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88-06 HT Polyester Silicone Splicing Tape - Black

General Description

Based on a clear Polyester film coated with a black coloured silicone adhesive and a silicone release coat.

The tape has been specially designed for the 'top splice' of casting papers as used in the production of synthetic leather.

The adhesive offers excellent adhesion to release coated casting papers and the tape enables easy separation of the synthetic leather. This ensures continuous production of synthetic leather, with no downtime there is a production cost saving. The Splicing Tapes will withstand the temperature conditions encountered in the production of synthetic leather and will last through six or seven production cycles. What this means is that the tape can go through the production process 6-7 times, so when the casting paper is reused, the tape can also be reused too.

For the most secure splice it is recommended to use 80-50 Adhesive Paper Tape as the 'back splice' on the reverse side of casting papers.

The tape is designed for casting papers producing both PU and PVC synthetic leather. It will withstand temperature conditions used in this process, which can be around 220 ° C for brief periods.
Adhesion can be improved by applying tape with a plastic applicator (available free on request). Under cold conditions a warm iron pressed over the tape will also improve adhesion. Storage: Use within 12 months and store in dry conditions and in original packaging. Protect from water / humidity / extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

  • Average Specification

Thickness -

Total 0.075mm

Film 0.023mm

Elongation - Machine Direction 80%

Adhesion - 8.5 N / 25mm

Tensile Strength
Machine Direction 115N/25mm
Cross Direction 125N/25mm

Temperature Resistance
Service Temperature -50 - 150 ° C
Short Term 220 ° C

  • Dimensions Available
50mm x 66m (36 rolls per case) Case details: 36x25x32cm/12kg

75mm x 66m (24 rolls per case) Case details: 36x25x32cm/12kg


    Safety Data Sheet / Heavy Metal Test Report / Technical Data sheet (TDS) - Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Composition/Information on ingredients

Description: Adhesive Tape
Chemical constituents: A self-adhesive tape based on a polyester film coated with a silicone adhesive.
Hazardous Ingredients: None.

  • Hazards identification

Health hazards: No danger to health under normal conditions of use.
Environmental hazards : No particular risk for the environment on condition that the recommendations under "Disposal Considerations" later define.
Physical and chemical hazards: No particular risk
Specific hazards: Hazard warning not required according to the provisions in annex VI of the directive 67/548/CEE

  • First aid measures

Inhalation: No special measures required
Skin: Wash with soap and water, if inflamed or irritated, consult a doctor.
Eyes: Wash out with water, if consult an ophthalmologist
Ingestion: Take to hospital

  • Fire-fighting measures

Extinguishing Media: No restriction.
Specific dangers : No specific danger.
Special precautions: Do not inhale fumes
Protective Equipment for fire-fighters: Autonomous insulating respirators maybe needed

  • Accidental release measures

Individual precautions: No special measures required.
Cleaning and removal: Take up mechanically

  • Handling and storage

Manipulation: Respect normal rules for industrial hygiene.
Technical measures for storage : Use within 12 months
Storage conditions: in a cool place (around 22 deg C) away from direct sunlight.
Incompatible substances: None known
Packaging: Store in original packaging
Packaging materials: Paper or siliconised film carton

  • Exposure controls / Personal protection

Technical measures: No special measures required if good respect of normal rules for industrial hygiene and security.
Individual protection equipment: No special measures required if good respect of normal rules for industrial hygiene and security.

  • Physical and chemical properties

Form: Solid. Supplied on a roll.

Colour: Black

Odour: none.

Boiling Point: Not applicable.

Melting Point: Not applicable.

Flash Point: Not applicable.

Flammability: Not applicable.

Vapour Pressure: Not applicable.

Soluble in Water: Not applicable.

  • Stability and reactivity

Stability: Stable under normal conditions of use.

Hazardous reactions: No hazardous reactions observed.

  • Toxicological information

Serious toxicity / Local effects: All the ingredients are essentially non-volatile and of negligible toxicity. The major ingredients can be regarded as essentially harmless.

  • Ecological information

Degradability: The material does not present any hazards for the environment.

  • Disposal considerations

Destruction / elimination: Incinerate only in purpose built authorised incinerators.

Decontamination / cleaning: No necessary cleaning precautions before elimination.

N.B.: Landfill in accordance with local regulations.

  • Regulatory Information

No labeling is required for this material under EEC regulations -


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