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A range of Waterproof Cloth Tapes ranging from Economy to Premium grades for sealing, jointing, splicing.
Thickness (mm) Adhesion (n/25mm) Tensile
(max.° C)
Waterproof Cloth Tape
0.30 - - 60
Features: 3105 is a specialist performance, polyethylene laminated waterproof cloth tape, coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and specifically designed to meet the stringent technical requirements of the nuclear industry. 3105 is available in a unique black/white streaked colour effect
Waterproof Cloth - Economy
0.20 10 87 60
Features: Polyethylene coated cloth tape with aggressive adhesive for general packaging. Colours: Black, White, Silver
Waterproof Cloth - General Purpose
3162 0.25 12.5 88 60
Features: Polyethylene coated cloth tape with aggressive adhesive. Easy to tear and unwind. For sealing, jointing and splicing. Available in Black, White, Silver.
Waterproof Cloth - Standard Gaffer
0.30 10 120


Features: Polyethylene coated cloth tape with aggressive adhesive. Drum sealing, cable holding and general export packing tape. Suitable as ducting tape due to high temperature performance. Specification PPP-T-60 TY.4 CL.1 / ASTM D TYPE IV . Available in Black, White, Silver, Grey, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown.

Waterproof Cloth - Standard DEF
0.30 11 157


Features: Strong polyethylene coated cloth tape with aggressive adhesive. The tape meets defence standard specifications and is designed for heavy duty packing and sealing applications (including tropical). Easy unwind and application. Available in Black and White.
Waterproof Cloth - Premium
0.30 11 178 60
Features: Strong, lacquered waterproof cloth tape with aggressive adhesive for sealing, joining, protecting, book-binding and heavy duty packaging.Flexible, conformable, and easy to unwind. Specification PPP-T-60 TY.4 CL.1 / ASTM D TYPE IV .Available in wide range of 16 colours.
Waterproof Cloth - Matt
3125 0.28 7.5 87 70
Features: A high quality PE coated cloth tape with an extremely mat finish to prevent reflection of light. Excellent adhesion and unwind. Floor marking and cable holding in film industry, sealing and identification. Colour: Black
Fire Retardant Cloth Tape
T3601 0.28 7.5 87 70

General Description:

A poly-coated self-adhesive Cloth Tape, coated with a fire retardant and provided with a natural ruber adhesive.


For use in Aerospace, Shipbuilding, General Construction, Military, HVAC and others:

  • Installation of aircraft cargo liners
  • General application in construction industry
  • Temporary joining of fireproof panels during shipbuilding
  • Repairing Carpets
  • Waterproof properties to allowprotection during welding,cleaning, sanding, etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • F.A.R 25.853(a) approval
  • Fire Retardant
  • Very light and conformable
  • Excellent tear and unwind

Average Specifications:

Total Thickness - 0.216mm
Weight - 237 g/m2
Tensile Strength - 350N/100mm
Adhesion to Steel - 60N/100mm
Colour - White

Dimensions: 50mm x 50m - 24 rolls per case



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