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  • UVX10 is a 135 micron strong and conformable polyethylene red or white film tape, coated with a high tack, removable, acrylic adhesive. The product exhibits excellent adhesion to a range of substrates, and is particularly designed for rough and embossed surfaces. UVX10 additionally has excellent UV resistance, allowing it to be used for a range of temporary masking and protection, external applications.

  • Removable, UV resistant polyethylene protection Tape
  • For the temporary masking and protection of a wide variety of different textured or rough substrates
  • Particularly suitable for masking textured powder coating profiles as well as aluminium and metal, window and door materials and other substrates.
  • Industrial applications
  • Protects the substrate from mechanical damage and stays in place until removed cleanly, without residue, for up to 6 months.
  • Hand application

  • Conformable and flexible for use around irregular surfaces
  • Service temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Good initial tack for instant bonding and ultimate adhesion to a wide range of surfaces
  • Removes cleanly, without messy adhesive after use, for up to 6 months
  • Thick and robust film allowing good protection against mechanical damage
  • Performs well over a range of environmental conditions
  • Excellent UV performance for up to 6 months
  • Colour options allow good visibility for end users in application
  • Can be applied manually or automatically, with no stretching of PE film
  • Tearable by hand for ease of use
  • High humidity resistance
    Thickness mm 0.135
    Tensile Strength N/cm 19
    Elongation at Break % 400
    Adhesion to Steel N/cm 2.6

  • Roll length : Available in 55m length rolls
  • Roll width : Available in a range of standard widths including 50mm and 75mm
  • Formats : Roll format as standard with 55m length log format also available, on request
  • Colours : Available in red and white colours


    The rolls should be stored flat on their cut edges in the original packaging, until required for use. The product must be protected from dust, heat, moisture, direct sunlight and solvent fumes. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from dusty, grease or other contaminants. Service life will vary with conditions of use and is affected by climate environment, but it is recommended that the product should be used within 12 months of date of manufacture, if stored in a moderate climate and good conditions.

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