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Web splicing of paper - board - foil in the converting industry


In the processing of paper, board or foils the initial stage involves conveying these materials over transport rollers for further conversion. The materials come in rolls of 2m wide (or wider) and in roll lengths which can be several thousand meters long. The manufacturing process is continuous, which requires the end of one roll to be spliced quickly to the start of the next roll. Two types of splices can be employed.

A 'butt splice' requires the end of one roll to be placed directly against the start of the next roll and the gap will require a single sided adhesive tape to join or splice the two ends together. This needs a strip of tape to be placed on the top and reverse side of the join.


An 'overlapping splice' overlaps the end of one roll over the start of the next roll and this overlap is jointed together with a double-sided adhesive tape (adhesive on both sides of the tape).

A wide range of adhesive tapes can be considered for such processes. The choice depends on the application requirements. Some processes involve the material and the tape to withstand considerable temperatures. Other splices will have to cope with high tension arising from the web conveyance.

The required tape properties are achieved through the selection of the right combination of the carrier of the tape and the adhesive applied to it. These structured can be based on:

Carriers Adhesives
Polyester Silicone
Paper Acrylic
Cellulose Rubber Resin
Tissue (for double sided only) Hot Melt
Transfer (for double sided only) Hot Melt

The range of Splicing Tapes offers an exceptional choice of adhesive tapes to meet all customer requirements.

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