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3492 PVC / Acrylic Single Sided Foam Tape with removable liner

  • 3492 is primarily a glass protection tape. The product is green. The foam is predominantly closed celled and is hard. An acrylic, low tack pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on one side, and the product has a removable polyester release liner on the other non-adhesive face.
    3492 will act as a water-seal and air/dust seal when compressed.

  • Forms a compression water seal
  • For preventing electrolytic corrosion
  • For glass transportation
  • Forms a compression air / dust seal
  • For gap filling
  • For anti slip mounting
  • For cushioning
  • For separating & protecting glass

  • Minimum 30% compression required to effect a water seal
  • Service temperature -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Application temperature: +10 °C to + 40 °C
  • Shelf life of 1 year
  • Coated on one side with a high quality pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • Good resistance to dilute acids & alkalis
  • Very good Ultra violet {UV} Light resistant
  • Resistance to abrasion, corrosion and moisture
  • No known hazards associated with this product
  • Pre-determined dimensional sealant reduces waste
  • Clean to use
  • Clean edge finish
    Shore Hardness {OO} Scale "00" 55
    Force To Compress By 30 % Ncm -2 10.0
    Compression Deflection After 1 Minute N/cm -2 7.0
    10 Minute 180 ° Peel Adhesion N/25mm 0.5
    Tensile Strength Ncm -2 88
    Elongation At Break % >140
    Thermal Conductivity (k) Wm -1 K -1 0.043

  • Conforms to European Directive 2000/53 EC (lead, chromium VI, mercury, cadmium free)
  • Fire rated to DIN 4102 part 1, B2

  • Formats : Logs, Rolls, Die Cuts, Spools
  • Thickness : 3.0; 4.5 mm
  • Core : 76mm plastic core


    Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from grease and dirt.

    Recommended cleaning agent is Propan-2-ol, {IPA}. Please note manufacturer’s safety instructions should be followed and customers are recommended to ensure compatibility of the solvent with their substrate. Ideal bonding substrates are those which are: clean, dry, flat, smooth, dust free & non-porous.

    Low temperatures may increase the risk of condensation, reducing the tack of the product.
    Life expectancy will vary with temperature and humidity.
    Product may be applied by hand direct from a roll applying even pressure.

    Customers are recommended to make their own assessment of our products under their own conditions, for their own requirements.

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