased from Repossi jewellers a wedding ring from the "Dis Moi Oui", "Say yes to me" range (valued at £130,000) which Claude Rouelle brought to their Imperiale hotel suite. Previous occupants at the Imperiale hotel suite were Hermann Wilhelm Goering and Winston Churchill.

    Tony Blair announces Diana as the "People's Princess". Once again Tony Blair and the Main Stream Media dictate the societies perspective towards these events which are inline to the Royal / Military / Foreign policy agenda, the prescribed mindset (set way of thinking). Despite the propoganda the majority of people believe far more than is being displayed as "fact".

    Prince Charles nearly 30 years old met Diana in November 1977, whilst dating Diana's sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale, born 19th March 1955. Diana, born 1st July 1961, introduced to Charles at 16 years old, was brought into marriage on 29th July 1981 aged 20 years old. Diana had an affair at the age of 23 years old from 1984 through to 1986 with her bodyguard Barry Mannakee. Barry Mannakee was also killed in a car accident. It was claimed directly from Diana (on video evidence Diana Revealed : {time 45:22} had an affair with Barry Mannakee, {time 47:17} lover was assassinated) and some of Mannakee's family also, their belief that the security services were behind Barry Mannakee's death.

    Prince Harry grew up amid public speculation that his true father was Princess Diana's former lover Major James Hewitt. Both Harry and Hewitt have thick red hair where Prince William went bold at 24 years old, just like Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh his uncle and Charles his father. Diana, the princes' mother, infamously had a five-year affair with Hewitt after meeting him at a dinner party, their fling went on to make global headlines. "Hewitt was regularly bundled into car boots and driven to Kensington Palace when their affair ensued. He told me he was terrified the first night he stayed in Kensington Palace, relieved at least that Charles and Diana had separate bedrooms". In Prince Harry's book, Spare, Harry states that Charles often jokes not being the biological father. This would explain the inherited the red / ginger hair gene.

    " {time 2:56} Princess Diana planned filming a documentary in the Gaza enclave".

    , which would have gained major public interest into the humanitarian crisis.

    Alma Tunnel Forensic Evidence

    The Main stream Media claimed the driver Henri Paul was as drunk as a pig (3 times the drink limit of alcohol), pror to blood tests being released and also that the Mercedes-Benz speedometer was stuck at 192 Kilometers per hour. John Macnamara reported the claim was refuted immediately by Mercedes-Benz themselves, as on impact the speedometer of the car reverts to zero. The UK media had to concede to these false statements. The "Paris Prosecutors" office declared Henri Paul as three times over the drink driving limit (1.74 grams per litre) and 20.7% Carbon Monoxide which is biologically inexplicable. An independant post mortem examination, an independant analysis of the blood samples and being present at any subsequent examinations of Henri Paul were all denied without reason. The blood tests which were found to be evidence that was tampered with, along with {time 56:01} bottles of alcohol latter planted into Henri Paul's house after investigation started. Video evidence of Henri Paul in the Ritz showed he was physically capable to bend over to tie each shoe lace, after having drank two shots of "Ricard" confirmed by bar receipts at the Ritz hotel. Henri Paul signalled with a raised arm to people across the road before departing on the car journery. Dodi Al Fayed wallet, cigarettes, lighter and mobile phone possesion was not reported possessions. Photographs has shown that he did have his possessions. The only possession was 1000 francs on the police report. Diana's phone was tracked and listened.

    In the fatal car crash in the Alma Tunnel the second decoy Mercedes-Benz W140 hits a White Fiat Uno Turbo. The decoy Mercedes-Benz was a backup car which was stolen 3 months earlier which had the electronics changed. The French police examined 4,668 Fiat Uno's, but did not find any White Fiat Uno that had been damaged by the collision with Diana's Mercedes-Benz. Mohamed Al-Fayed hired a team of senior retired French policeman that solved the mystery. A month after the crash, James Andanson's Fiat was sold to a local garage, its left rear brake light was just replaced with a brand new plastic cover. James Andanson drove the white Fiat Uno, the same make and colour of car that clipped the Mercedes-Benz moments before the fatal crash. James Andanson, a photographer, previously claimed he was in the Alma Tunnel in Paris in the early hours of August 31 1997, the jury was told. James Andanson recites (on a video recording) a meeting with the Fiat manufacturing owner that a new replacement 1.3 litre Turbo Fiat Uno was offered to Mr Andanson if the car would reach 500,000 kilometres on the odometer. This would have been a reason to keep the Fiat Uno. Some time later Mr Andanson, who was himself found dead in controversial circumstances two-and-half-years later, had taken "explosive" unpublished photographs of the smash but kept them locked in a secret safe. Mr Andanson claimed he then took pictures of the crash but cleverly escaped before the police rounded up other photographers. Police established from paint scratches and debris that the vehicle had indeed collided with a white Fiat Uno around the entrance of the Alma tunnel. James Andanson owned the White Fiat Uno Turbo (Licence Plate: 7784 RC 18), the rear tail light recently repaired, which was sold shortly after the Paris crash. May 2000, near Montpellier, James Andanson was found dead, parked on army land, inside his burnt-out car which was locked with no keys in the car, with two bullet holes in his head. Police eventually concluded his death was suicide but the fireman who discovered the body, Christophe Pelat, has said: "I saw him at close range and I'm absolutely convinced that he had been shot in the head,twice". Christophe Pelat gave a TV interview in which he said he saw the bullet holes in Andanson's head. Christophe Pelat believes Diana and Dodi were murdered by the British security services because senior British royals, including Prince Philip, did not want Diana having a Muslim baby by Dodi. {time 24:00} A week after James Andanson murder his office was broken into by 3 masked armed men. The security guard was shot, the buglers spent 3 hours going through all the paper works. Despite the staff calling the French police, not a single police officer responded. 36 hours later Lionel Cherruault house in London was broken into with the UK Police also refusing assistance.

    Mohamed Al Fayed, the owner of Harrods, applied for British citizenship twice, in 1994 and 1999. but declared "unfit to hold a British passport" by the Home Office and thus declined British citizenship.

    {time 30:08} 17 CCTV camera footage for the whole car journey in Paris city centre is not available. The Alma Tunnel has the exit sliproad to their route to the Champs-Elysees just before the underpass. Could Henri Paul driving the Mercedes-Benz been blocked from exiting the slip road?

    Conspiracy to Murder: Evidence withheld of Speed Camera at the Alma Tunnel enterance

    At the enterance of Alma Tunnel was a speed camera set to 60 kilometers per hour. 10 minutes prior to Diana's Mercedes-Benz a driver's car was flashed and sent a fine 15 days later. When the Traffic police made an offical comment to the press stating :

    "the speed camera flash did not work capturing Diana's Mercedes-Benz at Alma Tunnel enterance".

    The speed camera was subsequently removed from the enterance of Alma Tunnel which the public attending, paying respect for Diana would have questioned the speed camera. The purpose of the speed camera was to capture and fine that exact place which speeding vehicles frequently occured. The speed camera was actually facing the same direction as the crash. A high ranking police source confirmed with the Traffic Police "Wermen" reports to Patrick Chauvel (born 1949 in France), independent photographer that :

    {time 30:08} Diana's Mercedes-Benz was actually flashed by the speed camera at Alma Tunnel enterance (with the speed and the date/time) being held at the traffic police officer's desk. The functioning speed camera was subsequently physically removed by authorities. Uprooted from the concreted foundations with the photographic evidence withheld from the enquiry..

    Fixed speed radar are called "Le radar vitesse fixe", which was the first type of camera to be installed. It checks the speed of drivers in the most dangerous or accident-heavy areas with the aim of reducing speed and hence road traffic accidents. Why was the functional speed camera removed from the entrance to the Alma Tunnel considering its purpose?

    Fixed Speed Radar Camera Uprooted (Le radar vitesse fixe)

    Fixed speed cameras are installed on sites recommended by the Préfet of the département according to the following criteria :

    Signage / Technical margin :
    Fixed speed cameras are indicated by a speed camera signs in 50 km/h, 70 km/h, 90 km/h and 110 km/h. The speed limit at the Pont de l'Alma states 50 km/h. A margin of 5 km/h (below 100 km/h) is taken into account, always in favour of the driver. It is therefore impossible to be penalised for insignificant speeding, since this margin is always be added.

    David Crawford, Trevor Rees Jones' lawyer reported on the witness Clive Guruvdu who was on the bridge above the Alma Tunnel. Clive Guruvdu was also a chauffeur heard the Mercedes-Benz W140 engaged in neutral with the engine revving not in gear.

    50 km/h 5 km/h 56 km/h
    60 km/h 5 km/h 66 km/h
    70 km/h 5 km/h 76 km/h
    80 km/h 5 km/h 86 km/h
    90 km/h 5 km/h 96 km/h
    100 km/h 5 km/h 106 km/h
    110 km/h 5.5 km/h 116 km/h
    120 km/h 6 km/h 127 km/h
    130 km/h 6.5 km/h 137 km/h
    Eye witnesses stated that Diana's Mercedes was being hotly pursued when in the tunnel, by a black motorbike (a rider with rear passenger), a dark Peugeot tailgated and the White 1.3 Litre Turbo Fiat Uno (more responsive with greater torque). The White Turbo Fiat Uno accelerated, clipping the side of the Diana's Mercedes to push it to one side, with the two riders wearing helmets aggressively accelerating a wheelie obstructing Diana's Mercedes during an overtake. Onlookers state the motorbike was about 15ft in front of the Mercedes when the bright flash went off. Diana's Mercedes swerves left-right-left then crashed into the 13th pillar in the tunnel. {time 25:50} The only eye witness, Francois Levistre, a French harbour pilot driving a new Ford Ka just ahead of Diana's Mercedes through the tunnel, watched the crash in his rear view mirror. The one eye witness Francois Levistre recalls :

    the black motorbike quickly stopping after the crash, rear passenger jumping off the motorbike to peer through Diana's Mercedes window. The motorbike passenger, who kept their helmet on, turned to the motorbike rider giving sign language used in the military (where both arms are crossed over the chest, then thrown out straight to each side).

    then climbing back on the motorbike. The French harbour pilot Francois Levistre, whose wife was with him in the car had described the horrifying scenario as resembling a 'terrorist attack' likely from Mossad's Kidon. Recruits receive two years of training at Mossad's training facility near Herzliya, Israel. Named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism

    Diana and bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones (sitting in front) were not on the side of the impacted Mercedes-Benz, yet Trevor Rees Jones survived despite having more injuries. The likelihood of Diana surviving too was guaranteed. There was also evidence on the roadway that the Mercedes braked violently for 20 metres.

    Dr Jean-Marc Martino, the emergency specialist who arrived, stated Diana had been thrashing around inside her vehicle due to the shock of Dodi Al Fayed and Henri Paul whom died immediately of the impact. Diana was described as "comprehensible yet incoherent".

    Diana tore out a drip inserted into a vein in her arm.

    thus so Diana was in fear for her life as an assassination attempt. Dr Jean-Marc Martino injected Diana with a drug in an effort to "reduce the agitation". Dr Jean-Marc Martino Diana stated for court, "an assistant had to hold the Princess's arm by force to get a drip in but she quickly pulled it out. That's true, due to the agitation, the first line, the first drip was removed" Diana was removed from the Mercedes-Benz (Licence Plate: 688 LTV 75) 37 minutes after the crash. The roof and the back seating areas where Diana was sat in the car was undamaged.

    Diana had been talking, standing and walking around in a fit state before the ambulance arrival.

    In John Morgan's book Paris-London Connection, the first medic to Diana scored 14 out of 15 in functional response with no need in urgent treatment. 81 minutes after the crash the ambulance started to drive, with no radio contact to the hospital.

    Mercedes-Benz crashed at 00:23, then arrival at 02:06 La Pitie Salpetriere Military Hospital. From the Alma Tunnel the ambulance took 1 hour and 43 minutes for Diana's to be taken to the La Pitie Salpetriere Military Hospital 3 miles away, with no cardio-thoracic surgeon present on arrival. Dr Bruno Riou was asleep at home when the military hospital called him, at 02:10. Dr Bruno Riou arrived at 02:22, ten minutes after, Princess Diana had passed away at 02:12. Diana died of heart failure at 02:12 from which she never recovered. Diana was declared dead at 4am by Surgeon Dr Bruce Riou. Chris Dickey of Newsweek reported the tunnel was reopened at 7am after industrial cleaning of the ground and walls by "Proprete de Paris".

    The live BBC reports described Dodi Al Fayed as only Diana's "friend". Diana had refused royal security at which stage freelance photographers followed Diana's every move.

    Diana's sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale later said that Diana "was religious in putting on her seat belt". David Price, a forensic accident investigator found the back righthand side seat belt "jammed in the retracted position because part of the internal mechanism had become displaced". This is why Diana was not wearing a seatbelt that night. Mercedes-Benz was prevented from examining the Short Wheel Base "W140" S280, which uses the same M104 straight six twin cam 24 valve Mercedes-Benz engine that's in the S320 with a slightly smaller bore on each of the cylinders.

    The Mercedes-Benz "W140" S280 produced in 1994 was stolen 3 months earlier.

    A remote control electronic/servo (Servomechanism) conversion, for the Boston Brakes theory that remotely disable, that could have been tampered are from the base specifications:

    Code: M 104 E 28 / 104.941
  • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
  • Type: S-6 DOHC
  • 24 valves total, 4 valves per cylinder
  • Main bearings: 7
  • Bore x stroke: 89.90mm × 73.50mm
  • Bore / stroke ratio: 1.22
  • Displacement: 2799 cc, 170.80 cu in
  • Compression: 10.00:1
  • Fuel system: Bo HFM fuel injection
  • Aspiration: Normal
  • Catalytic Converter: Yes
  • Max. output: 192.6 PS (190.0 bhp) (141.7 kW)@5500 rpm
  • Max. torque: 270.0 Nm (199 lbft) (27.5 kgm)@3750 rpm
  • Coolant: Water
  • Specific output: 67.9 bhp/litre
  • Specific torque: 96.46 Nm/litre
  • Starter motor: 1.7 kW electrical motor
  • Ignition system: ignition mapping control
  • Battery : 12 Volt
  • ABS braking
  • Front Airbags only
  • Seat Belts
  • Parameter Steering Control Unit : 'Parameter steering' was a system which made low-speed driving easier by reducing the effort required to maneuver in speed-sensitive situations such as parking. There is a parameter steering ECU and there is a fuse for it, the ECU drives the (PML valve Y10) on the steering
  • Hydropneumatic ADS (Adaptive Damping System) : adjusted the damping level of the shock absorbers to stabilise the car during high speed driving, aggressive driving, or if the driver loses control of the vehicle. When the riding height is at the very lowest the front steering range is limited by the tyre rubbing the wheel arch
  • Transmission choices : 5-speed manual and 4-speed 4G-Tronic electronically controlled automatic transmission with electronic control for more optimal shifting points based on the sensor readings

  • The Mercedes-Benz owner, Jean-Francois Musa, who ran Etoile Limousines, has demanded authorities hand back the wrecked Mercedes-Benz S280 Princess Diana died in and says he hasn't even been told where it is. Mr Musa, wants the crashed Mercedes-Benz displayed in a US museum. But the Royal family demanded the crashed Mercedes to be disposed of discreetly. Henri Paul's father, Jean, was said to have remained convinced someone tampered with the Mercedes-Benz and his son died in a plot to murder Diana.

    The Royal family described Diana as "a loose cannon","a thorn in their side" meaning something that is hurtful, painful, harmful but not (or not yet) deadly. There were many secret service agencies openly following Diana because of her influential profile: MI5, American Secret Services, NSA, National Security Council Washington D.C. 20504, recrded all of Diana's phone calls, French Secret Services were tracking Diana for banning anti personnel landmines, Henri Paul was paid by British Secret Services MI6 and Israeli Secret Services.

    19 days after the death of Diana, Bill Clinton reneged on his promise by voting against the ban of anti personnel landmines

    In Diana's death the royal family annexed the corpse for embalming (usually a formaldehyde-based solution in the arterial vein) which eliminates blood testing and camouflages pregnancy in postmortem blood tests. Despite this being banned in France, embalming the corpse of Diana.

    One radiologist from Pitie Salpetriere hospital has said that she had seen a small foetus of perhaps 6 to 10 weeks in the Princess Diana's womb during an X-ray and a later sonogram of Diana's body

    (échographie du fœtus à 10 semaines / 10 semaines de grossesse). The term “ultrasound” refers to the procedure of using sound waves to create an image of an area inside the body, while a sonogram is the actual image that is produced by the ultrasound. When an ultrasound creates an image of the baby, it can also reveal the sex of your baby. Most doctors schedule an ultrasound at around 18 to 21 weeks, but the sex may be determined by ultrasound as early as 14 weeks.

    Diana has gained a level of "Esotericism" to such a degree this could effect future wars. Esotericism is the state or quality of being esoteric ;obscure and only understood or intended to be understood by a small number of people with special (and perhaps secret) knowledge.

    After the Mercedes crash, public opinion was deliberately led astray.

    Scapegoats were created, such as the paparazzi and "Henri Paul being an alcoholic", which Henri Paul's family insist is fabricated. Each of the seven paparazzi were strippd naked, held in specialised transparent cells with neon lights, unable to know if it was day or night to exert physical and psychological control of the paparazzi arrested. The paparazzi were held for over a week with no evidence to charge for causing the accident. The French authorities seized 20 rolls of negative films, containing 80 photographs shot in the tunnel itself. Across Paris photo agencies were raided and told they face 3 years in prison and £30,000 fines if they sold any of the pictures. Social conditioning was implemented via the mainstream media and royal courts constructing a completely different narrative. In London, Lionel Cherruault, a Freelance Royal photographer, accredited by Buckingham Palace to cover all Foreign Royal Visits and UK Royal engagements, had his London house broken in and searched. The UK crime prevention officer (CPO) examined the burglary, staing to Lionel Cherruault that the break in was not a burglary, but has been "targeted" likely by freemasons stating "the person who came into your house, had a plan of your house, had a key to your front door and at no point were your lives in danger"

    80 jurors were asked for a association to the Royal Family, Al Fayed Family or Spencer Family with employment by MI5 or MI6. Only 25 Jurors were eligible to serve, 55 were disqualified because they were related to those involved.

    Diana's letter in October 1996 states :

    I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high - this particular phase in my life is the most dangerous - my husband is planning "an accident" in my car. Brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all ...

    (Tiggy was hired by Charles as a nanny for William and Harry)

    The mass outpouring of grief over the death of Diana has never been since before or after. Diana's international popularity, potentially being married to a muslim, with a muslim child, the Western imperial wars planned across the middle east would have been opposed by Diana. The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan spoke out on Diana's death :

    "has robbed the world of a consistent and committed voice for the improvement of the lives of suffering children worldwide"

    Charles used the "Prince's Foundation" to receive funds from Saudi donors to receive an "honour". Twice police had investigated Blairs, cash for honours, then David Abraham funding, then finally on his "blind funding" campaign which funds sent tothe Labour friends of Israel, Lord Levy, who went from Blairs fundraiser to Middle East Envoy. Paul Kellerman showed "Labour friends of Israel" website does not have enrollment as membership due to lack of supporters, supporters come from MP's and Lords from the Labour Party. This illustrates the fundinging does not have citizens on their side with any kind of mass movement, purely lobbying money, de-legitimising, dirty tacts and smears essentially.

    The Iraq/Syrian/Libyan/Afghanistan war have shown that democratic (both left and right wing) governments have a much high need for invasion to divide and conquer non democratic governments. In effect democracies operate as a more totalitarian regime. The USA foreign policy of installing feminism into Afghanistan by force with the barrel of the gun is quite a joke, especially compared to Saudi Arabia which is USA's closest ally. Foreign policy is more shaped by capitalism, energy needs and expansive western media subversion (undermining moral integrity) of foreign countries. During the first Gulf War 24 hours of satellite news displayed the full control of media ownership and pro bias propaganda.


    The BBC incitement to violent or illegal behavior on Iraq, encouraging society to behave in that must be accepted for a preemptive war on an innocent country.

    No investigation into World trade Centre 7 collapsing despite forensic detectives discovered nano-thermite at the site. WTC7 was not hit by plane then collapsed symmetrically. Professor Steven Earl Jones discovered Nano-thermite in samples taken, plus 100ft (2.25 seconds) of free fall (i.e no resistance) which is the biggest evidence that the mainstream media and all government officials will not debate in a civilised public debate. The Commision report completely ignored the psyops, but NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) later confirmed free fall,but would not investigate further. BBC journalists Phil Hayton and Jane Standley reported 23 minutes before World Trade Centre 7 had collapsed, before the collapse occured. BBC journalists report this, not even seeing any evidence that the building has not even collapsed. The scripted media had foreknowledge then provides on talking points, in the false reporting they spoke of what type of revenge attacks should be made.

    The satellite video feed was stopped showing World Trade Centre 7 behind Jane Stanley. If the feed was not stopped, as Jane Stanley reporting the building as having had collapsed, the public would have seen the building collapse through the window behind her. Members of We Are Change UK questioned ex-BBC reporter Phil Hayton about the early reporting of WTC 7's collapse during a speaking appearance.

    Tony Rooke took the BBC to court, refusing to pay the legally required television licence, because of the prior reporting of the collapse on 9/11 of World Trade Centre 7, which paying the BBC television licence is funding state sponsored terrorism. Under a Freedom of Information Request the BBC had not answered why the BBC reported World Trade Cetre 7 as having collapsed before the building collapsed. The source was not disclosed. The BBC, as a whole, did not visually fact check that the 47 floors of WTC 7 was still standing. The BBC broadcast at 4.58pm New York this false report with never verifying this by Jane Standley just looking at World Trade Centre standing behind. At 5.20pm New York World Trade Cetre 7 did collapse, which was not stuck by an airplane, or a raging inferno. Multiple explosions were heard on video cameras filming at the site before 5.20pm. Reuters was later blamed by the BBC for the BBC broadcast at 4.58pm New York. The BBC did not explain why the collapse of the WTC 7 was not verified witnessing if WTC7 had collapsed before the false broadcast.

    In 2007 the BBC denied the free fall of WTC 7, which National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) denied the freefall of WTC 7. Professor David Chandler used video frame tracking software (Physics Tool Kit, Open Source Software Tracer, Frame Tracking, pixel calibration), that he used in his physics teaching, to measure various velocities and accelerations which demonstrated the absolute freefall for 2.25 seconds of the North West Corner of World Trade Center Building 7, proving that NIST's claims about that building were false. WTC 7 contained 40,000 tons of structural steel. NIST's official claim that an office fire on the 12th floor expanded beams, which pushed a girder beam of its seat on column 79, causing the 13th floor to collapse into the 12th floor resulting in the interior of the building to cave in. That instability travelled laterally collapsing in the whole of World Trade Center 7 in a total of 7 seconds. There would have been enormous warped telegraphing on the exterior perimeter structure which the video evidence did not reveal at all. Professor David Chandler's work forced NIST to correct their final report to admit that the WTC7 symmetrical collapse in freefall occured, even though they continue to deny its clear implications of pre planned demolition where 8 stories (floors) or 32.0 metres (105 feet) of building disappeared with zero resistance. At 5.20pm in the afternoon all 80 support columns had to be been simultaneously destroyed for freefall to actually occur. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are still demanding a review on WTC 7 just from basic physics of Sir Isaac Newton. Dr. Leroy Hulsey has warranted further investigation based on group PhD study into progressive collapse, structural evidence (610 feet tall, 330 feet long, 140 feet wide, 350 feet away, south side, from the nearest WTC1), AUTOCAD, SAP2000, ABAQUS, could not collapse by fire (no combustibility based on steel structure beams), the intact penthouse being first to fall, UAF architecture models of the 44 feet beams of thermal expansion directly oppose stress report which NIST did not include huge added resistance, .

    Fox5 news in USA this actually happened, the female journalist reports that a third tall building WTC 7 had collapsed, then during the report the building collapses on the live feed. The male journalist even remarked "we are seeing footage here that only Hollywood could have produced. So unbelievable, so surreal".

    Ray McGovern, 27 years CIA Analyst states :

    "I think at the simplest terms, there's a cover-up. The 9/11 Commission Report is a joke."

    Ray McGovern received the Intelligence Commendation Medal at his retirement, returning it in 2006 to protest the CIA's involvement in torture.

    Amilcar Rodriguez, Retired NYPD, Internal Affairs Detective states :

    "I worked at Ground Zero. I am convinced that the Official Investigation is riddled with monumental flaws that prohibit a multitude of facts from being considered."

    William Binney, Former Technical Director, US National Security Agency states :

    "What you have [with 9/11] is an investigation that ignored all observable facts."

    Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, Honorary president of the Supreme Court of Italy, Former Legal Consultant to the United Nations states :

    "The 9/11 attacks were a global state terror operation permitted by the administration of the USA, which has foreknowledge of the operation yet remained intentionally unresponsive in order to make war against Afghanistan and Iraq. To put it briefly, the 9/11 events were an instance of the strategy of tension enacted by political and economic powers in the USA to seek advantages for the oil and arms industries."

    Robert Bowman, PhD, United States Air Force lieutenant colonel states :

    "We have established beyond any reasonable doubt that the official account of 9/11 is false and that, therefore, the official "investigations" have really been cover-up operations. If they have nothing to hide, why are they hiding everything [hiding of videotapes of the Pentagon crash, and the black boxes from the planes]?. I think the very kindest thing that we can say about George W. Bush and all the people in the U.S. government that have been involved in this massive cover-up, is that they were aware of the impending attacks and let them happen. Now some people will say that's much too kind. However, even that is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder"

    343 Fire and Police men died on 9/11.

    Norman Mineta, US Secretary of Transportation (2001-2006) stated that Dick Cheney was informed by staff of a plane coming to the Pentagon at 50 miles, then 30 miles, then 10 miles out at which point asking Dick Cheney, "Do the orders still stand?", which Dick Cheney responded "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?". No one was evacuated from the Pentagon.

    Condoleezza Rice gave a George W. Bush Daily Brief on Monday, August 6, 2001, titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US", prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency. The report showed "patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for a hijacking" of U.S. aircraft"

    The mainstream media also reported the black box onboard of the airplane's were destroyed, however the hijackers passports were found intact and retrieved where 2,996 died on 9/11 in heaps of rubble.

    5 dancing Israelis

    Urban Moving Systems arrested were: Sivan Kurzberg (Jewish), Paul Kurzberg (Jewish), Yaron Schmuel (Jewish), Oded Ellner (Jewish) ($4700 stuffed inside sock) and Omer Marmari (Jewish). None of the timelines, or their stories matched, tickets to leave the USA, spread everywhere around the world, claiming they documented the event "Only one side of one tower is visible from the roof of Urban Moving", whereas the parking lot provided a view of "the entire length of both towers". Sivan Kurzberg (Jewish), smiling, cheering, dancing, flicking lighters, was identified in the twin towers a day before as a construction worker. Maps of the twin towers were highlighted in their Urban Moving vans, Sivan admitted to the FBI on a polygraph that he was a map maker in Israel. Sivan immediately told the arresting police officer that "Palestinians are the enemy, not Israel". They were all Mossad agents. The vans tested positive for explosives which is clear verifiable evidence. Polygraph tests failed on their stories and the suspects were flown to Israel.

    Scott DeCarlo US Police Sergeant respondend to a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) for the van with matching licence plates, driving to the George Washington Bridge to plant explosives. On stopping their van the Mossad agents refused to leave the van even at gun point, they had to be physically removed then handcuffed.

    Unknowingly Scott DeCarlo arrested the 5 dancing Mossad members

    who failed polygraph lie detector tests, celebrating taking documented imagery (hard) evidence prior to beginning of the attack, showing prior knowledge. The Israeli intelligence operation was caught out, the agents were detained but not charged by the FBI. In November 2001 these 5 dancing Israelis went onto an Israeli Talk Show and they admitted their orders was to document the event. November 2001 on Yair Lapid, the Israeli television production company (Reshet) conducted the interview with 3 of the 5 dancing Israeli's: Oded Ellner (Jewish), Omer Marmari (Jewish), and Yaron Shmuel (Jewish). Oded Ellner (Jewish), told his audience that "Our purpose was to document the event". 200 Israeli's, arrested prior, during and after 9/11, posing as art students were surveyed by US government officials in office also living in close proximity to the 9/11 hijackers.

    False flags by Israel and USA

    The Gulf of Tonkin incident, also known as the USS Maddox incident, was an international confrontation that led to the United States waging war on Vietnam. This event never happened in reality.

    Exploiting Power structures / Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Before George Bush was even president, criminal psychologists were already aware of his intent to invade Iraq in particular. Protests were made so such a large degree that the president car could not even drive to the White House. Bush v Al Gore in 2000 won Florida by 537 votes, a margin of 0.009%. The Florida recount and subsequent litigation resulted in major post-election fraud. Al Gore was believed to be voted president but Jeb Bush governing Florida rigged the results of the presidential election.

    Trial by Media Disinformation. Mind perception can be shaped so that people are unaware of who and what values they are arguing for, even if the value is perceived by sneaky propaganda to be worthy. For example when the United States cites their reason for the illegal invasion of Iraq is for democracy to supplant their government. A name can be pulled out of the sky, and this accounts for the :

    Wanton mass destruction of property/infrastructure, pulling babies from rubble, bod­ies scat­tered on the road, intentional starvation with no water, heating or electricity. Deliberate and unprovoked murder of millions of innocent civilians for the purpose of a 'higher goal'. In turn creating an unstable region and then blaming the victims resistance.

    Judith Miller (Jewish) born January 2, 1948 is an American journalist and commentator known for her coverage of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) program both before and after the 2003 invasion.(CIA final report 2 years later April 25 2005 : No WMD in Iraq) which later discovered to have been based on imagined propaganda from the intelligence community.

    Benjamin Netanyahu (Jewish) in US Congress demanded preemptive war on Iraq installing a western government

    citing Weapons of Mass Destruction to be as "looking through a key hole, the lights turn out, the lights turn on and they are all dead! Not seing this En flagrant délit, meaning "In the act" in French"

    Colin Powell lied to the United Nations security council, brandishing an empty vial claiming imminent danger from Iraq and has never been held to account. To provide drawings on a screen claiming that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction is not physical "conclusive" evidence. The Bush administration initially chose to adopt the position that the President was essentially unconfined by international or statutory law in determining the USA's response to the attacks of 11 September 2001. George W Bush specifically decided the protections of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, including their common article 3, would not be applied to Taliban and Iraqis detainees. The Pentagon faxed the talking points to the mainstream media on what and how to present the war buildup.

    Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Michael Gove and many others invented the argument for pre emptive war on Iraq. Invading the World, One Economy at a Time comprised of enablers (foreign government funding), handlers (someone in charge or an agent), propagandist (Mainstream Media) and subversion (undermining moral integrity)

    There is a very concerted effort to prevent the development of this understanding. The infrastructure of media, television, internet being repetitive, wanting war and chaos. They do not want inspiring heart centred creativity. people with good communication and raw truth in a different way. are a threat to this control system that is put in place at the moment. The control system has to surveil others, put cameras everywhere, and watch people all the time. Anybody that has the need to control others is in a fear state.

    Media professionals using the printing press became aware of the monopoly of media power in the USA and UK, which could, and in fact did lead to imperial, misleading wars designed to subvert the public and prevent fair equal representation.The vacuous George Bush admitted to the USA media not failry representing other nations. This became more obvious the government lies to us so much to protect the Deep State, with a foreign policy that runs on all political parties.

    The Times Headline "West Sees Glittering Prizes Ahead" by Michael Theodoulou and Roland Watson, July 11, 2002, stating "The removal of President Saddam Hussein would open Iraq's rich new oilfields to Western bidders"

    Tony Blair - The Final Countdown

    Plagiarism became part of the 'Dodgy Dossier'

    Tony Blair "Dodgy Dossier" which had 15 changes from Alister Campbell, making the 45 minute claim of the UK being attacked, was another lie created for preemptive war of conquest. Blair's narcissism then went on to earn millions from such countries like Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

    Tony Blair's plagiarism of Professor Ibrahim Al-Marashi article at California State University became part of the famous "Dodgy Dossier" in February 2003 . The Foreign and Commonwealth Office stole the work which became a key part of Tony Blair's justification for the invasion of Iraq. Much of the material was used by then Secretary of State Colin Powell to make the case before the UN that Saddam possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. The way his article was falsely used by the British government and turned into propaganda, spoke of a "systematic failure" about the way the UK gathered had intelligence and then used it. Mr Marashi's student thesis, "Iraq: Its Infrastructure of Concealment, Deception and Intimidation" was not only plagiarised. It was also altered, as the British government and intelligence establishment sought to strengthen what in truth was uncertain evidence about Saddam's efforts to develop WMD. Voices such as those of Scott Ritter, a former UN weapons inspector who said Saddam had ended his WMD programme were drowned out, and instead false information was used to create a series of media headlines insisting that Britain had proof of WMD. Mr Marashi's work was contained in one of two dossiers that were produced by the British government to make a stronger case for war. In September 2002, another dossier claimed that Saddam had been trying to buy yellowcake uranium from Africa. The Middle East Review of International Affairs, from which Dr al-Marashi's work was lifted, is based in Israel, which makes it a suspect source to even moderate Arab opinion, and another reason why the origin of the information should have been listed. Taken with the Chilcot report's conclusion that Britain and the US did not allow the UN inspector to complete their work, "you can see the various elements in the rush to war". What happened in Iraq in 2003, a pre-emptive war that may have cost upwards of one million lives also happened in Libya in 2011.

    The criteria of the Iraq invasion was to claim that Iraq was a threat to the UK. When inspections of Iraq were going well with no clear and present danger, the USA were further upset as the reasons for war were reduced. Disarmament is the act of reducing, limiting, or abolishing weapons. Disarmament is often taken to mean total elimination of Weapons of Mass Destruction, such as nuclear arms. Iraq had no conventional Weapons of Mass Destruction or medium or long range weapons,which was evident. 17/03/2003 Robin Cook resigned on clear grounds in parliament stating :

    "I cannot support a war without international agreement or domestic support. I applaud the heroic efforts in trying to secure a second UN resolution, but the very intensity of those attempts underlines how important it was to succeed. Now that those attempts have failed we cannot now pretend that getting a second resolution was of no importance. France, Germany, Russia want more time for inspections. The reality is that Britain is being asked to embark on a war without agreement in any of the international bodies of which we are a leading partner, not NATO, not the European Union and now not the UN security council. History will be astonished at the diplomatic miscalculations that led so quickly to the disintegration of that powerful coalition and international agreement. Our difficulity in getting support this time is that neither the international community nor the British public is persuaded that there is an urgent and compelling reason for this military action in Iraq. The threshold for war should always be high. None of us can predict the death toll of civilians from the forthcoming bombardment of Iraq, but the US warning of a bombing campaign that will "Shock and Awe" makes it likely that casualities will be numbered at least in the thousands. The Western strategy of containment destroyed more weapons than in the Gulf war, dismantled Iraq's nuclear weapon program, halted Saddam's medium and long range missiles programs. Iraq's military strength is less than half of the time of the last Gulf war. Ironically because Iraq's military force is so weak, that the UK can contemplate the Iraq invasion. We cannot base the military strategy on the assumption that Saddam is weak and at the same time justify preemptive military action that Saddam is a threat. Iraq may have biological toxins and battlefield chemical munitions, which we sold in the 1980's to Iraq from the USA, which British government companies approved the manufacture. UN Resolution 242, decades prior, required Israel to return the occupied territories of Palestine. This shows the strong sense of injustice throughout the middle east, which they see as one rule for the allies of the US and another rule for the rest. Washington is less interested in disarmament than they are in regime change in Iraq and that explains why any evidence that inspections may be showing progress is greeted in Washington not with satisfaction but with consternation because it reduces the case for war. On Iraq I believe the prevailing mood of the British people is sound. I intend to vote against military action now, it is for that reason and that reason alone and with a heavy heart that I've resigned from the government."

    There was no international agreement to a war on Iraq or domestic support. Blair contradicted that a 2nd resolution was not required. France, Germany, Russia wanted more time for inspections. NATO, the European Union and the UN Security council had no support for the Iraq war. There was no international agreement.

    Lord Goldsmith (Jewish) was sent to the United States to have the law changed that a 2nd resolution was not required by the UN.

    Walter Jakob Wolfgang was forcibly ejected from the annual Labour Party Conference in Brighton on 28 September 2005, aged 82, for shouting "nonsense" during a speech from Jack Straw (Jewish). The speech in which Jack Straw,the then Foreign Secretary, glorified the virtues of the government's role in the Iraq War.

    The war on terror was based on 19 hijackers of planes on 9/11. 15 of the hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia, two were from the United Arab Emirates, one was from Egypt, and one from Lebanon. The ENTIRE investigation on 9/11 was based solely in the United States. This then led the foreign policy on Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan as the so called "Axis of Evil". No foreign power was brought into the investigation of 9/11, with an international consensus. Simply put, their own determined words, based on the truth worthy aspect of the United States, determined far more wider reaching foreign reach all the way towards contracts of oil fields.

    The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was a neoconservative construction plan on United States foreign policy, established in 1997 signed by George W. Bush, Richard (Dick) Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish), William Kristol who invented Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (Jewish), Robert Kagan who claimed Iraq trained the pilots (Jewish). In the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) of September 2000, Chapter 5, Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force it states :

    "the process of transforming the US into tomorrow's dominant force is likely to be a long one in the absence of some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor"

    The Republican party resign Donald Rumsfeld.

    United States Senator Lincoln Chafee cross examined, then exposed Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish) in the "Security and Reconstruction in Iraq (2003)". Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish) had contrived the invasion of the Iraq War by inference from 9/11. Paul Wolfowitz tried to use a semantics argument, but on a televised recording Paul Wolfowitz was exposed as the initiator of the Iraq war. Wolfowitz's conflation of 9/11 into the ground invasion of Iraq was blatantly and publically debunked.

    Once Tony Blair was established as an honourable knight of the Order of the Garter, this meant the royal establishment protects the individual by knighthood (i.e Sir). Social engineering is set by national security rules using the DSMA-Notice. (Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. DSMA-Notices were formerly called a DA-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice), and before that called a Defence Notice (D-Notice) until 1993. Tony Blair is a war criminal who lied on evidence to start a war with Iraq, whilst claiming to be altruistic.

    George Bush / Henry Kissinger (Jewish) announces "Shock and Awe" of industrial killing as if his foreign policy works like "Stockholm syndrome", when in fact in 1994 Richard (Dick) Cheney explained US invasion would result in permanent civil war for the Iraqis. Power is abuse, for this overt preemptive war of aggression of indiscriminate bombing was directly used with a focus on concealment of historic truth. The main stream media played central roles from the government ideological state apparatus framing the societal perception in whose side are you on, who can be trusted more based on propoganda, but never mentioning oil resources. Wide spread public dissents began before the start of the war on Iraq, unwilling to be imprisoned in their lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The victor makes up their own timeline history, eradicating where April Glaspie (American former diplomat) who gave Saddam Hussein assurance on the Kuwait dispute of cross drilling oil into Iraqi territory. By 1990 Iraq soldiers were amassed to their own border, which was critical when April Glaspie gave Iraq assurances of no US intervention and focused directly on the dispute. By 2010 Kuwait and Iraq had agreed that Kuwait was in fact cross drilling and to share profits from oil revenue. The deeper history of Kuwait is that it was in fact indigenous with Iraq, however this division was created by the UK and France. These were artificial borders made for the purpose of future wars in the Middle East. Continuous manipulation of true history has created these new timelines which are left unresolved. The International Criminal Court was established by the victors that the supreme war was pre emptive war as displayed by the US and UK on Iraq. The ICC has not intervened as they were established by the same sources and they do not investigate or prosecute their own despite naming their government regime as democratic. Once the US established permanent military bases in Iraq, the Oil was made to be exported in US Dollars only (Petrodollars), therefore Iraq paid for their own subjugation (brought under domination or control, especially by conquest). This was termed "liberation" in the western world.


    In any "democratic" country, the public are completely free to question historical events, such as the Holodomor genocide, 9/11, the Great Famine of Ireland, etc. There is only one single event of history that the public are not legally permitted to interrogate, have doubt, enquire, query. or call into question: The Holocaust of Jews. Essentially questioning the evidence of the Jews dying to the extent of 6 million is egregious beyond the laws of the land that will directly end up with the citizen being imprisoned by courts. Fundamentally the same group of Jews were given the country of Palestine, removing its inhabitants by acts of murder, terrorism and persecution because of race or political or religious beliefs. The creation itself of Israel is a conspiracy by definition, where a very small group of people, decided behind closed doors on that. The wars, the historic books are being controlled, the education, the media, to what the public manifest as reality, labelled as "democratic" compounded into inner conflict. Therefore when the Iraq war was decided by the same small group , contrive agendas of "Weapons as Mass Destruction", Saddam's links to Bin Laden, when disproven, the last excuse citing "democracy", that is never placed within question. The general public's "inner conflict" transcend into denial, excuses, talking themselves and others into a profound "hive mind / groupthink" naivete or switching a left/right dialectical. This is not being allowed to be addressed with the mainstream media tactics of spinning, crisis management, smokescreens and cover-ups.

    When the public vote by ticking a box, they are only given 2 basic categories. When the general consensus feel strongly that Blair, Bush and Henry Kissinger (Jewish) commited war crimes, there is no box that people can tick to show this. This category is hidden, which is not where the public are allowed to vote to say.

    Tony Blair perpetrated UK Policy where students were charged for University education, which previously was not required for all generations previously, This brought large student protests which were ignored during the pre war period. Blair brought the Gambling Act 2005, permitting gambling companies to advertise on television and radio, during the 2000s televised sex line channels with no age verification, increasing channels of revenue which the multiple wars were costing.

    Brian Haw (7 January 1949 - 18 June 2011) a British carpenter (Protestant Christian) protested continuously at London's Parliament Square, starting on 2nd June 2001 peace campaigning (to save lives prior to September 11th), for nearly ten years to 2010. This evidence clearly shows the public has awareness of atrocious policies committed before 9/11, such as the extreme sanctions against Iraq killing half a million children according to UNICEF in 1999. Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ) was appalled at UNICEF conclusion, which can only be seen as part of the tenacious attempts to cover the appalling crimes committed against the Iraqi civilian population under the sanctions regime. The consequences of the sanctions and subsequent acts of aggression against innocent people of Iraq continue to reverberate in the ravaged country with brute force. At the 2007 Channel 4 Political Awards "Brian Haw was voted Most Inspiring Political Figure". Haw only left his Parliment campsite to attend court hearings, surviving on food brought by family and supporters. Haw originally camped on the grass in Parliament Square, but under Blair's leadership the Greater London Authority took legal action to move Brian Haw, to the cold pavement edge of surrounding busy traffic of cars, lorries and buses circling the ringroad. In the early hours of 23rd May 2006, 78 police removed all but one of Haw's placards citing breached conditions of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. Barbara Tucker joined Brian Haw in December 2005 till 2013 (8 years of protesting). Both had been assulted many times by members of the public which police would not use CCTV footage for them. Tucker has been arrested 47 times-usually on charges of "unauthorised demonstration". In 2008 Tucker served two weeks in prison for breach of police bail and in 2011 she served a nine-week prison sentence in Holloway Prison. Barbara Tucker has been denied a tent, blankets, or sleeping bag since January 2012 and has instead slept in a chair until that, too, was taken away.

    In August 1967, the Israeli army issued Military Order 101, which criminalises participation in a gathering of more than ten people without a permit on an issue "that could be construed as political" punishable by a sentence of up to ten years.

    Vashti McCollum sits outside the Supreme Court building in 1947, while awaiting arguments before the court on her fight to ban religious education classes from an Illinois public school. Her case was one of the cases in which the Supreme Court began to interpret the First Amendment's religious establishment clause known as "separation of church and state." (AP Photo/Herbert K. White. Reprinted with permission of The Associated Press)

    The first clause in the Bill of Rights states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". The Establishment clause of the First Amendment is often interpreted to require separation of church and state. The separation of church and state is a philosophic and jurisprudential concept for defining political distance in the relationship between religious organisations and the state. However contradicting this George Bush announces a "national day of prayer".

    The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, right to petition, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual's religious practices.

    A US-led invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, with a force of 150,000 US troops, followed in number by UK troops as well as Australian and Polish soldiers. Total Iraqi Population 24 million.
    1991 - 2003 1 million Iraqies dead from sanctions.
    2003 - 1.5 million Iraqies murdered, displacing 4.2 million refugees by 2007 according to the UN Refugee Agency, 4 million injured or seriously injured, even larger quantities of Depleted Uranium dropped causing massive increases in cancer and birth defects in thousands of babies, preventing the parents from having children.

    The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe they are smarter and more capable than they are. Essentially, low-ability people do not possess the skills needed to recognize their own incompetence.

    A deep state is a type of governance made up of secret and unauthorized networks of power operating independently of a state's political leadership in pursuit of their own agenda and goals.

    Operation Inherent Resolve which a Jew, Ari Fleischer, said at a press conference ".... the two discussed the ongoing aspects of Operation Iraqi Liberation" the acronym being "OIL" : the multiple US military surges in the oil rich countries Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

    Preemptive wars, and the coverup of the wars, have highlighted what is fundamental and instrumental to the very core of the motives. Manipulation from the central banking money supply, abuse of political power, use of military industrial complex, Freemasonry created from the Knights Templars tied to the Crusades and shares an extensive commonality of symbols, signs, vocabulary and clothing with Freemasonry, including robes, aprons, handshakes, ritualistic raising of the arms, etc, distorted media blackout falsifying timelines, domination of core energy resources, controlling of the internet and education on these subjects necessary for human progression and public awareness. Freemasons are used for whispering campaigns, often to function as collective public consciousness on collective mentality. UK Media newspapers function for the same herd mentality. George Bush had briefly described the "war on terror" as a Crusade.

    The uprising in the middle east is clearly an insurrection (organised opposition to authority created by the West), While the Western rule use 9/11 and the many previous and following wars as retribution (a penalty for wrongdoing).

    All US and UK leaders never associate terrorism with Wahhabism, which is rooted in Saudi Arabia's dominant faith, which believes all those who don't practise their form of Islam are heathens and enemies.

    Phil Donahue, an American media personality journalist, was sacked from MSNBC for voicing anti war perspectives, despite being the highest rating of viewers. Phil Donahue had spoken out that "corporate media made a decision from far above" who were terrified of the anti war voice. An MSNBC memo showed they had Republican ownership.

    In 2021, The United States began returning more than 17,000 ancient artefacts looted and smuggled out of Iraq following its invasion in 2003. Iraq's ancient heritage has been decimated by conflict, destruction and looting especially since 2003, with archaeologists saying thousands of antiquities are still missing.On March 30, 2023, the Iraqi presidency announced the return of nine stolen artefacts from the US, including seven seals dating back to the Babylonians, a piece of ivory in the shape of a human face, and a clay tablet from the Middle Babylonian era There are pieces still sold in auctions in the US and Britain. Americans put guards on the oil ministry and the interior ministry. Worse than the looting, government ministries were burned down by a second group. There were no guards on trade, computer science , institutions of culture and history were burned down. Korans burning from the 13th century. The archives of the Iran/Iraq war. Foreign powers were destroying the cultural life and civilisation of Iraq.

    "Occupy Wall Street" from September 17 to November 15, 2011, then led to "Occupy London" from 15 October 2011 - 14 June 2012 which was brought down by Government forced removal. Combined with student protests this has now permanently changed the "In Real Life" activism. The ever increasing debt from illegal wars has changed the cost of living, borrowing leverage,increased mortgage repayments, increased renting costs, higher food prices, media blackouts of protests combined with warrantless wiretapping, less job security, reduction of public services, restricted pay to inflation ratios, increased interest rates and higher energy costs. Monetarists are brought in to control our economy, the manipulation of money by international bankers are what contols the world.

    At least 42 people have died during an attempted coup in Turkey, Turkey's NTV television station reports. Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim also reported that over 130 people had been arrested in connection to the coup.

    Pre invasion of Iraq in 2003 a British War Tank was parked infront Heathrow airport for the masses of travelling public to install the consciousness of invasion an impendending threat and hysteria. This was combined with media television broadcasting of war programs and films, based on a prescribed political thought. This is how myth and social consciousness are told what to think. There were several well publicised terrorism scares in late 2002 and and earl 2003. Social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions. In combination in the United States a threat level was broadcast in the news media daily (imminent danger colour coded red, orange, green, blue) to set the stage to invade the soverign nation of Iraq.

    Justification for invasion is a War Crime

    15th February 2003 was the largest anti war peace campaigning (to save lives) which actually reached every continent, the first ever global demonstration.

    The ratio in the United Kingdom of 1.5 million anti war protestors in Hyde Park and the surroundings, compared to the handful of politicians in Westminster who voted for the Iraq War is the democracy speaking in numbers.

    After the mass protests around the world, before the ground invasions began, society developed a sense of a duality. People had to find answers from within themselves, not from the media programming reinforcing a false reality, which did not represent public opinion. People felt they had given their power away to something (overtly seen and hidden/unseen ) that doesn't have our best interest.

    Kettling is a police use of force containing large crowds during demonstrations or protests. Mass arrests of protesters and passersby kettled by police violence. Officers on horses charge in a divide and conquer technique to split crowds. Many are victims like Ian Tomlinson, who died during G20 protests after being struck by police.

    Egypt has a large protest to remove Muburak (another pro western puppet leader, dictator, crony capitalism, military rule funded by the West, many hundreds of protestors murdered), the country has its first democratic vote and Morsi is brought to power. West staged a military coup and put Sisi (another pro western puppet leader), then imprisoned and executed any protest in Egypt. Tony Blair, displays no sense of contrition, approves Egypt dictator thus contradicting reasons for Iraq invasion. All western media refuse to call Sisi a political coup in Egypt. Hollywood generates a subliminal indoctrination known as "force multipliers'' to enforce public perception. The public are spotting government deception much faster. What we are seeing in the world ; an overly dominated, ruthlessly calculated and cold world with real lack of empathy dominating the new world order.

    If they assassinate your character, you probably have something to say that exposes their lies.

    Blair [Order of the Garter] reporting "Death of David Kelly" 17 July 2003

    David Kelly's 2002 dossier on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction - which stated that Iraq's chemical and biological weapons were deployable within 45 minutes - Kelly had an off-the-record conversation with Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist about the claim. When Gilligan reported this on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he stated that the 45 minute claim was included at the insistence of Alastair Campbell, the Downing Street Director of Communications-Kelly denied that he said Campbell had forced in the reference. Alastair Campbell is unrepentant, saying :

    Blair had been asked at a press conference in Japan whether there was "blood on your hands" on the death of David Kelly, a 59-year-old scientist and leading expert on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    Judith Miller (Jewish) a writer promoting the Iraq WMD stories emailed David Kelly. David Kelly's emailed response to Judith Miller stated :

    Lord Hutton's inquiry was told the weapons specialist, Dr David Kelly said in a conversation with the British diplomat David Broucher in Geneva on February 2003 that :

    The British Broadcasting Corporation is the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom, based at Broadcasting House in London, England. Greg Dyke resigned from the BBC on 29 January 2004 along with Gavyn Davies and Andrew Gilligan, after the publication of the Hutton Report into the circumstances surrounding the death of David Kelly. Hutton described Dyke's approach to checking news stories as "defective"; when Alastair Campbell complained about the story. Media reports claiming that the government had knowingly "sexed up" the "September Dossier", a report into Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Dr Kelly named Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell as one of those exerting pressure to make the dossier on Iraq’s possession of WMD as strong as possible.

    The inquiry opened in August 2003 and reported on 28 January 2004. The Hutton report cleared the government of wrongdoing, while the BBC was strongly criticised, leading to the resignation of the BBC's chairman Gavyn Davies and director-general Greg Dyke. The report was met complete refusal by the British public and a further deepening to cover up to an illegal invasion of Iraq. The 45 minute claim was withdrawn on the day David Kelly was found dead.

    David Kelly's friends spoke out that he was returning to Iraq, and not of a character that would commit suicide. David Kelly's body was found in the woods at Harrowdown Hill, 2 miles from his house, wearing a jacket in the peak of summer, with a tiny hole in his left wrist.

    The ulnar artery passes through the wrist on the little finger side and is buried deep in the wrist. 29 empty blister packs were found around co-proxamol, but on toxicologist autopsy only half a tablet was found in his stomach. Kelly, who had an aversion to tablets, had injured his elbow two weeks beforehand, which was supposed to have cut his wrist with the knife with no fingerprints. A bottle of water 2/3 rds full supposedly for the 29 tablets, medication blister packs and mobile phone (which triangulated tracking was not provided) also all had no fingerprints. Dr Kelly did not wear gloves (not mentioned in the Hutton Inquiry). On the day Dr Kelly died, but before Dr Kelly's body had been officially found, his dentist discovered that his patient records had disappeared. The police did not obtain the last mobile phone location from the network. There was a blood spot the size of a coin on his trousers. The Police operation was called "Operation Mason" self titled by Freemasons to investigate Dr Kelly, which started 6 hours before the corpse was reported. The woman who had reported the death found the corpse was against the tree, when the police arrived the corpse was flat on the ground. In the time period the corpse was moved in position, a Thames Valley police helicopter landed at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire at 10:55am on July 18th 2003, spent 5-8 minutes on the ground there, which is confiremd by flight logs under the Freedom of Information act. The names are redacted of the persons from the helicopter.

    Less than an hour after Dr Kelly’s body was discovered - and before it had been formally identified or seen by a medical professional who could estimate a cause of death - Blair instructed his Lord Chancellor and an old friend from university, Charles Falconer, to set up a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his death. Blair judged instantly he would have to order an inquiry naming Lord (Brian) Hutton, a law lord and former lord chief justice in Northern Ireland. Lord Peter Mandelson (Jewish) had met Hutton as Northern Ireland secretary and put his name forward. Lord Hutton was hand-picked to chair the inquiry, which eventually concluded that Dr Kelly took his life and cleared the Government of wrongdoing. The establishment of the Hutton Inquiry ensured that the microscopic investigation of the death which would have happened during a coroner’s inquest never took place. Whereas the coroner would have had formal powers, the Hutton Inquiry had none. Witnesses could not be compelled to attend, no evidence was given on oath, and Lord Hutton had total control over who would appear and what documents could be disclosed. More than 20 key witnesses who might have been expected to give evidence at a coroner’s inquest - including the Thames Valley Police officer who led the search for Dr Kelly - were excluded from the inquiry.

    MP Norman Baker has long campaigned for the truth over the death of weapons inspector David Kelly stating :

    The body of David Kelly was exhumed, after the family asked for his grave to be dug up. Gerrard Jonas and campaigners JFK (Justice For Kelly) Group, put a placard calling for a coroner's inquest by the grave. Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer ordered Oxfordshire Coroner Nicholas Gardiner adjourn a coroner's inquest. The High Court had closed the matter. In March 2004 Mr Gardiner announced that, after considering the Hutton report, there was "no exceptional reason" for the inquest to be resumed.

    Successive governments have refused to allow full coroner’s inquest to be held on Dr David Kelly fuelling the sense of a cover-up.

    The urgent questions that remain unaddressed are :

    Chilcot inquiry and previously

    All inquiries were created to silence investigation into Tony Blair from legal proceedings. Nuclear expert Norman Dombey, a professor of Theoretical Physics at University of Sussex, explains Uranium was a red herring from Niger in the accusation, In fact to enrich U235 from 0.7 % to 90% is difficult, expensive, requires massive plants for enrichment, a lot of electricity and is impossible to conceal. The Chilcot inquiry had blocked evidence from submission based on "state secrets", and was not a criminal investigation. This delayed any positive resolution and the Chilcot inquiry was delayed by many years. On the day of the result of the Chilcot inquiry, a single bombing in Iraq killed more Iraqies that the whole of the British Army over the spanned length of time of the first and second Iraq Wars.

    For lies on WMD no one has been charged, despite 3 court investigations in the UK that has been quashed. David Cameron refuses to endorse; refuse to assent (vetoed) evidence being brought forward to investigation of Tony Blair discussion with George Bush on the illegal invasion of Iraq. Then "Save the children" gave a global legacy award to Tony Blair. From 2006 96,000 children were killed, kidnapped, forced recruitment and abduction from Tony Blair's illegal pre-emptive war on Iraq.

    Despite having no WMD, the last reason given was democracy, despite the largest peace campaigning (to save lives) on every continent on the planet, the biggest movement of people ever for a cause not to go to preemptive War. The hidden motive of tantalising oil and geographic imperialism in the middle exposes the whole fallible argument, the decades of Israeli war crimes, nuclear weapons and persecution. In Iraq they want to be free from Western Imperialism in the whole region, ironically proving that democracy prevents people from being free. In truth no case of democracy exists in the USA, Israel and now Iraq, only Oligarchy. In the United Kingdom the police force (informally called ZOG bots) is registered as a corporation, literally a registered business on Companies house. ZOG stands for "Zionist Occupied Government". Meanwhile there is no investigation into Israel's Nuclear Weapons. When there is an investigation into how Israel had nuclear weapons, the concealment and subsequent invasion of muslim countries that do not have nuclear weapons, this will reveal how this network, that operate behind the scenes, construct preemptive wars and indoctrinate control of the media to prevent essential questions being asked and why the western public are not emotionally invested enough with the mass murder of muslims.

    Legitimacy of invasions

    Article 51 of the United Nations : You cannot attack a soverign territory unless it is attacking you
    Nuremberg : An unprovoked attack on a soverign territory as the most serious of all crimes.

    Tony Blair traits displays deception, incongruent talking points (switching past and present tense on threats), no compassion or empathy, sociopathic, megalomaniacal (a pathological egotist), self worships himself in interviews actually using moral puritanical axiom (its truth is assumed to be self-evident) reasons of war propaganda with Iraq, the Iraq - Iran war, where both US and UK were allied with Saddam Hussein and sold Hussein WMD, chemical weapons, biological weapons, rockets and guns.

    When combined with Gordon Brown's evidence that the Pentagon Knew Saddam Hussein Didn't Have Weapons of Mass Destruction, withholding that information from the British Government, the evidence is clear. This is known as the "Machiavellian Strategy", which means they try to minimise the influence of others and withhold knowledge from colleagues. They use manipulation to reach their goals while scheming for personal benefit. The Iraq war brought permanent US military bases into the region and wars of aggression were begun with withheld evidence.

    Saddam Hussein clearly stated Iraq had no WMD in an interview with Tony Benn.

    "Saddam Hussein proposed twice to Dan Rather offering to have a live television debate with President George Bush senior and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to prevent the first Iraq war in 1990 "

    seperately again for diplomacy :

    "to have another live television debate with George Bush Junior to prevent the second Iraq war in 2003"

    both George Bush's had refused. Both George Bush's declined to a publically televised debate as this video evidence would reveal the war crimes imposed on Iraq, contrived by US policy. The live debate was immediately rejected by the US authorites firstly in 1990 as "sick", "ridiculous" then in 2003 as "not serious". When Tony Benn explained that Saddam Hussein should have been tried in an International Criminal Court post invasion, as opposed to a small closed court in Iraq launched during the United States illegal occupation. A trial at the ICC would have allowed Saddam Hussein to bring witnesses and individuals like April Glaspie, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger (Jewish), Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish), George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior whom all gave assurances, then inflicted extreme sanctions on Iraq (even banning standard pain medication : Opiates or opioids), no fly zones, then preemptive wars. Which each successive US and UK leader continues the same strategy ignoring the brutal absolute rule in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia by Sabbatean Frankists. This is precisely why they wanted this court closed to conceal these events of history, like Kuwait cross drilling, the destruction of Iraqs reactor by a joint US-Israeli mission and many killings on Iraqi civilians. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia support Israel that brutally oppress Palestinians and execute any opposition. How each UK and USA follow this same policy, whilst supporting the mass murder of Iraqis by Western military forces reiterates the Arab struggle in the region. The Arab region does want freedom, to be free from Western domination. Saddam Hussein previously described Israel's six day war, which the United Nations failed to address.

    The second Iraq war was created by the US to use the Sykes Picot borders to bring as much sectarian division. This allowed the US to install a US ran government, conceal the past events that show US and Israeli crimes, control the oil resources and install Western ran corporations to major installations.

    Katharine Gun is a British linguist who worked as a translator for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) who leaked top-secret information to The Observer concerning a request by the United States for compromising intelligence on diplomats from member states of the 2003 United Nations Security Council, who were due to vote on a second UN resolution on the prospective 2003 invasion of Iraq. While at work at GCHQ on 31st January 2003, Katharine Gun read an email from Frank Koza, the chief of staff at the "regional targets" division of the American signals intelligence agency, the National Security Agency (NSA). Koza's email requested aid in a secret operation to bug the United Nations offices of six nations: Angola, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chile, Guinea and Pakistan. These were the six "swing nations" on the UN Security Council that could determine whether the UN approved the invasion of Iraq. This contravened Articles 22 and 27 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which regulates global diplomacy. On 13 November 2003, Katharine Gun was charged with an offence under section 1 of the Official Secrets Act 1989, the case was dropped when the prosecution declined to offer evidence.

    Full blown civil war with Sunni, Shia and Kurds. Haditha, Dhuluiya and Fallujah cities were completely destroyed. During the Iraq war huge stockpiles of gold bullion (ingots) used for trading were stolen, Iraq's ancient artefacts from the national museum, oil production in Iraq for the first 6 years of the United States invasion were completely unaccounted for. Women in Fallujah required to not become pregnant due to thousands of birth defects, Genetic abnormalities, from experimental weapons using DU (Depleted Uranium). In Fallujah 70% of homes were destroyed by open warfare with the United States.

    Radioisotope nightmare : Data from the Swedish Defense Research Agency indicate in its report submitted to the Swedish Ministry of Defense that the United States dropped a total of 78,214 projectiles of depleted uranium on Iraq in the 1991 Desert Storm War, and the US military's use of depleted uranium in the 2003 war rose to 300,000 projectiles according to the Swedish Agency, stressed the United States ignoring the warnings of the use of this weapon in densely populated urban areas. Further information: UN Charter, War of aggression, Jus ad bellum, and Legitimacy of the 2003 invasion of Iraq

    George W. Bush's political record - assembly-line executions in Texas, Guantanamo's Camp X-Ray, the indefinite imprisonment of US citizens without charges and two preemptive wars. George Bush used the word "evil" repeatedly to circuitously describe foreign policy decisions and the leader of Al Qaeda as "the evil one" as it avoids naming Osama bin Laden and thereby calling to mind the longstanding business association between the Bushes and the wealthy bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia.

    Impeachment of George W. Bush was recognised by the Kucinich-Wexler impeachment resolution contained 35 articles covering the Iraq War, the Valerie Plame affair, creating a case for war with Iran, capture and treatment of prisoners of war, spying and or wiretapping inside the United States, use of signing statements, failing to comply with Congressional subpoenas, the 2004 elections, Medicare, Hurricane Katrina, global warming, and 9/11.

    The 2003 invasion of Iraq was the most substantial portion of the articles of impeachment introduced by Kucinich and Wexler. Fifteen of the 35 articles directly relate to alleged misconduct by Bush in seeking authority for the war, and in the conduct of military action itself. Five other articles address allegations partially or tertiarily relating to the war, including the "outing" of Valerie Plame, treatment of prisoners (both in Iraq and from operations in Afghanistan and other countries), and building a case for Iran being a threat based in part on alleging Iranian actions in Iraq.

    Guantanamo Bay was established by U.S. President George W. Bush which commited torture, sexual degradation, sleep deprivation, prolonged constraint in uncomfortable positions, prolonged hooding, cultural and sexual humiliation, enemas, military dogs being used to intimidate, forced drugging, beatings, minors under the age of 18 in violation of international law, force feeding, and religious persecution. These techniques used were authorised by the Pentagon. Guantanamo's oldest inmate Saifullah Paracha released after 19 years without trial. 780 people detained since January 2002, 741 had been released mostly without charges or transferred, 30 remain in Guantanamo Bay detention camp, 6 suicides, 9 have died.

    U.S. officials admitted that rape had taken place at Abu Ghraib. War crimes against detainees of physical/sexual abuse, torture and prisoner abuse. Soldiers were found to have raped female inmates.

    Saddam Hussein protected Iraqi Christians in the north of Iraq. Iraq was estimated to have nearly 1.5 million Christians before the 2003 United States led invasion. Iraqi Christians back to the first centuries of the religion and include Chaldean, Syriac, Assyrian and Armenian churches. Now, church officials estimate only a few hundred thousand, or even less, remain within Iraq's borders.

    General Wesley Clark explained the White House devised a five-year plan after the 9/11 strikes to attack Iraq first before taking action against Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. Clark says after the 11 September 2001 attacks, many Bush administration officials (Jewish) were determined to move against Iraq, invoking the idea of state sponsorship of terrorism, "even though there was no evidence of Iraqi sponsorship of 9/11 whatsoever".

    MOAB meaning the "Mother of All Bombs", were used, which is the largest type of bomb, that is non nuclear.

    Kandahar, Helmand province is the centre of Opium Production. 2006 was a bumper crop. Opiates are used as a social suppressant. Ahmed Wali Karzaiis a drug lord and the brother of Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan. In afghanistan the population is 36 million, only 2 million people ever voted.

    Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq : The minaret or tower was constructed in 848-852 of sandstone, and is unique among other minarets because of its ascending spiral conical design. In 2005 the top of the Malwiya minaret was bombed, destroying many of the architectural elements of the 1,200-year-old monument. US forces in their invasion of the country used the minaret as a sniper tower before it was destroyed. This trigger a major point in the civil war.

    Closed investigation (twice: Iraq/UK was initially terminated on 9 February 2006 and was re-opened on 13 May 2014) from International Criminal Court on murder, torture, and other forms of ill-treatment on Iraq war and occupation from 2003 to 2008.

    The Iraq Body Count and study in the Lancet Medical Journal both reported 655,000 Iraqis killed by October 2006. The Lancet says the work, from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, has been examined and validated by four separate independent experts who all urged publication. The US military then followed this carnage with the many military "surges". The military surges was open warfare on cities and towns. This clearly accounts to more than one million dead. Approximately 15-20% of Iraq population was murdered, maimed, severely wounded, orphaned and traumatised for life.

    As a result of the invasion of Iraq: 740,000 women are widows, 4.5 million people forced from the homes to relocate in other parts of Iraq, 4 million Iraqis emigrate. Sources: UN MIT NY Times.

    26th September 2022, USA destroyed German-Russian "Nord Stream 2 pipeline". Israel sees gas exports to Europe boom in wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Jewish) expanded NATO terriorty bring war towards Russia.

    Valerie Plame :

    Articles 5-8 and 12 deal with the invasion of Iraq and include charges that funds were misspent before the war, that the war was in violation of HJRes114, that Iraq was invaded without a war declaration, that the war is a violation of the UN Charter, and that the purpose of the war was to control the country's oil supplies. Conduct of the Iraq War Further information: 2003 invasion of Iraq

    Articles 9, 10, 11 and 13 deal with conduct of the war, including failing to provide troops with body armour, falsifying US troop deaths and injuries, establishing a permanent military base in Iraq, and creating a secret task force to develop energy and military policies with respect to Iraq and other countries. Articles 15 and 16 cover contractors in Iraq and charges that the president misspent money on contractors and provided them with immunity.

    Article 14 is about the revelation of the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame.
    Treatment of detainees
    Further information: Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner psychological abuse, Bagram torture and prisoner abuse, United Nations Convention Against Torture, Geneva Conventions, Command responsibility, and Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

    Articles 17-20 concern the treatment of detainees, the "kidnapping" and detention of foreign nationals, and the use of torture.
    Attempt to overthrow the government of Iran
    Article 21 claims that the president misled Congress and the American people about threats from Iran, and supported terrorist organisations within Iran, with the goal of overthrowing the Iranian government.

    Chemical weapons found in Sudan hidden in a truck had American markings.

    "EDM 1180" Takeover of resources in Iraq

    Hydrocarbon law passed Iraqi oil and gas to foreign countries for next 60 years, passed in the UK. Thus Iraqi previously had nationalised oil and gas, now privatised abroad.

    Bath party disbanded putting 1.5 million people of out work. Tony Blair said publicly that Iraqies protests would accept western intervention to remove Saddam Hussein, which was another lie, Iraqi protestors want the West out of their own country by lies of unconventional war tactics drawing liberation to imperialism. Saddam Hussein had offered to speak to the Bush Blair in a televised interview, which opens a dialogue, which was rejected. When Chilcot investigated (preemptive) war crimes/ false intelligence later Blair had critical evidence for going to illegal preemptive war blocked under UK official secrets act on lying to parliament, deliberate deceit and use of "spin doctors". Saddam Hussein wanted the evidence laid down on a table of Weapons of Mass Destruction, an international dialogue, the US responded saying that was absurd, that once Saddam Hussein was removed Iraq would be left alone. Not a single leader of Iraq under democratic rule has ever asked for the evidence of WMD. The economy of Iraq was destroyed and remains under military occupation. Iraq was annexed by the US, keeping factions at war (created under Sykes Picot), which remains for Iraqi leadership to bring sovereignty.

    Greedy puppet rulers installed in Iraq. Since the illegal war on Iraq, Israel receives its oil from Iraq and Turkey

    Libya (Oil rich lost and now in debt, previously had no debt and never invaded another country), Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan (2 major gas pipelines taken from Taliban), Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Sudan have been bombed at same time.

    After the 2003 US premptive war In Iraq each government ruling puppet has official corruption, high unemployment, torture, civil war, bombings in markets, poor public services, and waves of nationwide anti-government protests

    After the 2003 US premptive war In Iraq, Israel purchases 70% of oil from Iraq, which never would have happened before the war.

    Iraq's parliament voted to expel all foreign troops. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi protesters in Baghdad after the influential Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called for a "million-strong" march to demand the withdrawal of U.S. coalition forces from the country, using 4 people per m2 this meets a rough estimate of 600000 people able to be at this protest,

    Tony Blair, George Bush and Dick Cheney have received vast wealth since the invasion and have become some of the wealthiest people. Israel gains beneficial advantage from host country USA paying for preemptive wars. USA passed war reparations (payments made after a war by the vanquished to the victors) by forcing the invaded countries to export only in US Dollars (Petrodollars). Petrodollars are the primary source of revenue for many OPEC members and other oil exporters. Countries worldwide are required to trade oil using US Dollars (Petrodollar).

    Exposing War Crimes

    "typical examples of Depleted Uranium on child births"

    "The killing of civilians and wilfully causing great suffering is a war crime" - Fourth Geneva Convention 1949

    The ICC on overwhelming public evidence need to question then charge with some as a Posthumous trial: Tony Blair, Alister Campbell, Jack Straw (Jewish), Lord Goldsmith (Jewish), Elliott Abrams (Jewish), Ari Fleischer (Jewish), George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Richard (Dick) Cheney, Richard Perle (Jewish), David Frum (Jewish), John Bolton, William Kristol (Jewish), Robert Kagan (Jewish), Douglas Feith (Jewish), Meyrav Wurmser (Jewish), David Wurmser (Jewish), David Cameron, William Kristol who invented Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (Jewish), Robert Kagan, Ahmed Chalabi, April Glaspie, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger (Jewish), Paul Wolfowitz (Jewish), Paul Bremer, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, including all connected to preemption of warmongering who attack countries with no justification as colonising imperialistic conqueror occupiers. They have no argument and no defence, breaking international law.

    Symptoms of the Gulf War syndrome include: lung, bone, and liver cancer, skin rashes, breathing problems, kidney failure, as well as limb numbness and muscle pain, chronic headache, chronic diarrhea, and problems with digestion and breathing.

    Although the International Criminal Court (ICC), became a reality in 2002, it could not act upon the crime of aggression in the Rome Statute because the signatory states had not agreed upon a definition. Agreement took until 2018 but indicting Tony Blair at the International Criminal Court (ICC), the ICC Act can still apply to the ongoing War on Iraq with the present killing of Iraqi citizens by soldiers stationed at the military bases that occupy Iraq. There is at present an anomaly in Scots law (similarly in England) that, although the International Criminal Court (Scotland) Act 2001 brings into Scots law jurisdiction crimes listed in the Rome Statute of the ICC, the crime of aggression is not there. The Scottish Government need to amend the Act to include it, and make it retrospective for :

    Chris Coverdale (International War Law Expert) explains the Kellogg-Briand Pact, an agreement to outlaw war signed on August 27, 1928. The Nuremberg Tribunal and Tokyo Tribunal made the very war crimes of Tony Blair and George Bush illegal today by the same act under "Principles of International Law Recognized in the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal and in the Judgement of the Tribunal" : Principle 1, "Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefor and liable to punishment." Principle 2,"The fact that internal law does not impose a penality for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law." Principle 3,"The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible Government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law." Principle 4,"The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him."

    International legal action required against Israel for breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention for who benefits from the illegal occupation of Palestine, and who suffers because of it.

    The first four impeachment articles charge the president with illegally creating a case for war with Iraq, including charges of a propaganda campaign, falsely representing Iraq as responsible for 9/11, and falsely representing Iraq as an imminent danger to the United States.

    Henry Kissinger (Jewish) : net worth (Forbes) of $400 million at the time of his death. sponsored the genocides in East Timor and Bangladesh, the continent-wide terrorism, coups and death squads of Operation Condor in Latin America, the fomenting of civil wars in Southern Africa, and his carpet-bombing of Cambodia and Laos under the guise of chasing the Vietnamese, Henry Kissinger (Jewish) is believed to be responsible for over 3 million civilian deaths - more if one counts the casualties that have resulted from advice he gave the private sector. United States supported Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War. Henry Kissinger (Jewish) remarked, "It's a pity they both Iraq and Iran can't lose". Henry Kissinger (Jewish) supported the first and second war on Iraq. Kissinger's war crimes range from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus to East Timor.

    Syria then accepted millions of refugees, from Iraq which then destabilised Syria which ISIS then was created. ISIS would not have developed if the Iraq war was not invented by Blair and Bush. Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS.

    Tony Blair, a lawyer, would have known he was committing these egregious crimes. When Blair states "it was a tough decision to go to war" Blair is deliberately avoiding the issue as a calculated fabrication for the reason that Blair purposely instigated a preemptive war of aggression on Iraq that had no intent nor ability to attack the United Kingdom. "George Bush withdrew the USA from the International Criminal Court in the year before the Iraq invasion, to avoid US leaders or military officials to be held to account for war crimes. Those who fail to learn from history are bound to relive it. All power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Society uses money just for medium of exchange the love of money is the root of all evil, which Blair has become incredibly wealthy. Blairs plotting of the wars was so pre planned which Blair had United Kingdom law changed that former prime ministers can profit in business from their decisions made when in office.

    George HW Bush ordered the killing of more than 400 civilians huddled in the Amiriyah shelter in Iraq on February 13th,1991. George HW Bush systematically attacked the civilian infrastructure in Iraq, used depleted uranium, causing cancer rates to skyrocket, and the killing has not stopped since.

    Military Tried To Cover Up Pat Tillman death from friendly fire. As the story went, Tillman had bravely rescued dozens of his fellow soldiers before he was gunned down by enemy forces in Afghanistan. Unsurprisingly, the American media quickly hailed Tillman as a war hero. Helicopters flew over football stadiums in his honour. A televised memorial service was planned. Top-ranking officers called for Tillman to be posthumously awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. Several weeks later, the real story finally came out: Tillman had been killed by friendly fire, not the Taliban. As if that weren't bad enough, the circumstances surrounding his death were highly suspicious.

    There was a Parliamentary motion to impeach Tony Blair in November 2004, a cross-party group of British members of parliament tabled a motion in the House of Commons to impeach the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time, Tony Blair for "high crimes and misdemeanours". In August 2004, Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price commissioned and published the report: A Case to Answer: a first report on the potential impeachment of the Prime Minister for High Crimes and Misdemeanours in relation to the invasion of Iraq. The document was written by Dr Glen Rangwala (lecturer of politics at University of Cambridge) and Dan Plesch (Honorary Fellow of Birkbeck, University of London.) .The motion was in relation to the war against Iraq and in particular to consider;

    (a) the conclusion of the Iraq Survey Group that in March 2003 Iraq did not possess Weapons of Mass Destruction and had been essentially free of them since the mid 1990s
    (b) the Prime Minister's acknowledgement that he was wrong when in and before March 2003 he asserted that Iraq was then in possession of chemical or biological weapons or was then engaged in active efforts to develop nuclear weapons or was thereby a current or serious threat to the UK national interest or that possession of WMD then enabled Iraq to inflict real damage upon the region and the stability of the world
    (c) the opinion of the Secretary General of the United Nations that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was illegal.
    (d) whether there exist sufficient grounds to impeach the Rt Hon Tony Blair on charges of gross misconduct in his advocacy of the case for war against Iraq and in his conduct of policy in connection with that war.

    If the motion had been selected, it would have allowed MPs to debate matters that parliamentary language otherwise forbids. For example, on 17 March 2005, the anniversary of going to war, Price accused Tony Blair of misleading the house. Because this breached the rules of parliamentary language, he was required to leave the House for the remainder of the day. However, such rules only apply to debate within the House. In press and radio and television interviews, other MPs have accused Blair of lying to the House and to the British people, including then opposition leader Michael Howard. When Blair had been drectly confronted by activists he stammers. During speeches he uses training to conceal stuttering by pausing and delaying.

    Presidential candidate Ron Paul spoke out in United States Congress titled "How To Start A 20 Year War, lies the government told you" which reveled in the video (4 minutes 36 seconds) April Glaspie meeting Saddam Hussein 25th July 1990. Ron Paul stated :

    "The US government gave Saddam Hussein a green light to attack. The tables were turned and our friend Hussein suddenly became Hitler personified. US government classified the documents of the meeting to "protect national security", which the documents in no way jeopardised national security. It served to keep the truth from the American people, about an event leading up to our initial military involvement in Iraq and the region that continues to today. The secrecy of the memo was designed to hide the truth from the American people to keep our government from being embarrassed. This was the initial event that led to so much death and destruction. Today the conflict has spread though the middle east and central Asia with no end in sight. The reason this hidden information is so important is that if congress and the American people has known about this green light incident, they would not have allowed the current war that is ongoing and expanding...

    Why should we so fear the truth, why should our government's lies and mistakes be hidden from the American people in the name of overt patriotism. Once it becomes acceptable to equate truth with treason we can no longer call ourselves a free society.

    22 US soldiers from Iraq commit suicide per day, which is more active-duty soldiers killing themselves than died in combat. More British soldiers commit suicide than die in battle suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), 10% of prisoners are ex British soldiers and 9000 British Soldiers are homeless.

    In training US soldiers used the term "Haji" as their target at Iraqis, Afghans, or Arab people in general. It is used in the way "gook" or "Charlie" was used by U.S military personnel during the Vietnam War. Psychologically military training seperates the target from being human to another category that will be shot at. "Haji" is an Arabic word for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

    Soon after military operations began, evidence emerged of coalition laws of war violations. Coalition forces, including the United States and United Kingdom, dropped thousands of indiscriminate cluster munitions in populated areas and conducted indiscriminate airstrikes that killed civilians.

    US forces also subjected detainees in Abu Ghraib and other detention sites to torture, including sexual abuse and humiliation; wrongly killed protesters; and hired private military contractors who killed and injured dozens of civilians. UK forces have been responsible for abuses of hundreds of Iraqi detainees, including torture and unlawful killings.

    The insurgency that followed the US invasion not only attacked US-led forces but also Iraqi civilians. Al-Qaeda in Iraq swiftly ascended and ultimately morphed into the Islamic State (ISIS). In 2014, ISIS captured and imposed brutal rule over large swaths of Iraq and neighboring Syria, perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity, and prompting a second US-led invasion that resulted in massive, routinely undercounted civilian casualties.

    In October 2019, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets, some demanding an overhaul of the highly contested political system established after the 2003 invasion. In response, authorities chose repression over reform, killing more than 600 protestors, and disappearing hundreds more.

    To cover up the War Crimes in Afghanistan, In 2018 John Bolton blocked the visa's for the ICC (International Criminal Court) to enter the United States. Criminality involved crimes against humanity, massacres, mass killing of civilians, intentionally targeting civilians and civilian areas for attack, killing and torturing prisoners, rape rallies reported, looting of at least 4000 ancient historic artifacts, wanton destruction of irrigation systems crucial to agriculture and use of chemical weapons. John Bolton cited the reason as the United States only investigated their own (preemptive) war crime on Iraq. Trump issued sanctions on the ICC, and in 2020 an prosection into war crimes was shut down for the second time, despite clear evidence of torture, murder, rape and human rights breaches. Victim-blaming is not just about avoiding culpability-it's also about avoiding vulnerability. Victim blaming often involves false beliefs or thoughts that attempt to shift the blame from the perpetrator of the crime to the victim. The Hague or the UN have not investigated for such egregious preemptive war crimes, despite so many charges including torture which factually occured.

    The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an American think tank specialising in U.S. foreign policy and international relations. Rockefellers (Jewish) are Zionist Jews who ran as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. David Rockefeller (Jewish) joined the Council in 1941 and was appointed as a director in 1949. David M. Rubenstein (Jewish)(Chairman) - Cofounder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

    Bradley Manning releases huge stock piles of files on USA's daily war crimes, revealing that the newly installed Iraqi government with USA, torture civilians, thus fallible argument of Saddam Hussein removal is dissolved. Subsequently Bradley Manning receives a 35 year prison sentence, put into solitary confinement windowless cell and tortured. On January 17, 2017, Obama commuted Manning's sentence to nearly seven years of confinement. Video evidence of slaughter shown of civilians, despite that no-one is charged. Leaks and testimonies like Ethan McCord show that UK and USA have contradicted Geneva conventions unconventional tactical war crimes of unprovoked war and torture on a Country incapable of defending itself and made illegal to protect itself.

    Wikileaks reported that over one thousand innocent unarmed Iraqi civilians were reported murdered at temporary checkpoints by US soldiers. The New York times would not publish this nor mentions the words torture or civilian deaths, when the Guardian would report this to the public. These were war crimes committed by the USA unreported, which the military coverup.

    Predator drones being used as robotic terrorism, killing 90% civilians, asymmetric approach to warfare, targetting Iraqi protests on invasion for WMD. Extradition is the formal process for requesting the surrender of requested persons from one territory to another.

    Since the later preemptive war on Iraq by the USA and the UK, Malaysia is the first country in the world to officially recognise Tony Blair and George Bush as War Criminals and will be charged if they enter Malaysia.

    With Afghanistan and the wider middle east, the Western World has been developing in the media, as much of a divide as possible. For Example in Western media, promoting lecherous homosexuality in film and television, same sex marriage by law, drag queens, sex changes from hormones and surgery to remove the penis, with breast implants. All of these are quite offensive to muslims. The political motivation is to say that "look how forward thinking we are in the western democracy". In contrast in Afghanistan they seek to get away from Western Imperialism, so they look back into the Golden Era of Islam where in the middle east they pioneered the first university, understanding mathematics that was abandoned in Europe, where muslims developed Astronomy. In the West, imperial rule has always had the upper advantage of colonialism by war, and creating sectarian divide in other countries. Divide and Conquer strategies, control of resources by dictating the economic currency. When the invasion of Iraq was found to be based upon lies, democracy was the argument given to the public. The International Criminal court was simply told the first Gulf War never ended, so the second ground invasion needed no justification. The public in general do have the ability to go through the fine details and will reluctantly accept information told to them in the media, even if lies are known. By the end of the propaganda western colonial wars are being justified in the consciousness as saying "well at least we are not them", never asking why millions of innocent are murdered by Western military power used into excess on defenceless populations. Muslims want to be able to develop their own remedies, medicines and media, but being suppressed by ground wars, destruction of homes, property and hospital, with crippling sanctions the Western model is to prevent muslims for having independent thought, demanding that Hollywood, western media and news to be their only source information, with all of their communications controlled by the Pentagon. No film is ever made on Palestine or the victims of Israeli overlords or Western military colonialism. With the invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis were awake to the games being played on Palestinians and Iraqies too. Blair and Bush saw the invasion as their chance to move forces into the region, take control of the oil fields, take over the media, put puppet leaders into Iraq and that the victors of war being the one with the greater military choose what the history books print.

    Malformations in Fallujah births are 14 times more than birth defects in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    America triggered a nearly 20-year war on Afghanistan that led to more than 3,500 U.S. and NATO military deaths, the deaths of more than 47,000 Afghan civilians, the killing of at least 66,000 Afghan troops, and over 2.7 million Afghans fleeing the county, according to the nonpartisan Costs of War project at Brown University. The U.S. has spent a stunning total of $3 trillion on a dizzying array of expenses, according to the Costs of War project.

    In September 2004, the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan stated, "I have indicated that it is not in accordance with the UN charter. From our point of view and the UN Charter point of view, the Iraq war was illegal".

    Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi journalist working for 30 years for the Saudi government. Jamal Khashoggi wanted reform from absolute rule from the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Ibn Saud from 1932 - 1953, which controlled all political and economic power by Sabbatean Frankists. Half the worlds oil reserves are under this control. Jamal Khashoggi was born in Medina on 13th October 1958. Jamal Khashoggi was the nephew of Adnan Khashoggi (arms dealer and founder of the Safari Club) and the first cousin of Dodi Fayed killed with Princess Diana. Dodi Fayed's mother is Samira Khashoggi of the Khashoggi arms dealing family. The Safari Club helped to mediate talks between Egypt and Israel, leading to Egypt's Sadat to visit to Jerusalem in 1977, the Camp David Accords in 1978, and the Egypt-Isael Peace Treaty in 1979. Adnan Khashoggi had proposed a huge telecommunications project for Egypt to be funded by USAID. Chancellor Bruno Kreisky became involved in the project and things really took off after Camp David in 1979/ The project was a gift to Egypt for agreeing to two frameworks:

    From 1979 Safari Club members, the BCCI and CIA co-operated to arming and funding the Afghan mujahideen to oppose the Soviet Union (Operation Cyclone).

    In 1981, Adnan Khashoggi becomes a client to Jeffrey Epstein's newly founded Intercontinental Assets Group Inc (IAG) who helped Adnan Khashoggi broker armament deals. IAG also began to work with African leaders associated with Adnan Khashoggi. who was implicated in the Iran-Contra affair.

    Adnan Khashoggi and Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud brought the Al-Yamamah arms deal involving British arms dealer Sir Douglas Leese.

    Al Yamamah is the controversial series of record arms sales by the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia, paid for by the delivery of up to 600,000 barrels (95,000 m3) of crude oil per day to the British government. The prime contractor has been BAE Systems earning £43 billion in revenue between 1985 and 2007. Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish) commited one of the largest ponzi fraud with Steven Hoffenberg (Jewish) with Towers Financial Corporation. Sir Douglas Leese told Hoffenberg about Epstein: "The guy's a genius, he's great at selling securities. And he has no moral compass."

    Jamal Khashoggi killing was premeditated, dismembered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2nd October 2018 by agents of the Saudi Kingdom ordered by Mohammed bin Salman [Sabbatean Frankists]

    Video evidence shows Jamal Khashoggi and his fiancee Hatice Cengiz attending the Saudi Embassy in Turkey between 1:14pm to 1:24pm. Audio recording within the Saudi embassy stated the day before and the same day of the murder :

    1st October 2018





    2nd October 2018




    Within the first ten minutes Jamal Khashoggi mouth is closed with someone's hand, and at this point Jamal Khashoggi begins to scream "YOU'RE GOING TO STRANGLE ME". "YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME", "I HAVE ASTHMA", "DON'T DO THIS" Jamal Khashoggi repeats as more men subdue him. At this point Jamal Khashoggi does not stand a chance and is wheezing, grunting. Those are the only sounds he can make as Jamal Khashoggi is being killed.

    Forensic evidence found that Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the conference room. The first identification reported that it smells oddly clean. Under special lighting trails of blood drops were found on the carpet and walls, which forensic samples were collected. A live conference call recording before, during and after the the murder which orders were directed. Whilst the murder of Jamal Khashoggi occured the fiancee, Hatice Cengiz, is waiting outside the Saudi embassy for Jamal Khashoggi.

    Jamal Khashoggi had known Osama bin Laden, for decades. Initially Khashoggi had some sympathy for al-Qaeda's aim to overthrow autocratic Middle Eastern regimes. January 25th, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt revolution began in Tahrir Square. Hosni Mubarak was dictator from 14th October 1981 - 11th February 2011 killing and imprisoning many thousands of protestors. Protests were being quelled by telecommunications installed by Siemens Germany, Siemens Austria and Thomas CSF France. The Arab spring brought Mohamed Morsi as a deomocratically elected under the Freedom and Justice Party from 2011 to 2012. Western regimes supporting Israel, opposed democracy in Egypt, which Morsi was overthrown in a military coup under Sisi. This western policy contradicts the offical reason for the war on Iraq as being for democracy. Jamal Khashoggi criticised Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi's government in Egypt. According to Khashoggi, "Egypt has jailed 60,000 opposition members and is deserving of criticism as well."

    Arab uprising on the Western backed dictator Hosni Mubarak

    Tahrir Square was the focal point of the March 2003 peace campaigning (to save lives) against the War in Iraq and the enormous 2011 Egyptian revolution against former tyrannical president Hosni Mubarak.

    The My Lai massacre was the mass murder of unarmed South Vietnamese civilians by United States troops in San Tinh District, South Vietnam, on 16 March 1968 during the Vietnam War.

    Yellow cake from Niger to Iraq document of Uranium transaction was a forgery as disclosed by Mohammed El Baradeu, March 7th, 2003 and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stated the problems were glaring "one letter dated October 10th 2000 was signed with name "Ailele Elhadj Habibou" Minister for Foreign Affairs in the period 1988 to 1989"

    There was no significant connection between Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden.

    Monsanto since 2003 invasion of Iraq have genetically modified all the crops in Iraq.

    Notable people who have maintained public opposition to these war crimes calling for Tony Blair to be indicted at the International Criminal Court (ICC) :

    Kofi Atta Annan seventh secretary-general of the United Nations from 1997 to 2006 clearly stating, "Iraq war was illegal under Charter".
    Desmond Tutu a South African Anglican bishop and theologian, known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist.
    Nelson Mandela a South African anti-apartheid activist and politician who served as the first president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.
    Hugo Chavez (dead, possibly murdered).
    James Traficant Democrat politician, Ohio Congressman, outspoken over Israeli control of the United States.
    Clare Short British politician who served as Secretary of State for International Development from 1997 to 2003.
    David Kelly murdered (weapons expert, who even said in Geneva February 2002, "He assured Iraqi sources there would be no war", David Broucher asked Kelly what if there were to be an invasion, Kelly replied "I would be found dead in the Woods). The chilling prediction of Kelly's own death during a conversation with the British diplomat David Broucher in Geneva in February
    Robin Cook Foreign Secretary resigned with opposition to the Iraq war then died early in life.
    Tony Benn the Labour party split between Blair pro Iraq war and Jeremy Corbyn anti war.
    George Galloway resigned.
    Crispin Flintoff Socialist and a Pacifist with Mandy McKenna, Michael O’Sullivan and Jim Matheson.
    Clare Short resigned from the cabinet over the Iraq War
    Clare Daly Irish politician who has been a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland, demands Blair be tried
    Mick Wallace Irish politician who has been a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Ireland, demands Blair be tried
    Muntadhar Al-Zaidi December 2008 throwing shoe at George W. Bush yelling "This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq". Al-Zaidi was held by guards who broke his nose and teeth, then by Iraqi army's Baghdad command, beaten with a metal pole, then to Iraqi judiciary and further tortured in private damp rooms. Hundreds took to the streets to demand his release 12 March 2009, Al-Zaidi was sentenced to three years in prison for throwing shoes potentially facing charges of insulting a foreign leader. After his release, serving 3 months in solitary confinement, then released after 9 months. Al-Zaidi was treated for injuries received in prison. Al-Zaidi vowed to release the names of those who he said tortured him, including senior officials in the government and the army. Al-Zaidi case proves and confirms the myth the Americans came to liberate Iraq. Americans are not welcome as they lied just to take over Iraq, leave millions of orphans and steal Iraq's resources.
    Stephen Hawking theory of cosmology scientist.
    Tony Rooke took the BBC to court refusing paying the television licence for prior knowledge of collapse on 9/11 World Trade Centre 7
    Lindsey German is a British left-wing political activist. A founding member and convenor of the British anti-war organisation Stop the War Coalition
    Christopher Nineham is a British political activist and founder member of the Stop the War Coalition
    David Lawley Wakelin is a British political activist, protestor at Leveson Inquiry
    Charles Kennedy Liberal democrat leader, who opposed the Iraq war then died early in life.
    Barry Jennings Whistleblower inside World Trade Centre 7 on the ground, northside, reporting explosions before both impacted World Trade centers collapsed. Jennings died early in life.
    President Jimmy Carter bitterly opposed to both Iraq wars.
    Brian William Haw (English Protester/Peace campaigner ten years outside London's Parliament Square from 2001, indignant protesting against UK and US foreign policy).
    Yasser Arafat radiation poisoning with polonium, by investigation in Lausanne, Switzerland by forensic lab scientists of Swiss Institute of Radiation Physics (IRA)..
    Michael Ruppert opposed peak oil, invading and occupying Iraq, seizing of Iraq's oil supplies, which is the second largest in the world.
    Robert Fisk middle east journalist.
    Asa Winstanley covered in depth the removal of Jeremy Corbyn by the pro Isreal lobby titled "Weaponising Anti-Semitism".
    John Pilger born 09.10.1939 - 30.12.2023 world wide journalist, investigative current affairs programmes and documentaries, highly critical of Western foreign policy, died aged 84 during Israel's total destruction of Gaza in 2023. Fired by Robert Maxwell.
    Denis Halliday resigned from sanctions from the UN on Iraq.
    Jeremy Corbyn aided in the UK largest peace campaigning (to save lives) against the (preemptive) Iraq war. MainStream Media destroyed all chances of winning an election by subversion then smeared, banned, then discrediting his character as anti semitic. Corbyn's character assignation in politics was targeted for having somthing to say. Jeremy Corbyn was openly critical towards the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis, which then was conflated as hate towards Jewish people collectively. Israel politically subvert democracy as Jeremy Corbyn exposes corruption. Democracy under Jeremy Corbyn leadship is a threat to Israel. Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader by the party membership, not by the parlimentary Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn enemies publically were Tony Blair, Yair Lapid, the Main Stream Media, NATO (due to Ukraine war opposition), even to Royality. Mike Pompeo, the US secretary of state visited the UK in June 2019 stating, "It could be that Mr Corbyn manages to run the gauntlet and get elected. It's possible. You should know, we won't wait for him to do those things to begin to push back. We will do our level best. It's too risky and too important and too hard once it's already happened". "Oh Jeremy Corbyn: The Big Lie" this was a documentary banned by Campaign against AntiSemitism" and targeting UK Protesters "against Israel's borders". Keir Starmer a member of the Trilateral Commission removes Jeremy Corbyn for anti semitism.
    Hans Blix was prevented from investigating into WMD. Blix has stated in 2023 that in principle Bush and Blair should be charged in the Hague. The people want answers on Bush and Blairs enormous in scale war crimes, guilty with much blood on their hands is not just forgotten. George Bush / Henry Kissinger (Jewish) traits of: psychopathic lies, deceptive propogandist, hypocritical, skewing the views of the persecuted, expoiting the natural resources, very dishonourable with no intergrity that has evidence to be charged upon in an international court.
    Roger Waters of Pink Floyd opposition to using Israel as a tool for Western Imperialism.
    Dennis Kucinich an American Democrat politician.
    Cynthia McKinney an American Democrat politician, showed the United States had "numerous warnings of 9/11 in advance" and called for an investigation. Cynthia McKinney supported anti-war legislation and introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush, Vice President Richard (Dick) Cheney, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. AIPAC required Cynthia to sign a pledge of allegiance to Israel for campaign funding, which Cynthia refused. Martin Luther King Jr campaigned for black race citizens to be able to vote in US elections. Cynthia McKinney exposed Martin Luther King Jr assignation by James Earl Ray was false as Judge Joe Brown found unfired bullets discovered with the alleged murder weapon were metallurgically different from the bullet taken from Martin Luther King's body.
    Michael Moore filmmaker, author and left-wing activist of globalisation and capitalism.
    Ron Paul an American author, activist, physician and Libertarian Party politician. The main stream media purposely kept Ron Paul from public attention.
    Tim Robbins an American actor and filmmaker.
    Susan Sarandon an American actor.
    George Michael condemned the Iraq war from Tony Blair and George Bush.
    Viggo Mortensen multilingual American actor, filmmaker and political activist.
    Medea Benjamin an American political activist who was the co-founder of "Code Pink" with Jodie Evans
    Cindy Sheehan an American anti-war activist, whose son, U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, was killed during the Iraq War.
    Jesse Ventura an American politician, actor, and retired professional wrestler.
    Robin Williams : spoke out on Parkinson "UK prime time television", that we (the USA) are the bad guys in the Iraq invasion. 2009 promoted "Weapons of Self-Destruction".
    Mark Ruffalo : tweeted that "until George W. Bush is brought to justice for the crimes of the Iraq War, (including American-led torture, Iraqi deaths & displacement, and the deep scars-emotional & otherwise-inflicted on our military that served his folly), we can't even begin to talk about kindness."
    Ken Livingstone states on radio "The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933". Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott forced to quit for anti semitism.
    Howard Zinn states preemptive war against Iraq so flagrantly violates both international law and common morality.
    Gerhard Schröder along with French President Jacques Chirac and many other world leaders, spoke out strongly against the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq and refused any military assistance in that invasion with public opinion strongly against premptive war on Iraq.
    Caroline Lucas Green Party MP Caroline Lucas at the largest UK rally told the Commons : The arguments used by Tony Blair's government for going to war in Iraq were "deeply flawed".
    "Mo" Mowlam Labour Party MP Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam at the largest UK rally said : Iraq is no threat. Bush wants war to keep US control of the region.
    Elizabeth Wilmshurst CMG deputy legal adviser at the Foreign Office in the United Kingdom diplomatic service from 1974 to resigning in 2003 over the illegal invasion of Iraq. Elizabeth Wilmshurst writing in her resignation letter that "an unlawful use of force on Iraq to such a scale amounts to the crime of aggression"

    Other proponents against the Iraq war include the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and Dalai Lama.

    Jeffrey Epstein

    Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish) a member of the Trilateral Commission, was born, 20th January 1953, carried out at Towers Finance with Steven Hoffenberg (Jewish), the second largest Ponzi Fraud, dirctly after Bernie Madoff (Jewish) then Sam Bankman-Fried (Jewish) largest ponzi frauds in US history.

    Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) never investigated Jeffrey Epstien or Bernie Madoff Ponzi Frauds

    Donald Barr was headmaster of Dalton a Manhattan prep school which hired Jeffrey Epstein. Donald Barr was the father of Attorney General William Barr who later investigated Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein worked at Bear Stearns from the mid 1970s until 1981, arriving at the bank with no previous financial experience. Afterwards Jeffrey Epstein was providing money laundering and blackmail service to intelligence agencies.

    Steve Bing (Jewish) was also known for being a high-rolling financier who was close with several elite figures including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. Steve Bing's donations to the Clinton Foundation are between $10-$25 million, along with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Steve Bing had a child Damian Hurley by Elizabeth Hurley, which Steve Bing urged Hurley to have an abortion, but Hurley refused. Bing denied paternity by alleging that he and Hurley had a brief, non-exclusive relationship in 2001. A DNA test established Bing as the child's father. Hurley gave birth to Damian Charles Hurley on April 4, 2002, whom Bing never met.

    Mark Middleton introduced Bill Clinton to Epstein a few times, some in White House. Mark Middleton was found in Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, on May 7, 2022, hanging and shotgun to chest. A Stoeger 12-gauge coach shotgun was 30 feet from the body.

    On June 22nd, nearly a year after Epstein's "suicide", Steve Bing plunged to his death by falling off the 27th floor of his Los Angeles apartment building. Although no suicide note found, Bing's death was quickly ruled as a suicide by law enforcement. The reported reason being Steve Bing was depressed about lack of human contact during the Coronavirus quarantine!

    The mainstream media channel ABC prevented from being televised to the public, in 2015, Amy Robach's interview of the victim Virginia Giuffre who gave evidence

    (ABC which is Jewish Owned). Amy Robach was caught on a hot mic which Project Veritas leaked. Volunteers helped the victims of this conspiracy, engaging in researching dates, locations, relationships, workers and transactions all to put online by You Tube, which again was blocked by Jewish corporations. The unpaid public would also get involved in following timelines of events, which brought the general public to investigate what the police, court authorities and media corporation owners deliberately cover up. None of the Jewish corporations advocate freedom of speech; they all have hate speech policies that block websites via Internet Service Providers. These laws are focused on anti semitism, terrorism which do not provide a balanced representation. The mainstream media format dictates certain events, but not allow the public a return conversation or comment.

    Virginia Giuffre made attempts to report the crimes of Prince Andrew in the United Kingdom reported on Channel 4 News :

    Scotland Yard refused to investigate Epstien's sex trafficking underage girls, despite their being six victims and witnesses with the crimes occuring on UK jurisdiction

    Dame Cressida Rose Dick DBE QPM served as Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis from 2017 to 2022 who refused to investigate Epstein (Jewish) and Ghislaine Maxwell (Jewish). Jeffrey Epstein's black book lists Sir Tony Blair, Lord Peter Mandelson (Jewish), President Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz (Jewish) and Michael Bloomberg (Jewish). If the United Kingdom police would have investigated Epstein's black book this would have uncovered the whole ring.

    Epstein's crimes of sex trafficking underage girls, which the predator Ghislaine Maxwell (Jewish) born 25th December 1961 who was cold, moody and materialistic. The poorer, vulnerable children need protecting from these powerful organised Israeli sex trafficking groups. The famous parties involved are Jeffrey Epstein, Jean-Luc Brunel (Jewish) : Suicide by hanging, Prince Andrew (sexual assault filed by Virginia Giuffre in New York State, settled at £12 million ($16.3 million)) and Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Prince Andrew received hundreds of thousands of pounds from Jeffrey Epstein. £750,000 from 'fraudster' was to fund Princess Beatrice's wedding, with Sarah Ferguson £40,000.

    On July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish) was arrested in New York City on multiple charges, including sex trafficking. Epstein faced similar charges in Florida in 2008, but escaped federal charges despite flight log evidence of the "Lolita Express" and witnesses from Larry Visoski, Epstein's long-time pilot. This resulted in :

    A non prosecution agreement from Alexander Acosta dropping all serious charges without consulting the victims

    The autopsy photographs do not match in the external ear anatomy, most obviously in the "Crus of helix" to the "Tubercle of tragus", the "Antitragus" leading on each side to the "Intertragal incisure" and "Post sulcus". Google have removed these images from searching in line with the purging of all online content. Mark Epstein stated that cell doors were left open that night in question, with six stages of security from cell to exit, with 7 to 14 people employed to all the stages.

    Rigor mortis corpse not dealt as a crime scene, two cameras malfunction and two guards asleep.

    Corrections officer found Epstein's body, on his knees, with the orange ligature around his neck, tied to the top bunk in his cell. The autopsy photographs do not show any markings of the orange bed sheets tied around the neck. The corpse which replaced Jeffrey Epstein was murdered using a cord strangled from the rear. Authorities have only the word of the people in the jail as to what happened, officers were not forthcoming just stating "He was stone-cold dead when they found him. He had been dead for three hours. Rigor mortis set in, and it was apparent he was dead, yet they called EMT and didn't photograph how the body was found". They were supposed to leave the body, then call the medical examiner's office, so photographs can be taken, with testing. The 911 recording of the telephone call is missing.

    Epstein was removed from Metropolitan Correctional Center, in Lower Manhattan. The Emergency Medical Team (EMT's) did not move the corpse directly to the infirmary, this was already done by the prison service. The corpse was supposed to left in place and for the medical examiner to investigate. EMT's usually film the event from the infirmary to the hospital. The dead body was transported in cardiac arrest to the New York Downtown Hospital, which was pronounced dead at 6:39 am. The New York City medical examiner who carried out the autopsy, New York City Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson, ruled that Epstein's death was a suicide by hanging. Sampson has not released the full autopsy report or the EMS report or the hospital report.

    Barbara Samson was the chief pathologist. Dr Roman did the actual autopsy, then later Dr Michael Baden (Jewish). Barbara Samson officially declared Jeffrey Epstein death a suicide, but was not present for the autopsy. When the death is declared a suicide, they stop investigating. Emergency medical teams (EMT's) were never interviewed that collected the corpse. They never interviewed the New York Downtown Hospital.

    Scientists have many genuine forensic questions on Epstein :

    What the authorities claim as "lack of evidence" is infact "the evidence" of :

    Dr. Michael Baden a private forensic pathologist hired by Mark Epstein (brother of Jeffrey Epstein) to monitor his brother's autopsy held August 11th, the day after Epstein was found dead at Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan. Authorities have not conducted any criminal investigation "They rushed the body out of the jail, which they shouldn't do because that destroys the evidence". Dr. Michael Baden once led the New York City Medical Examiner's office, has participated in some of the country's most infamous death investigations, including the congressional inquiry into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For nearly five decades, Baden has also been a member of a New York state commission that reviews deaths in the state's prisons, and knows how crime scenes within the isolation of prisons can be tainted and even staged. Baden, who has conducted more than 20,000 autopsies, said that in 50 years he has never had a prison death where two corrections officers fell asleep, nor has he ever had a case where three bones were broken in an alleged suicide by hanging just at a kneeling postion from the floor.

    On the day before his body was discovered, more than 2,000 pages of court documents were unsealed, revealing that one of Epstein's young victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, had provided sworn testimony in a 2016 court case that Epstein directed her to have sex with a number of men who were prominent figures in politics, royality, finance, science, academics and philanthropy. The timing of Epstein's death, coming just weeks after federal authorities claimed he had previously tried to kill himself at the jail, raised further questions as to why Epstein - one of the most high-profile inmates imaginable - wasn't being monitored more closely.

    Epstein funded Professor of Genetics at Harvard University George Church on Age Reversal research. Epstein clearly had no intention of suicide.

    Half Shekel King Cyrus Donald Trump Jewish Temple Mount Israeli Coin was minted. Ehud Barak (Jewish) instucted Epstein (Jewish) on the operations. Trump's son in law is Jared Kushner (Jewish), son of convicted Charles Kushner (Jewish), flew around with Jeffrey Epstein. The media keep promoting these wars, whilst the media buries stories on Jeffrey Epstein's cronies.

    Published in the New York Times : After Epstein died, millions of dollars was sent from Epstein's estate to a bank connected to Southern Trust, which Epstein lawyers claim was inactive.

    Jonathan Pollard (Jewish) is a former intelligence analyst for the United States government. In 1987, as part of a plea agreement, Pollard (Jewish) pleaded guilty to spying for and providing top-secret classified information to Israel. Donald Trump had a coin manufactured in Israel as currency. Trump's largest donor, Sheldon Adelson (Jewish), privately flew the spy to Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Jonathan and Esther Pollard (Jewish) upon their arrival on the runway in Israel.

    All of Biden's and Trump's children are married to Jews, Trump's father built synagogues for Jews in the 60's to 70's.
    Donald Trump was bailed out by Wilbur Louis Ross from the Rothschild family, publicly announced on television "Trump was bankrupt, Trump owes us a favour, now we own Trump". Trump was literally doing the Jews bidding. Israel mints Trump coin to honor Jerusalem

    Trump's mentor Roy Marcus Cohn (Jewish), was a homosexual, frauderster, whom raped kids and died from AIDS.
    A smiling Ivanka Trump welcomed Israeli dignitaries to the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, as Israel's armed forces killed dozens of Palestinian protesters. While Ivanka Trump is holiding a flute of champagne, smiling as if at a country club, children are being murdered by Israeli forces.

    Jeffrey Epstein List of Associates

    Includes many of Epstein’s accusers and alleged victims with Johanna Sjoberg's deposition stating Bill Clinton "Clinton likes them young, referring to girls" and Giuffre said, Maxwell “trained me as a sex slave”. Johanna Sjoberg statement testified that listening to Epstein to celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai Epstein by phone. “Can we find some girls for him?”. Sarah Ransome had threats if revealed the Island had multiple cameras filming of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew & Richard Branson.

    The released names of people from flight logs confirmed who travelled to Epstein's Island were:

    Adam Perry Lang (Jewish)
    Akon (Aliaune Thiam)
    Alan Dershowitz (Jewish)
    Alberto Pinto (Jewish)
    Alec Baldwin
    Alyssa Rogers
    Anderson Cooper (CNN)
    Andrea Mitrovich
    Andres Pastrana (Columbian leader)
    Anthony Kiedis
    Audrey Raimbault
    Barak Obama
    Ben Affleck
    Beyonce Knowles
    Bill Clinton
    Bill Hammond
    Bill Murray
    Brian Affleck
    Candace Bushnell
    Caren Casey
    Casey Wasserman (Jewish)
    Catherine Hudson
    Charlie Rose (PBS)
    Charlie Sheen (Jewish)
    Chelsea Handler (Jewish)
    Chris Tucker
    Chris Wagner
    Chrissy Teigen (Jewish)
    Christy Turlington
    Cindy Lopez
    Claire Hazel
    Courtney Guest
    Courtney Love (Jewish)
    Dan Schneider (Jewish)
    David, Koch
    David Yarovesky (Yarvol) (Jewish)
    Demi Moore
    Doug Band
    Dustin Hoffman (Jewish)
    Ed Tuttle
    Ehud Barak (Jewish)
    Elizabeth Hurley
    Ellen Spencer (Jewish)
    Emmy Taylor (Jewish)
    Fleur Perry Lang (Jewish)
    Freya Perry Lang
    Freya Wissing
    Gary Roxburgh
    George Hamilton
    George Mitchell
    Ghislainne Maxwell (Jewish)
    Glen Dubin (Jewish)
    Greg Holbert
    Gwen Stefani (Jewish)
    Gwendolyn Beck
    Hank Collier
    Heather Mann
    Henry Kissinger (Jewish)
    Henry Rosovsky (Jewish)
    James Franco (Jewish)
    James Granco (Jewish)
    James Gunn (Jewish)
    Janice Dixon
    Jean Luc Brunel (Jewish)
    Jean Michelle Gathy
    Jeffery Epstein (Jewish)
    Jeffrey Jones
    Jim Carrey
    Jimmy Kimmel
    Joan Rivers (Jewish)
    Joe Pagino (Jewish)
    John Cusack (Jewish)
    John Legend
    Juan Pablo Molyneux
    Juliette Bryant
    Justin Roiland (Jewish)
    Kathy Griffin
    Katy Perry (Katheryn Hudson)
    Kelly Spamm
    Kevin Spacey
    Kristy Rogers (Jewish)
    Koo Stark
    Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) (Jewish)
    Larry Summers (Jewish)
    Larry Visoski (Jewish)
    Laura Hutton
    Laura Wasserman (Jewish)
    Lawrence Krauss (Jewish)
    Linda Pinto (Jewish)
    Lisa Summers (Jewish)
    Lynn Forester de Rothschild (Jewish)
    Mandy Ellisa (Jewish)
    Marc Collins-Rector (Jewish)
    Mark Epstein (Jewish)
    Mark Lloyd
    Mark Rector
    Marshall Matthers III
    Melinda Luntz (Jewish)
    Meryl Streep
    Michelle Wolf (Jewish)
    Mick Jagger
    Nadia Bjorlin
    Naomi Campbell
    Natalie Blachon (De Perrier)
    Nicole Junkermann (Jewish)
    Oliver Sachs (Jewish)
    Oprah Winfrey
    Paul Hala
    Paul Mellon
    Paula Epstein (Jewish)
    Peter Marino
    Pharrell Williams
    Phil Collins (Jewish)
    Quentin Tarantino
    Ralph Ellison (Jewish)
    Ralph Fiennes
    Ray Barzanna (Jewish)
    Ricardo Legoretta (Jewish)
    Richard Branson
    Robert Downey Jr (Jewish)
    Rodney Slater
    Ron Burkle (Jewish)
    Sandy Berger (Jewish)
    Sarah Kellen (Jewish)
    Seth Green (Jewish)
    Shawn Carter
    Shelley Harrison
    Shelley Lewis
    Simon Le Bon
    Sophie Biddl
    Stefani Germanotta (Jewish)
    Stephen Collins
    Stephen Colbert (CBS)
    Steven Spielberg (Jewish)
    Steven Tyler
    Svetlana Griaznova
    Teala Davies
    Tiffany Gramza
    Tom Ford
    Tom Hanks
    Tom Pritzker (Jewish)
    Tyler Grasham
    Victor Salva (Jewish)
    Vera Wang
    Virginia Roberts
    Wanda Sykes
    Will Ferrell
    Will Smith
    Woody Allen (Jewish)

    Sam Bankman-Fried (Jewish) is the founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and associated trading firm Alameda Research. SBF received eight criminal charges for offenses including wire fraud, commodities fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, and campaign finance law violations. An additional four charges were announced in February 2023. On December 22, Bankman-Fried was released on a $250 million bond, on condition that he reside at his parents' home in California. On August 11, 2023, his bail was revoked over alleged attempts at witness tampering.

    All wars are manipulative bankers wars. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks (Winner of the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award for exposing extrajudicial assassinations) is being tried as a political prisoners for publishing evidence that jailed bankers with vested interests in government institutions in Iceland. Video evidence of the July 12, 2007, US airstrike on the streets of Iraq showed gloating United States soldiers attacking 17 civilians including children from a helicopter, including Reuters journalists Namir Noor-Eldeen and his assistant Saeed Chmagh. Reuters made a Freedom of Information request to the US government for the video but were denied.

    Crimes of Usury / Economic Collapse / Financial System

    Trilateral Commission

    Federal Reserve

    Complete list of all Rothschild owned and controlled banks

    Afghanistan: Bank of Afghanistan
    Albania: Bank of Albania
    Algeria: Bank of Algeria
    Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina
    Armenia: Central Bank of Armenia
    Aruba: Central Bank of Aruba
    Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia
    Austria: Austrian National Bank
    Azerbaijan: Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic
    Bahamas: Central Bank of The Bahamas
    Bahrain: Central Bank of Bahrain
    Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bank
    Barbados: Central Bank of Barbados
    Belarus: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
    Belgium: National Bank of Belgium
    Belize: Central Bank of Belize
    Benin: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Bermuda: Bermuda Monetary Authority
    Bhutan: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
    Bolivia: Central Bank of Bolivia
    Bosnia: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Botswana: Bank of Botswana
    Brazil: Central Bank of Brazil
    Gabon: Bank of Central African States
    The Gambia: Central Bank of The Gambia
    Georgia: National Bank of Georgia
    Germany: Deutsche Bundesbank
    Bulgaria: Bulgarian National Bank
    Burkina Faso: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Burundi: Bank of the Republic of Burundi
    Cambodia: National Bank of Cambodia
    Came Roon: Bank of Central African States
    Canada: Bank of Canada - Banque du Canada
    Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
    Central African Republic: Bank of Central African States
    Chad: Bank of Central African States
    Chile: Central Bank of Chile
    China: The People's Bank of China
    Colombia: Bank of the Republic
    Comoros: Central Bank of Comoros
    Congo: Bank of Central African States
    Costa Rica: Central Bank of Costa Rica
    Côte d'Ivoire: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Croatia: Croatian National Bank
    Cuba: Central Bank of Cuba
    Cyprus: Central Bank of Cyprus
    Czech Republic: Czech National Bank
    Denmark: National Bank of Denmark
    Dominican Republic: Central Bank of the Dominican Republic
    East Caribbean area: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
    Ecuador: Central Bank of Ecuador
    Egypt: Central Bank of Egypt
    El Salvador: Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador
    Equatorial Guinea: Bank of Central African States
    Estonia: Bank of Estonia
    Ethiopia: National Bank of Ethiopia
    European Union: European Central Bank
    Fiji: Reserve Bank of Fiji
    Finland: Bank of Finland
    France: Bank of France
    Ghana: Bank of Ghana
    Greece: Bank of Greece
    Guatemala: Bank of Guatemala
    Guinea Bissau: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Guyana: Bank of Guyana
    Haiti: Central Bank of Haiti
    Honduras: Central Bank of Honduras
    Hong Kong: Hong Kong Monetary Authority
    Hungary: Magyar Nemzeti Bank
    Iceland: Central Bank of Iceland
    India: Reserve Bank of India
    Indonesia: Bank Indonesia
    Iran: The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    Iraq: Central Bank of Iraq
    Ireland: Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland
    Israel: Bank of Israel
    Italy: Bank of Italy
    Jamaica: Bank of Jamaica
    Japan: Bank of Japan
    Jordan: Central Bank of Jordan
    Kazakhstan: National Bank of Kazakhstan
    Kenya: Central Bank of Kenya
    Korea: Bank of Korea
    Kuwait: Central Bank of Kuwait
    Kyrgyzstan: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Latvia: Bank of Latvia
    Lebanon: Central Bank of Lebanon
    Lesotho: Central Bank of Lesotho
    Libya: Central Bank of Libya
    Uruguay: Central Bank of Uruguay
    Lithuania: Bank of Lithuania
    Luxembourg: Central Bank of Luxembourg
    Macao: Monetary Authority of Macao
    Macedonia: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
    Madagascar: Central Bank of Madagascar
    Malawi: Reserve Bank of Malawi
    Malaysia: Central Bank of Malaysia
    Mali: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Malta: Central Bank of Malta
    Mauritius: Bank of Mauritius
    Mexico: Bank of Mexico
    Moldova: National Bank of Moldova
    Mongolia: Bank of Mongolia
    Montenegro: Central Bank of Montenegro
    Morocco: Bank of Morocco
    Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique
    Namibia: Bank of Namibia
    Nepal: Central Bank of Nepal
    Netherlands: Netherlands Bank
    Netherlands Antilles: Bank of the Netherlands Antilles
    New Zealand: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
    Nicaragua: Central Bank of Nicaragua
    Niger: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Nigeria: Central Bank of Nigeria
    Norway: Central Bank of Norway
    Oman: Central Bank of Oman
    Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan
    Papua New Guinea: Bank of Papua New Guinea
    Paraguay: Central Bank of Paraguay
    Peru: Central Reserve Bank of Peru
    Philip Pines: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
    Poland: National Bank of Poland
    Portugal: Bank of Portugal
    Qatar: Qatar Central Bank
    Romania: National Bank of Romania
    Rwanda: National Bank of Rwanda
    San Marino: Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino
    Samoa: Central Bank of Samoa
    Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
    Senegal: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Serbia: National Bank of Serbia
    Seychelles: Central Bank of Seychelles
    Sierra Leone: Bank of Sierra Leone
    Singapore: Monetary Authority of Singapore
    Slovakia: National Bank of Slovakia
    Slovenia: Bank of Slovenia
    Solomon Islands: Central Bank of Solomon Islands
    South Africa: South African Reserve Bank
    Spain: Bank of Spain
    Sri Lanka: Central Bank of Sri Lanka
    Sudan: Bank of Sudan
    Surinam: Central Bank of Suriname
    Swaziland: The Central Bank of Swaziland
    Sweden: Sveriges Riksbank
    Switzerland: Swiss National Bank
    Tajikistan: National Bank of Tajikistan
    Tanzania: Bank of Tanzania
    Thailand: Bank of Thailand
    Togo: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)
    Tonga: National Reserve Bank of Tonga
    Trinidad and Tobago: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
    Tunisia: Central Bank of Tunisia
    Turkey: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
    Uganda: Bank of Uganda
    Ukraine: National Bank of Ukraine
    United Arab Emirates: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom: Bank of England
    United States: Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    Vanuatu: Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
    Venezuela: Central Bank of Venezuela
    Vietnam: The State Bank of Vietnam
    Yemen: Central Bank of Yemen
    Zambia: Bank of Zambia
    Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

    AIPAC : American Israel Public Affairs Committee

    Is the largest unregistered lobbying group in USA for a 2% minority of population, bribing politicians using funds from American tax payers. Money from foreign aid to Israel is recycled back into AIPAC.

    97% of AIPAC approved candidates win.

    Positive discrimination is the automatic favouring, without proper consideration of merit, of under-represented individuals.

    Decentralised government is what they are against and invert anything that helps the public.

    U.S. Senator Charles Percy (September 27, 1919 - September 17, 2011) also known as Chuck Percy, was an American businessman and politician opposed to Zionism policy. In 2006, writing about the influence of political lobbies on the U.S. relationship with Israel, political theorists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt wrote that they believed Percy's loss was the result of a campaign waged against him by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). They note that despite a generally pro-Israel voting record, Percy incurred AIPAC's wrath by declining to sign the AIPAC-sponsored "Letter of 76" protesting President Ford's threatened "reassessment" of U.S. Middle East policy in 1975. Percy also called PLO leader Yasser Arafat more "moderate" than some other Palestinians.

    Paul Findley (June 23, 1921 - August 9, 2019) was an American writer and politician. He served as United States Representative from Illinois, representing its 20th District. A Republican, he was first elected in 1960. A moderate Republican for most of his long political career, Findley was a supporter of civil rights and an early opponent of the U.S. war in Vietnam. Findley pioneered a signature tactic of the peace movement : in 1969 Rep. Findley got the Congressional Record to publish the names of all Americans who had died in the Vietnam War, which then numbered over 31,000. Soon after, Quaker peace groups and other anti-war activists began reading those names aloud on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and at protests and vigils across the country.

    Paul Findley, a vocal critic of American policy towards Israel. Paul Findley was a strong proponent of the Palestinians and of opening up communication with the Palestine Liberation Organisation since they were the strongest and most organised representatives of Palestinian people at the time. Paul Findley co-authored the War Powers Act in 1973, which is supposed to limit the ability of the president to go to war without Congressional authorisation. In 1982 Findley narrowly lost his bid for re-election by pro-Israel groups AIPAC support to his challenger. During the campaign a former AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] president called Paul Findley "a dangerous enemy of Israel".

    A year after the September 11 attacks in 2001, Findley published an article saying that this attack would never have occurred were it not for the United States' uncritical support of Israel. Findley claimed that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was launched primarily to benefit Israel, at the behest of the Israel lobby in the United States. Findley was a frequent critic of U.S. foreign policy regarding Israel, blaming U.S. support of Israel for the September 11 attacks : "Nine-eleven would not have occurred if the U.S. government had refused to help Israel humiliate and destroy Palestinian society". Findley continued in the same article that : "America suffered 9/11 and its aftermath and may soon be at war with Iraq, mainly because U.S. policy in the Middle East is made in Israel, not in Washington". Findley was the author of They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby in which he stated that the pro-Israel lobby, notably AIPAC, has undue influence over the United States Congress. He referred to the lobby as "the 700-pound gorilla in Washington". A review of the book in The Washington Post stated: "Stripped of all the maudlin martyrdom, former congressman Paul Findley's message is straightforward and valid: Israeli influence in the United States, including in the inner sanctums of government, is very strong". Findley listed the Israeli lobby as one of the factors contributing to his defeat in 1982 stating "In seeking gains for Israel, they rigorously stifled dissent and intimidated the entire Congress. They still do. They defeat legislators who criticise Israel". Findley said that "the cancer of anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic sentiments was spreading in American society and requires corrective measures to stamp out this malaise".

    Michael Aquino

    Michael Aquino, a Satanist and US Lieutenant Colonel of psychological warfare for 40 years, established war between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Dr. Michael A. Aquino born October 16th, 1946, is a Lieutenant Colonel, Psychological Operations, U.S. Army. Aquino founded the ("satanic") Temple of Set and co-authored "From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory"; co-authored with Paul E. Vallely, which describes application of the "4th generation of warfare to an enemy population". Aquino came to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel during the Vietnam War. Aquino has been implicated in the 1980s Presidio child abuse case and the 1988-1991 Franklin scandal. The Franklin child prostitution ring was used by the US deep state for purposes of profiting and sexual blackmail. It was partially exposed. The sudden death of investigator Gary Caradori and the disappearance of his suitcase, was the most dramatic element of the cover-up. The Franklin scandal is an interstate pedophile network that flew kids from coast to coast. Akin to Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish), the Franklin scandal was much bigger than Jeffrey Epstein's network. Practical Kabbalah in historical Judaism, is a branch of the Jewish mystical tradition that concerns the use of magick. Weird sex parties under Kabbalist rule :

    Israeli Settler Colonialism has become a satanic state, celebrating genocide. Freemasonary expansion, funded by the Rothschilds, originating from the United States, expanding control of Europe, to further expand Israeli policy through out the surrounding middle east. Broadcasters say in the polls in the 2023 - 2024 war by Israel, 60% of Israelis say, "Israel is not using enough force in Gaza". In every metric :

    "Sadistic : deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on another"

    Just the United States veto United Nations resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza on 2023/4 when 30,000 Palestinians have been murdered by Jewish, displaced 85% of Gaza’s population and more than 2 million people are under threat of famine. The 15-member security council voted :

    Veto that blocks a decision
    Demanding ceasefire in Gaza
    United States of America
    United Kingdom (abstaining)
    Russian Federation
    Republic of Korea
    Sierra Leone

    Recent known Hollywood Sexual Abuse / Royals / Minor-Attracted People (MAP) / Pedophilia / Sexual Entrapment / #MeToo

    British monarch royals have a long history of war and sexual abuse. A cabal is a group of people who are united in some close design, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, a state, or another community, often by intrigue and usually unbeknownst to those who are outside their group. Cabalistic is a way of saying "secretive or mysterious." A book of ancient, mystical texts would be considered cabalistic. Any society or practice that's secretive and somewhat spiritual or mystical could also get the cabalistic label. The root is ultimately from Hebrew Kabbalah, something handed down. Cabalistic Monarchs and Freemasons are deeply entwined with cases like :

    Sir Jimmy Saville (necrophiliac and pedophile friend of Prince Charles)
    Lord Louis Mountbatten (uncle of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh - sexual child abuse, FOIR documents destroyed after requests)
    Bishop Peter Ball (sadistic paedophile friend of Prince Charles)
    Sir Leon Brittan (Jewish) (paedophile)
    Harvey Weinstein (Jewish) (Rapist/Sexual harassment/ Assault of 93 women protected by Mossad. Sentenced to 23 years at maximum-security Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo (NY) convicted of third-degree criminal sexual acts and first-degree rape.)
    Roman Polanski (Jewish) (raped, drugged and sodomised a 13 year old girl Samantha Gailey, receiving six criminal offenses then fled to France, raped Charlotte Lewis at 16 years old. Between 2017 and 2019, four other women came forward with claims that Polanski also abused them in the 1970s, three of them as minors)
    Danny Elfman (Jewish) (sexual assaults (one settled for $830,000))
    David Copperfield (Jewish) was born David Seth Kotkin. 16 women have accused Copperfield of sexual misconduct, half of the women were under 18, some as young as 15. He drugged three women before raping them, the reports range from late 1980s to 2014.
    Brett Ratner (Jewish) (unlawful sex)
    Dustin Hoffman (Jewish) (Two women accused Hoffman of sexual assault on December 2017.)
    Ron Jeremy (Jewish) (charged with 24 counts of rape and sexual assault)
    Herschel Weingrod (Jewish) (Famous for Trading Places (1983), Twins (1988) and Kindergarten Cop (1990), 77 year old caught out with 15 year girl groomed online as a name "Boris")
    Ansel Elgort (Jewish) (Sexually-assaulting a 17-year-old girl in June 2020.)
    Lars von Trier (Jewish) (Accused of mysogny - hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Sexually-harassed and mistreated musician/actress Bjork her after rejecting his advances whilst filming Dancer in the Dark (2000). Nicole Kidman also tried to quit filming Dogville (2003) from abuse)
    Louis C.K. (Jewish) (sexually inappropriate behavior including indecent exposure)
    Scott Rudin (Jewish) (Verbally/physically abusive behavior to several employees, also using manipulative bullying tactics, blackballing and payoffs via money or fabricated movie credits to silence victims.)
    Roland Emmerich (Jewish) (Bret Easton Ellis alleged that two of his ex-boyfriends attended parties featuring underage boys hosted by Emmerich and Bryan Singer)
    Woody Allen (Jewish) (sexually molested adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow)
    Jerry Lewis (Jewish) real name Joseph Levitch (Former co-stars of accused him of sexual assault and sexual harassment)
    Eliot Cutler (Jewish) (an American lawyer, political candidate pled guiltyto possessing child pornography)
    James Franco (Jewish) (In 2014, Franco admitted to a 17-year-old girl's claim that he sent her messages attempting to meet her in a hotel room after she told him she was 17. In 2018, Ally Sheedy quit acting after working with Franco. Franco's ex-girlfriend Violet Paley alleged that Franco forced her to give him oral sex in a car while they were dating)
    Kevin Spacey (cleared in Southwark Crown Court of multiple indecent assaults totalling 4 cases including the US, 30 victims, chld abuse of a 14 year old, Linda Culken accuser dead by collision with car, a dead massage therepist, Ari Behn married to Norway's princess Martha Louise, sexual assault and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent)
    Sylvester Stallone (Jewish) (sexual assault)
    Steven Spielberg (Jewish) (sexual assault of 6 year old Heather O’Rourke)
    Alejandro Jodorowsky (Jewish) (raped actress Mara Lorenzio for the production of El Topo (1970).)
    Gene Simmons (Jewish) (Sexual battery, criticised as sexist, a chronic womaniser and adulterer.)
    Rob Cohen (Jewish) (sexual assault using Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or GHB a drug associated with sex attacks)
    Bryan Singer (Jewish) (multiple sexual assult allegations on young boys. Michael Egan, at 17 years old alleges that Singer drugged him, got him drunk, and raped him in both California and Hawaii in 1999)
    Al Franken (Jewish) (American politician, comedian, writer commited multiple acts of sexual misconduct of which he resigned from the U.S. Senate in 2018)
    Garry Shandling (Jewish) (Fiancée filed a lawsuit against Shandling for sexual harassment and wrongful termination after he fired her following their breakup. The case was settled out of court in 1997 for $1 million. )
    President Donald Trump (rape)
    Matthew Broderick (Jewish) (Killed Anna Gallagher and her mother Margaret Doherty in a traffic incident, which Martin Doherty called "a travesty of justice")
    Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish) (rapist protected by Mossad)
    Rolf Harris (Queens portrait creator)

    Prince Andrew

    The Royal Protection Police, whom were Freemasons, destroyed records of the protected evidence. However Pizza Express in Woking takes telephone bookings on 01483 750310. The automated calling system, requires the number of people attending, the time of the table booking and a return mobile phone SMS text message is sent with confirmation code. It is easily possible for the one hour car journey's Saturday 10th March 2001 route from :

  • UK police not investigating a crime in the UK with UK citizens and UK witnesses

  • Republicanism in the United Kingdom is the political movement that seeks to replace the United Kingdom's monarchy with a republic. The UK Metropolitan police blocked investigation into the reported crime by Virginia Roberts first in 2015 then further in 2022.

    Prince Andrew asked why he could remember something so specific from 18 years ago replied "Because going to Pizza Express in Woking is a very unusual thing for me to do. I’ve never been... I’ve only been to Woking a couple of times and I remember it weirdly distinctly". But no locals have come forward to say they remember a flurry of excitement at the Prince's visit at the time (4pm), and no mention of the trip in the Court Circular - the official record of royal movements. Pizza Express in Woking's building layout has a corner entrance bay, a left group seating alley for parties by a large glass wall then right seating alley with smaller tables by windows.

    Virginia Roberts in a US legal deposition (2015) recounted how Prince Andrew bought her a drink from the bar of Tramp nightclub, saying: "Andrew got me a cocktail from the bar and he had a drink for himself". Prince Andrew denied to Emily Maitlis claiming : "I do not know where the bar is in Tramps, do not drink or ever purchased a drink". Floorplans of Tramp nightclub, which Prince Andrew visited frequently show the bar is visible from both the lounge and the dance floor just 10 metres away. Prince Andrew "sweated profusely" was asked to have a bath with Virginia Roberts. Trying to appeal to the heroic military mindset, Prince Andrew lays claim from an "Adrenalin Overdose" in the Falklands war, when being shot at :

    Prince Andrew physiologically is unable to biochemically sweat.

    Clinical medical evidence would support a legal defence in court. Prince Andrew responses to the legal deposition with the photograph accompanying Virginia Roberts taken on the night in question :

    "Erm... I was never in Tramps with her. There are a number of things wrong with that story. One of which is that I do not know where the bar is in Tramps. Erm..Uh.. I dont drink. Erm...I dont think I ever bought a drink in Tramps when ever I was there"

    "That could not have happened as I was at Pizza Express in Woking at 4 or 5pm on that day 10th March 2001 for a party."

    "I'm afraid to say that there's a medical condition [sweating] that says that I didn't do it, so therefore... "

    "I have no memory"

    "I can't explain that photograph or the photograph ever being taken"

    "I didn't go upstairs at Ghislane's"

    "I'm not one to as it were to hug"

    "You can't prove whether or not that photograph is faked or not, because it is a photograph of a photograph of a photograph... Nobody can prove whether or not that photograph has been doctored"

    "We can't be certain that it's my hand round her waist"

    "Without putting too fine a point on it, sex is a positive act with somebody, taking some positive action, therefore to forget it is very difficult. Originally I went 'that's a bit strange' trying remember this in response to delegations"

    "I don't believe it's a picture of me in London, because when I go out in London I wear a suit and tie"

    Photographs of Prince Andrew (with no suit or tie) perspiring leaving Chinawhite, 4 Winsley St, London W1W 8HF (an exclusive VIP nightclub for members only) at 2am in July 2000 even sees Prince Andrew in the same coloured shirt and trouser combination to the one in the photo at the centre of the claims with sweat perspiration appearing through the shirt.

    Photographs of Virginia Roberts with British model Naomi Campbell at a party in St Tropez, France two months later show Virginia Roberts to be wearing exactly the same outfit in both photographs with Prince Andrew.

    Prince Andrew questioned the reality of the photo stating :

    "I do not give public displays of affection"

    but many images taken of Prince Andrew embracing multiple women have since been revealed.

    Despite many images being cropped, the full width photograph showed Epstein's (Jewish) hand on the right hand side, which Prince Andrew stated :

    "I've never seen Epstein with a camera in my life"

    Prince Andrew then went on to have underage sex with trafficked Virginia Roberts (Giuffre). A month later , confirmed by witness Jana Stolberg (Jewish) in New York in Epstein's Mansion, then on Epstein's (Jewish) private island sex with 7 or 8 other trafficked underage girls.

    Despite inviting Epstein (Jewish) to Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday party at Windsor Castle in July 2006, Prince Andrew claimed to not know Epstein's (Jewish) arrest warrant had been issued two months previously for soliciting sex with under age girls.

    Virginia Giuffre was sex trafficked by the American financier (from ponzi fraud) and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish). in the early 2000s at the age of 17.

    Biographer Andrew Lownie, saught to access documents to Prince Andrew's "business trips" between 2001 to 2011. The foreign office would not release the Freedom of Information (FOI) documents, under Section 37 (Communication with Her Majesty and honours) section 40 (Personal Information) and section 41 (Information provided in Confidence excemptions) withheld until the year 2065, which Prince Andrew would be 105 years old. Prince Andrew was the UK's special representitive for trade and investment (a public appointment paid by tax payers), which Prince Andrew resigned from in 2011 following the leaked photograph with then convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (Jewish) (just released fom prison).

    In the Emily Maitlis interview, Prince Andrew states not regretting knowing Epstein (Jewish), "it had some seriously beneficial outcomes... I do not think anything was wrong then, the only problem was once he had been convicted I stayed with him" :

    "Erm..Erm..Quite often if I was in the United States and "doing things" and if he [Epstein} wasn't there he would say why dont you come and use my houses so I said, thats very kind, thank you very much indeed. Erm..but it would would be erm. erm, err, err, err, a considerable stretch to say he [Epstein] was a very, very close friend but he [Epstein} had the most extraordinary erm ability to bring extraordinary people together and thats the bit I remember is going to the dinner parties where you meet academics, politicians, people from the United Nations. I mean it was a... it was a... a cosmopolitan group of what I would describe as erm... US erm.. Eminence"

    Emily Maitlis asks "some people think Epstein did not take his own life". Prince Andrew response to the Epstein's death chuckling :

    "I'm not one to be able to answer that question...I have to take what the coroner says who has ruled suicide"

    Emily Maitlis responds "Epstein is now dead". Prince Andrew response to the Epstein's death chuckling yet again :


    "... we all knew Epstein, how did he get to where he was, what did he do, how did he do it, this first came out in 2011... in 2015 when the allegations were made in the deposition... the immediate family.. it was what is that all about..."

    Emily Maitlis responds "you have faced questions on a very very raw subject, there has never been an interview like this before, I wonder what that tells us about the way the royal family now confronts these difficult situations". Prince Andrew responses stuttering :

    The problem that I'm... err.. we face in the 21st century is social media. There is a whole range of problems that you face now that you didn't face 25 years ago because it was just the print media [aka Robert Maxwell]... it has been nagging in my mind for a great many years... there are all sorts of things that are on the internet and out there in the public domain that we go 'well yeah'. This is: It just never happened

    Emily Maitlis states clearly :

    "because in a legal deposition, 2015, she [Virginia Giuffre] said she had sex with you [Prince Andrew] three times, once in a London house [Ghislaine Maxwell, 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 8ES]. She [Virginia Giuffre] was trafficked to you in Maxwell's house, once in New York a month or so later at Epstein's mansion and once on his [Jeffrey Epstein's] private island in a group of seven or eight other girls".

    Emily Maitlis responds "this interview has been exceptionally rare, you might not speak on this subject again, is there anything you feel has been left unsaid". Prince Andrew responses in a deep breath :

    "No. I do not think so."

    Prince Andrew, Duke of York settled payment with £12 million ($16.3 million) in an out-of-court settlement to Virginia Giuffre (which compensation funds came from UK taxpayers).

    Prince Andrew publically stated never meeting Virginia Giuffre, yet officially pays £12 million ($16.3 million) as an out-of-court settlement to "a person Prince Andrew claimed to never have even met".

    Prince Andrew was required upon paying the settlement to Virginia Giuffre with a statement "Prince Andrew never intended to malign Ms. Giuffre’s character, and he accepts that she has suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of unfair public attacks"

    Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001) sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky (Jewish). Their sexual relationship began in 1995 when Clinton was 49 years old and Lewinsky was 22 years old and lasted 18 months, ending in 1997. Linda Tripp persuaded Lewinsky to secretly record phone calls and save the gifts Clinton had given Lewinsky, and not to dry clean a compromising semen-stained blue dress in order to keep it as an "insurance policy". The oil painting of Clinton in the blue dress hung in Jeffrey Epstein's Manhattan mansion an expression of control of the US president cheating on wife Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton ended a televised speech in January 1998 with "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky". Further investigation led to charges of perjury and to the impeachment of Clinton in 1998 by the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Deep State Mass Surveillance

    MI5 choose who works at the BBC.

    The tradional printing press, then televised news dictated the headlines "one direction" to the public, with no counter narrative. The events where the invader is the 'victim' purged of all crimes, high on violance in somebody elses country, is enforced into the psyche. Since illegal invasions began the public had no counter narrative platform of communication. With the advent of the internet the public decreased the media's importance on their lives. People stopped purchasing newspapers, government and military spying increased on societies using PROMIS, PRISM, PALANTIR and PEGASUS. The Center for Cyber Intelligence based at Langley, Virgina and the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt (CCIE) spy on:

    RFID chips
    Emails tracking
    Smartphone apps
    Ghost posting
    Banking transactions
    Network routers
    Passport tracking
    National identity card
    Closed source code
    Mobile phone calls
    SMS text messages
    Smart Televisions
    Cloud server monitoring
    Shadow banning social media
    Information warfare
    Phone, Modem Fax lines
    Blocking of internet channels
    Forensic Police Database
    Smartphone facial recognition
    Computer fingerprint recognition
    Internet Service Providers (ISP)
    Denial-of-service attack (DDoS)
    Internet protocols e.g. http, VOIP,FTP, SSH
    Remotely activating smartphone cameras & microphones
    Satellite dish interception mid air by airplane
    Domestic & public internet website blocking
    VOIP transcribing voice to text in real time
    Live face/physiognomy recognition systems (LFR)
    Retrospective face/physiognomy recognition (RFR)
    SDS (Special Demonstration Squad)/ Undercover Infiltration Police
    Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    Freeze personal bank accounts of protestors
    QR code token flow.locator, identifier,tracker
    Biometrics and Surveillance Street Cameras
    Smartphone App's share personal details

    Full spectrum dominance became the primary rule with overt military control and spying of land, sea, air and now space. Countries like Egypt and Greece the military has a permanent presence in the cities.

    As of 2023, Amazon 59 million active customers, YouTube 100 million videos watched per day, YouTube 65,000 videos added each day, Google 91 million searches per day.

    Websites like YouTube (owned by Google), Facebook and Twitter track human behaviour and block alternative dissident voices, they are also demonetised, and the shadow financial forces block people having bank accounts for alternative media. YouTube was being used in the comments section to discuss the public view, this was responded to by You Tube algorithms that changed the popularity of video clips, removed video clips, removed users or subscribers, ghost posting / shadow banning users and comments, to outright condemning the public. David Cameron gave a closing speech at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In the speech people who do not agree with the mainstream media must be classed as terrorists believing conspiracy theory. Later David Cameron accused Jeremy Corbyn as a “security threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating” ideologue.

    Google is under the branch of "Alphabet" a collection of companies. Then alphabet agencies like the NSA, CIA, FBI operate collusion to different actors to censor, to change algorithms. The empowerment of deep state mass surveillance, under the post Patriot Act, track people that search for unpopular or conservative ideas, the AI is aware. tracking server farms off site, all the location services, text messages, which are profiled.

    Censoring free speech, purging content, internet social media being banned or censored users do not have a right to free speech, deplatforming, considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient", hate speech not free speech. The Silicone Valley Social Media Technocracy are purging online content because of the growing awakening. Censoring free speech, purging content, internet social media being banned or censored users do not have a right to free speech, deplatforming, considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient", hate speech not free speech. The Silicone Valley Social Media Companies are purging online content because of the growing awakening.

    ECHELON, originally a secret government code name, is a surveillance program (signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection and analysis network) operated by the five signatory states to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, also known as The Five Eyes (FVEY).

    Society can realise the full scope of how much of their lives/ behaviour is being monitered and controlled, then being sold onto corporations. Facebook was founded by LifeLog, a project of the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Thousands of live stream videos can be taken down in hours.

    Google's TensorFlow artificial intelligence technologies are being used by the US military for its drone projects, US Department of Defense's (DoD) Project Maven, to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyse the vast amount of footage shot by US predator drones. The initial intention is to have AI analyse the video, detect objects of interest and flag them for a human analyst to review. Drew Cukor, chief of the DoD's Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team, said in July: "People and computers will work symbiotically to increase the ability of weapon systems"


  • Psychological operations are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organisations, groups, and individuals.

    Head buried in the sand : to refuse to think about unpleasant facts, although they will have an influence on your situation: You've got to face facts here - you can't just bury your head in the sand, neglecting and ignoring facts. There is no freedom of expression except the freedom to go shopping {stated by George Carlin}. As long as you do not disturb the social fabric, you shall not be demonised.

    "Centralising power, natural resources, media and banking where profit goes to the 1% is never overtly explained to society"

    The majority of society are naive to state crimes, which have been intentionally hidden from public narrative. A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that comes true at least in part as a result of a person's belief or expectation that said prediction would come true. Self-fulfilling prophecies are an example of the more general phenomenon of positive feedback loops. A self-fulfilling prophecy can have either negative or positive outcomes. Merely applying a label to someone or something can affect the perception of the person/thing and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    When challenging the official mainstream narrative, the public conception of their reality is based upon the information provided to them. When the facts are known and the mainstream media continuously hide those events and obfuscate the truth, Truth Seekers (or Truther / Red Pilled) are able to know when the public are being intentionally deceived. Timelines of events have been artificially created by the powerful to bring about change, with wars, control of resources with geopolitical influence. With that knowledge of truw original facts, the awareness this brings with ingenuity, easily reveal those controlling the narrative. Those controlling parties do not want the public to have any conscious knowledge of reality, as it would restore the balance from war torn conflict.

    If money was a human experiment, that has gone out of control with war. Workers are exploited into political warfare. Free will has been removed and replaced with hierarchy and propaganda for oil wars. A timeline is when historic/ geographical events are known. The Invasion of Iraq was engineered from the presidential family George Snr Bush to George Bush Junior. The war was not on even grounds, the near total population of Iraq does not want the United States invading and colonising to establish political control over Iraqi's Fedayeen guerilla resistance. The Iraqi society surving the stresses imposed. Iraq was described by Noam Chomsky as the biggest material prize in history (With oil immediately exchanged into US Dollars directly from territorial origin). The US designed phase was publically allied to Iraq during the long war on Iran. Sectretely arming Iran, weakened both Iraq and Iran.

    Sergio Vieira de Mello was killed in the Canal Hotel bombing in Iraq along with 20 other members of his staff on 19 August 2003 while working as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, with the rank of Under-Secretary-General, and United Nations Special Representative for Iraq.

    The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) appears to suggest using feminism to legitimise its invasion of Afghanistan.

    Operation Grange is the metropolitan police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, passed through 5 prime ministers. The majority of the public believe to be a coverup, a whitewash and not about finding a single missing child, but to divert all mainstream media attention and energy towards institutional crimes, like David Kelly's murder, the illegal wars and the mass death inflicted on countries like Iraq as an establishment cover up.

    Iraq was attacked because it could not defend itself. Urban warfare on Iraq claiming a threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The first Gulf war was set up to destroy the infrastructure, then the sanctions to paralyse the country and break its economy and trading relationships. The western media continued to portray Iraq as an ever increasing threat. Then during the Bush Blair war on Iraq, when no Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found, this required the international criminal courts to evaluate the situation. When the ICC did nothing it became clear the whole agenda was to set up Iraq for failure to seize their resources. The media never addresses the lies of WMD and who is at guilt, so the public are simply "expected" to just continue gullible. Reinforming one another of how much of a danger they were in from Saddam Hussein.

    Oligarchical Imperialism by keeping the public subdued. By contrast, Meritocracy is a political system in which economic goods and/or political power are vested in individual people based on talent, effort, and achievement, rather than wealth or social class.

    Iran has had a long list of Iranian armed forces and government leaders who have died in 'accidental' plane crashes Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, Ministers of Defence, Ministers of Transport, Head of the ground Armed Forces, Head of the Air Defence Force. The assassination of Qasem Soleimani an Iranian major general.


    Jesus of Nazareth Quotes

    Ideological state apparatus

    Ideological state apparatuses (ISA) use methods other than physical violence to dominate. They may include educational institutions (e.g. schools), media outlets, churches, social and sports clubs and the family.

    The ruling class uses Repressive state apparatuses (RSA) to dominate the working class. The basic, social function of the RSA (government, courts, police and armed forces, etc.) is timely intervention within politics in favour of the interests of the ruling class, by repressing the subordinate social classes as required, using either violent or nonviolent coercive means. The ruling class controls the RSA because they also control the powers of the state (political, legislative, armed).

    Ethnocentrism is the Jewish belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group, which culminated in the Jewish role in the transatlantic slave trade.

    Slave owners were 80% Jewish whilst 100% ran the transatlantic slave trade shipping which was proven in the book "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews". Dr Tony Martin was a professor who self-published "The Jewish Onslaught" in 1993. The books proved in depth that Jews ran the transatlantic slave trade shipping listing adverts. As a result of the book, Dr Tony Martin was removed from being a professor at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts for revealing hidden history.

    The secret relationship between Blacks and Jews, three-volume work shows adverts from Jewish owners selling slaves. Slaves were not sold on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, which proved the Jews ran the slave trade. Shabbat happens each week from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. This is verifiable evidence that slaves were not sold on a saturday.

    Transatlantic slave trade : involved the transportation by slave traders of enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas. The passage had a high death rate with approximately 2.4 million slaves dying during the voyage and millions more in seasoning camps in the Caribbean after arrival.

    Ship names to Owners :
    (Source Elizabeth Donnan, Volumes 'Documents illustrative of the the history of the slave trade of America' Washington D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnagie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, PA) :

    Dealers, owners, shippers or supporters of the slave trade and of the enslavement of black african citizens in early New York history all (Jewish) :

    Issack Asher, Jacob Barsimson, Joseph Bueno, Solomon Myers Cohen, Jacob Fonseca, Aberham Franckart, Jacob Franks, Daniel Gomez, David Gomez, Isaac Gomez, Lewis Gomez, Mordecai Gomez, Rebekah Gomez, Ephraim Hart, Judah Hays, Harmon Hendricks, Uriah Hendricks, Uriah Hyam, Abraham Isaacs, Joshua Isaacs, Samuel Jacobs, Benjamin S. Judah, Cary Judah, Elizabeth Judah, Arthur Levy, Eleazar Levy, Hayman Levy, Isaac H. Levy, Jacob Levy, Josoph Israel Levy, Joshua Levy, Moses Levy, Uriah Phillips Levy, Isaac R. Marques, Moses Michaels, (E)Manual Myers, Nathan Seixas, Simon Nathan, Rodrigo Pacheco, David Pardo, Isaac Pinheiro, Rachel Pinto, Morris Jacob, Raphael Abraham Sarzedas, Moses Seixas, Solomon Simpson, Nathan Simson, Simja De Torres, Benjamin Wolf, Alexander Zuntz

    NAACP founded by Jews, did not allow a black leader for 20 years.

    Christopher Columbus (Jewish) genocidal mass murderer born in Genoa, Italy

    KKK (Ku Klux Klan) financed by Judah P. Benjamin (Jewish). Judah P. Benjamin (Jewish) and Albert Pike (Freemason) (Jewish) who helped create the KKK. Albert Pike wrote "The Illuminati Plan for 3 World Wars, August 15, 1871".

    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (Jewish), David Greenglass, Harry Gold (Jewish), sold nuclear secrets to Russia.

    Black Lives Matter (BLM) chief funding came from Susan Rosenberg (Jewish), a convicted domestic terrorist planting bombs in 1983 U.S. Senate bombing, which Bill Clinton pardoned.

    Pharmaceutical companies, predominantly Jewish, are the key people involved during COVID-19. Blackrock and Vanguard are the two largest shareholders of both Pfizer, Glaxosmithkline, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon (largest arms companies in the world) as well as practically all of the media

    The Sackler family (Jewish) is an American family who founded and own the pharmaceutical companies Purdue Pharma and Mundipharma. They have been described as the "most evil family in America, "drug dealers" and "the worst drug dealers in history".

    Dianne Feinstein (Jewish), 22 June 1933 to 29 September 2023, knowing Iraq did not possess Weapons of Mass Destruction, voted in favor of the resolution authorising the invasion of Iraq. Dianne Feinstein (Jewish) also supported mass-survillance, whistleblower persecution and internet censorship. Dianne Feinstein (Jewish) also headed the banning of guns. Known as "red flag laws" removing guns over personal opinions. The primary purpose in the USA is to ensure that the Second Amendment : "Should a tyrannical power overtake the Nation, Americans will need be able to defend themselves". The US founding fathers knew the danger always exists, gun control should be prohibited.

    Klaus Schwab (Jewish) founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

    Halliburton KBR, Inc covered up with the media the water contamination causing zoonotic psychosis pathogens on US and UK soldiers

    Florida, public schools and Universities made it illegal to question Zionism.

    Leo Frank (April 17, 1884 - August 17, 1915) (Jewish) involved himself with the city's Jewish community and was elected president of the Atlanta chapter of the B'nai B'rith, a Jewish fraternal organisation. In 1912 Leo Frank was an American factory superintendent who was convicted in 1913 of the sexual molestation and murder of a 13-year-old employee, Mary Phagan, in Atlanta, Georgia, who worked at the National Pencil Company where Leo Frank was director. The ADL began protecting Leo Frank.

    Transgenders targetting children in schools. "Drag Queen story hour" or "Tranny time" is reading and diversity in schools to children aged 3-11 promoting gender dysphoria. Drag queens read children's books, to question children's gender identity, engage in hormone replacement, puberty blockers and gender transition surgery.

    Corporations like Target in the United States are merchandising clothing, directed for babies, toddlers clothing to the gender identity, promoting gay pride and the homesexual agenda.

    Vicki Polin (Jewish) appeared on Oprah Winfrey chat show on May 1, 1989 actually confessing since 1700 their Jewish family have been eating human babies. A disguised Vicki Polin expressed her friends and family know many Jewish familes that also rape, molest and sacrifice babies as being "normal". Likewise, there are engravings in churchs today showing child sacrifice for "Blood libel". Proof of the Jewish ritual sacrifice appear in a UK Trial of St John (an English judge) where a daughter of a Rabbi confessed to ritual sacrifice and where to find a child's corpse in their basement. Seperately, Ariel Toaff the son of Elio Toaff, late former Chief Rabbi of Rome. Ariel Toaff's book "Pascua de Sangre" confirmed the eating of babies under the Jewish ritual, kidnapped, then bled by Jews.

    Charges of the Jewish ritual murder of William of Norwich, Simon of Trent, Mary Phagan, poisoning wells, blood libel, also Jewish ritually sacrifice of Christian children at Passover to obtain blood for unleavened bread. For many Jews, thinking about whether there is reward, punishment or even any sort of afterlife at all, is unimportant, there is no heaven or hell in Judaism with no consequences. Anton LaVey, born Howard Stanton Levey (Jewish) the founder of the Church of Satan and the religion of Satanism. In the Hebrew Bible, "Moloch" is presented as a deity in Israel's worship that demands sacrifices of children for blood going back to the 1100's, leading to the Torah command from God :

    "Do not allow any of your offspring to be offered up to Moloch" (Leviticus 18:21)

    Israel is centrally responsible for organ trafficking.

    Religion, self-named, "gods chosen people", where each Jew will receive 2800 goyim slaves.

    Amalek was a nation described in the Hebrew Bible as a staunch enemy of the Israelites.

    Media projected blame onto Germany ignoring Jews crimes of the Holodomor genocide (death of seven millions by hunger, in Ukrainian), then Jews continued persecution of Palestinians. Jews openly celebrate their oppression on the innocent victims in Palestine. During the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Israel doubled their illegal colonies in the West Bank.

    Main Stream Media use "framing"

    Any reporting to distort public perception. Journalists deliberately "manipulate language semantics" to conceal Israeli war crimes :

    ADL "Talking Points" that are trained "subversion" into these categories :

    Damage Control / Influencing / Public Opinion / Demoralisation / Ridicule / Law enforcement / Military / Education / Distraction / Media / Power Structure / Moral Relativity / Labour Relations / Framing / Dissemination / Technology / Justify Violence

    The following ADL and Israeli diplomat "Talking Points" are repeated over and over :

    Hilary Clinton fictitious claims that Muammar Gaddafi was handing out Viagra to soldiers to rape civilians.

    Simon Cowell personally donates to the Israel Defence Force (IDF). In his television programs (X-Factor, Britain's got talent) the promotion of the British Army is essential to control, obeying the rules as sophisticated editors hypnotise through the television, People being entertained do not realise the crime until they set their mind free and independent from television and radio which is controlled and scripted.

    The mainstream media, the internet with social media is censored or banned to these imperial war agenda's. Even by 2022 UK television entertainment "Britain's got Talent" still celebrate the UK soldiers during war time, despite the mass perception is that these are war crimes perpetrated.

    Hollywood continuously manipulates real events, rewrites the perspective into their political direction, then presents the programming as authentic cultural representation. To the un-initiated or easily influenced, this would clearly manifest as their own thoughts, not a perspective that is enforced on their nature. Essential programming the subconscious, but quite professionally. For example tactically manipulating emotionally invested characters. BBC news and American news reporting does the same propaganda, now to such an obvious level that so called journalists are acting as the represented real life roles in Hollywood movies, when they present a news clip.

    Computer Games were even developed to normalise with accepted recognition that muslims, mosques, vehicles and their buildings were the target. Along with politicians misleading now mass destruction of the middle east now exists from predator drones with ground forces and air strikes.

    Noam Chomsky (Jewish) summation of the media reporting as 'worthy and unworthy victims' is entirely accurate. There is willful neglect, thought prison, of any of the indigenous victims in the middle east by western foreign policy.

    Slavoj Zizek statement "Are we aware of how much violence goes on just to keep things going on the way they are?". Tax payers are constrained to pay in a fear based society for multiple preemptive wars, Media, Sanctions and War is built into the system of imperialism. Politics is the last unregulated profession, whereby lying is not being charged as a crime when millions of people are murdered, 4.5 million orphans, on foreign policy.

    Media Disinformation

    Media Company Owners Named