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0485 Rubber Resin Adhesive

General Description

A solvent free rubber resin based hot melt adhesive. 0485 is supplied in amber colour in a strip form on an easily removed liner.


  • Jointing of plastic sheeting, filter membranes, damp proof membranes etc.
  • Bonding lightweight insulation panels, kickplates etc.
  • Mounting lightweight trim.
  • Bonding of insulation walls.
  • Joining of plastic sheeting.
  • Fixing of edgings, sheeting, signs and tiles.
  • Fixing roof bars on commercial vehicles.
  • Fixing of carpets, decorative edging and board and trims.

Safety Data Sheet

Product Benefits

  • Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives.
  • Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. Well established product with long term proven success.
  • Non-hardening and permanently flexible. Forms a strong waterproof bond.
  • Excellent strength bond, and no curing time required. Solvent free, therefore no fumes.
  • Ideal for uneven and difficult surfaces such as stucco, block walls and brickwork.
  • Pre-formed to a choice of sizes. Versatile "instant stick" adhesive on a roll.

Average Specifications

Total Thickness
0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0 mm
Specific Gravity
0.98 g/cm3
Adhesion (n/25mm)
Softening Point
85 ° C
0.6mm Nmm2
(Roller Ball Method)
Operating Temperature
0 - 40 ° C (apply at 10 ° C and above)

0480 > The product can also be supplied in 4kg blocks for extrusion by customers, under our product code "0480".

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